Best Friend Stacy Ch. 03

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I still had no idea about the specifics of the plan that Trish was hatching trying to get her gay friend and my long-time best friend to agree to what was essentially getting fucked by a man. By me! But I can assure you that the next couple weeks was filled with some seriously good oral sex.

After the first two times Trish gave me the blow jobs that she promised to seal her deal, I sensed that she wasn’t as inexperienced as she made herself out to be. She could tease and arouse and stimulate as well as anyone. True, she may have had some bad luck with the few men previously in her life. And perhaps the fact that she trusted me helped her be open and experiment, but she certainly didn’t lack for skill or enthusiasm. And I was pretty sure Stacy didn’t know of this ongoing deal, so I couldn’t talk about this with her.

One evening, Trish called and asked if one of us could come pick her up from a town about 10 miles away because she felt afraid of the buses there. Stacy was a bit under the weather and asked if I would go.

So I drove out to the suburbs and found Trish, and we started driving home. After a couple minutes of small talk, Trish said, “Do you want to hear the details of my plan Jason?”

“I’m still worried Trish.” Perhaps my participation was unfairly solicited.

“Don’t be Jason. It’ll be just fine.” As she said this, she unbuckled her seat belt and slid next to me on the bench seat of my truck. She caressed my ear and reached her hand down to the front of my shorts, and then started stroking my bare thighs. “How about another lesson Jason? What else can you teach me about the art of fellatio?”

“I think you’re doing pretty well Trish. You know you don’t have to do this.”

“I know. But I really want to. I like to.” She then felt my cock, starting to harden at her touch and with her whispering sexily into my ear. “Ooohhh…not hard yet Jason? Well, let’s take care of that. I’ve wanted to feel you grow hard in my mouth. That would be a good thing for this lesson.” She quickly undid the belt and opened my shorts and I pulled my hips up to let her slide my pants down just a little. Without further preamble, she took my cock fully in her mouth and held my deeply as my cock quickly swelled in her hot, wet mouth.

“Oh Trish…that’s crazy…feels so good.”

“Uh huh,” was all she mumbled, not removing my cock from her mouth. I could feel her tongue around and around and within a couple minutes, I was hard and pulsing in her mouth.

“I am driving, don’t forget Trish…wouldn’t want to have an accident now.”

“That’s ok Jason…just keep your eyes on the road and I’ll keep my mouth here,” she said, stopping only to say this and resumed sucking and stroking my hard on.

I stroked her hair and felt her lips surrounding my cock. Luckily the traffic was light and it was now dark outside. “Trish, that’s incredible. It isn’t going to take me long like this.”

“Ummmm…” was all she could say, clearly not stopping until her task was done.

As we got nearer to the apartment, I was looking for a secluded place to park for a few minutes, so I wouldn’t crash the car and I could finish without some passerby looking in the window. No sooner than I found a church parking lot to stop, than Trish doubled her efforts and had me coming in her mouth, filling her with gobs of hot, sticky cum.

“Oh god Trish…that was pretty amazing.”

“You can come so quickly…you’re so easy. Nothing to coming in, what? 10 minutes?” Trish smiled, looking up at me with a drop of white fluid at the corner of her mouth, which I wiped from her lips, lest she show up at the apartment with a come stain on her face. She sucked my finger saying, “got it all now didn’t I?”

“Yes you did…crazy…”

“Now, let’s go home.” I drove a couple more minutes and parked a short walk to the apartment. I did notice Trish took a quick sip of wine when we got there, smiling at me, not wanting to kiss Trish with the taste of cum in her mouth.

Two days later, another early morning knock on my door brought an almost naked Trish into my bedroom.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure…what’s up?”

“Well, I’ll bet you are,” she said, reaching for my crotch and finding an already hard cock. “Does it ever go down?”

“Not when I’m thinking about you and your sexy body and your very good oral skills.”

“Well, I have a request for my next lesson.”

“What’s that?”

“I want you to show me where the prostate is. I read that a prostate orgasm is very intense for a man. And I know that when Stacy and I do some anal stuff, it’s pretty wild.”

Her hand was kneading my cock through the sheets and then she quickly stood up to remove her robe and slide in the covers with me.

“So you guys do some anal play, huh?”

“Yeah…we’ve discovered some erogenous zones with that.”

Her hand resumed stroking my hard cock and then she kneaded my balls and her fingers were definitely headed towards my ass too. She rested her head on my stomach and I felt her breath on güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my cock as she stroked me and played with my balls and the skin on my inner thighs. I caressed her back and her hair, and then felt her mouth lower to encircle the head of my cock. I could only groan as she softly did her tongue twirl trick, which made me even harder.

She did this for about 10 minutes, just softly sucking on the head, licking and stroking the shaft of my very hard cock. Then she sat up to kneel between my legs, never taking her hand off my slippery cock. She looked up at me and said, “I brought something.”

“What would that be?”

“This.” She took a small bottle of some lube from the pocket of her discarded robe at the foot of the bed.

“Prepared, aren’t we?”

“Indeed…we use this quite a bit…”

She squeezed some onto her index finger and then slowly slid her finger towards my ass.

“I haven’t done this very much Trish…be careful.”

“I will honey….don’t worry.” She pulled my legs open and pushed her slippery finger inside my ass and I let out a small yell as I felt her finger penetrate me. “Shhhh…”

“Sorry. Just not used to that.”

“Tell me where it feels best.” Her finger slid further and further into me and I felt the back of her hand against my skin, knowing that she was fully inside me. Now she didn’t have big fingers, buy my ass wasn’t all that accustomed to anything in there.

“Up towards the front…” I told her, as I felt her finger wiggle and find the sensitive tip of my prostate. “There Trish…that’s it…I can feel that…soo good…”

“I can feel that there too Jason. It’s a bit different…but I can feel it. Does that make it feel good?”

“Oh yeah…that’s good. That’s very good.” She resumed wiggling her finger giving me a prostate massage.

“And if I did this, it would be better, right?” She said, as she lowered her mouth to my cock and took me deeply into her mouth. The combination of her finger in my ass and her mouth on my cock was incredible and in a matter of moments, I let out another small yell trying like crazy to be quiet, as my orgasm erupted from me and spurted into her warm and awaiting mouth.

“That was incredible Trish…so intense, so different.”

“You came a lot Jason…a lot. And I could feel you tighten around my finger when you came. Way sexy.”

“You’re the way sexy one. I hope I didn’t yell too much. I couldn’t help it.”

“Thanks for lesson three…” she said, slipping on her robe and exiting quietly.

After a week had gone by, I was beginning to wonder if Trish really had this plan for Stacy to get fucked by me. Part of me was hoping it wasn’t going to happen and another part of me was anxiously waiting for the plan to hatch. During that time however, Trish didn’t disappoint or sway from her promise.

One quick blow job in the living room while Stacy was showering and another morning visit, each time coming into her waiting mouth was enough to make me think this wasn’t going to last forever.

We were cooking together one night, and when Stacy went to the bathroom, Trish said to me, “tonight’s the night.”

“What do you mean?”

“Dummy…tonight is when I think I can get Stacy into it. She wasn’t feeling well last week, and then she was having her period. So tonight.”

“What is your plan?”

“When we go to bed, I’m going to get her all worked up and perhaps even a bit tied up. We’ve talked about doing that for a while, and we haven’t done too much in a few days.”

“So what do I do?”

“If it works out like I plan, I’ll hang a pair of panties on the door when we go to bed. That will be the signal that we’re on, and I’ll come get you when the time is right.”

“Are you still sure that this is going to be ok?”

“Really sure Jason. Trish really wants to, she just talks about it all the time and when she does, she gets so turned on and cums so hard. Trust me…it’ll be great.”

“Ok…I guess so.”

Just then, Stacy came back and we finished cleaning up and went to watch some tv in the living room. I could tell that Stacy and Trish were a bit more amorous than usual. They were cuddling and kissing each other and feeling each other up. It was very hard to concentrate on the tv with these two lovely ladies next to me filling my senses with their sexual arousal. Clearly, they had some needs that needed attention.

Then after the show was over, it was 10 pm, and they stood to head to bed. After a few minutes I walked past Stacy’s bedroom, and noticed a pair of panties hanging on the door. I guess we were on! I waited with some trepidation as to how this was all going to take place. But I also couldn’t hide my arousal either.

After an hour of jittery waiting, I heard the door to their bedroom open and game on. I waited a few minutes and then went towards the room. As I approached the room, I noticed the room bathed in soft light from candles on either side of the bed. Then right in the middle of güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the bed was Stacy, tied at 4 corners with each limb secured to a corner. She was quite naked of course, and Trish was laying prone between her legs, clearly delivering a most arousing course of oral pleasure.

When I looked carefully up to Stacy’s face, I saw she was also blindfolded. She was moaning softly at the work being done down at her pussy. I saw Trish licking Stacy’s pussy and also stroking her clit. Then she switched positions so that her fingers were penetrating the outer part of Stacy’s glistening pussy and licking her clit. Her other hand was pulling not all that gently at Stacy’s erect nipples.

“You like that, don’t you Stace?” Trish asked, in between licks of her friend’s aching clit.

“Yeah babe…that feels good…I taught you well, didn’t I?”

“Yeah you did lover…I love your pussy…tastes so good,” Trish managed to say, not stopping too long with her ministrations.

I just stood there watching these two lovely women having giving and receiving such pleasure.

“You’re gonna make me come if you keep doing it like that.” Stacy moaned, her arousal growing towards an orgasm. I wasn’t sure if it was her first of the evening. I suspected that Trish had a long, drawn out tease in mind, and that she was building her up for another event.

“Oh not just yet my dear. I’ve got some other plans for you tonight,” Trish said, slowly turning her head towards me for the first time, acknowledging my presence. I could see the wetness around her mouth, as she smiled me, and then looking down at my cock, bulging from beneath my underwear.

Then Trish reached to the left of Stacy and pulled out one of their vibrators. It was a long, pink 8″ dildo with a smooth head and ribs along the shaft. Rather realistic I suppose. She turned it on to a low setting and rubbed it along Stacy’s clit.

“Oh god…Trish…that’s so good baby…you know I love that.”

“Yeah, I know. But how about this?”

After a moment more of the buzzing device on Stacy’s clit, she proceeded to slide it in to Stacy’s gaping pussy. The vibrator encountered very little resistance, as her pussy was so wet as it slit all the way into Stacy inch by inch, still humming lightly.

“Oh yeah…that’s’ good too babe…that’s good….” Stacy said softly. I could see her limbs tighten with pleasure, clearly unaccustomed to being bound and unable to see what was happening. She was depending on purely her sense of feel and located at her core.

“You like that deep inside you don’t you Stace?”

“Yeah…so good…deep inside me…” While the shaft was buried deep inside Stacy, Trish was slowly rubbing Stacy’s clit with one finger. I couldn’t help but stroke my cock watching this lovely Sapphic site before me. There was no rushing, just soft but intense pleasure with communication and talking between the lovers.

“You like that cock inside you, huh”

“Yeah I do…” Stacy continued to moan her pleasure.

“Like that time that Jason was fucking me, huh?”

“Yeah, that was hot Trish…hot seeing his big cock going in and out of you.” Trish kept up her motions of moving the vibrator in and out and manipulating her friend’s aroused and very wet clit.

“You guys made me so hot…so wet and such a good come for me then.”

“Keep going Trish…I need to come so bad…keep doing that thing you do.” I could hear the arousal and intensity in her voice, urging her friend’s actions with need.

“Wouldn’t you like that friend’s cock inside you? Don’t you think about that every once in a while? You can tell me Stace…tell me you think of that real cock in you like this.” Trish was urging her friend to admit something she probably never before admitted.

“Please Trish…” Stacy moaned, clearly nearing her orgasm.

“Please what Stace? You want to come, don’t you? You need to come, don’t you? It’s been a few days, hasn’t it my dear horny friend.” Trish was urging her on with her words as well as her actions, her other senses dulled by the binds.

“Please Trish…do me…make me come…I need to touch you, to feel you…”

“But you want that cock, don’t you? You want that cock inside you.”

“Yeah…I do…I want to feel that cock that you had inside you the other day. That was hot…”

“Yeah baby…that was a good cock, wasn’t it. Your pussy is so wet, so wanting…”

Trish kept stroking and then again looked at me, and motioned for me to come over to the bed. I knelt on the side of the bed and kept my eyes glued to Stacy’s gaping pussy, filled with the 8″ plastic cock.

Trish slowly removed that cock and pulled me towards Stacy’s supine, helpless body.

“You can have that if you want it Stace…do you want that cock, even if only for a few minutes?” Trish was urging her lover’s admission of need, albeit it under unfair circumstances.

“Yeah baby…I want that cock inside me,” Stacy moaned.

“Well, here it is…” Trish güvenilir bahis şirketleri said, reaching up to remove Stacy’s blindfold to reveal that I was kneeling over her naked form, ready to enter her. Trish and I waited for a few seconds to let the sight register with Stacy, to be sure she wasn’t going to totally freak out. And as Stacy’s need was near it’s peak, and her face showed initial shock that was replaced by acquiescence, Trish reached for my cock and guided it to Stacy’s extremely wet and accommodating pussy.

Stacy nodded her head as I slid slowly into her hot cunt. God was she wet and so, so hot. When I was deep inside her, I looked into her eyes with love and watched Stacy’s eyes fill with a combination of need and lust. “Oh yes…Jace…only you…it could only be you,” she said softly and lovingly. “Feels so good Jace…”

Trish sat beside us and held Stacy’s head, stroked her hair and her breasts, pulled on her nipples and then let another hand sneak towards Stacy’s pussy, filled with my cock. Her fingers felt her outer lips as my cock slid in and out of her, then stroked her clit as her hands clearly learned how to do.

“I love you Stace…you’re not mad?”

“No Jace…I’m not mad…this feels so good, so right…I love feeling you like this. So full.” I could see Stacy’s arousal rising again as I fucked her slowly and deeply. Trish moved away for a moment to untie each of Stacy’s limbs so that Stacy’s arms and legs could wrap around me. And so they did and held me to her as we fucked as lovers do.

“Let her lay on top of you,” Trish patiently urged. And so we did roll over, Stacy staying buried deep inside of me.

“Oh that’s good…that’s so good,” Stacy moaned, as she rode me up and down, and not nearly so gently as I moved just a few moments earlier. Trish took up a position to our side, so that she could hold Stacy and sroke her hair, her face, her nipples, and also her clit as she bounced up and down. I could also feel Stacy quickly find the rhythm she needed to come, and instinctively ground her pussy against my pubic bone so her clit was rubbing against me.

“Feels good, doesn’t it Stace?” Trish whispered into her friend’s ear, as she aurally encouraged her friend towards her first male-involved climax. Granted, she was 90% there just moments before. Still, this was definitely a new experience for her. Stacy was looking down at me, her eyes half closed with lust, and her orgasm just seconds away. I could feel her pussy spasm and clench as the combination of senses now awakened hit her. Trish’s hands were stroking all over Stacy’s excited body and my cock was buried in her pussy.

“Oh god…I’m coming…I’m coming…now…ahhhh!” she yelled quite loud and now not worried about waking her roommate. Her entire body clenched and wrenched as she leaned forward onto her hands over me at first spasms shook her body, and then she collapsed onto me as the orgasm washed through her body. I held her tight and strained not to come inside her at the same time. It was several minutes until her breathing returned to normal and Trish and I held her calming body, stroking her back, her hair and her face.

“That was nice, wasn’t it babe,” Trish said finally.

“That was more than nice. That was incredible. I can’t believe I was just fucked my a man.” Stacy said. “And by my best friend no less.”

“I told you once before Stacy…I would do you if you were into men.”

“Just because you got in me, doesn’t mean I’m suddenly into men,” Stacy said, confidently defending her sexuality.

“But it makes you think a bit, doesn’t it?” Trish said, still caressing us both. Meanwhile my cock was still twitching inside Stacy’s dripping pussy.

“You didn’t come inside of me, did you?” Stacy abruptly said, sitting up a bit, worried that she might get pregnant from this encounter.”

“No I didn’t…but I’d love to.”

“Not on your life mister. Not on your life.” Stacy said, partly joking but clearly serious.

“Let me show you what I’ve learned,” Trish interjected. She gently pushed Stacy off me and maneuvered herself between my legs and started sucking on my cock, soaking wet with the juices of our friend’s recent orgasm.

“Now, aren’t you the slutty one,” Stacy said, watching her friend sucking on my cock.

“I’ve been practicing a little,” Trish admitted, stopping only to say this. Then she resumed her deep throat technique, showing off to both of us.

Now it was Stacy’s turn to watch as Trish took no time in finishing me off. I too was moments from coming when Stacy had her turn, and Stacy was stroking my chest and Trish’s back and head as it bobbed up and down my aching cock.

“Oh god Trish…just like that…you do that so good….I’m gonna come…” I warned her.

Trish kept my cock in her mouth until the very last minute and now that she knew the warning signs, took my cock away from her mouth and stroked my climax out so that I shot my cum high into the air, landing with audible splats onto my chest a few times, then spurting onto my stomach, finally dripping onto Trish’s wet fingers.

“That was way hot you two,” Stacy said, clearly enjoying the show before her. “You guys have been planning this for a while, haven’t you?”

“It’s her fault,” I quickly said, pointing to Trish’s prone head just inches from my wet cock.

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