Benefits of Teaching

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I had been teaching undergraduate school for about 3-years when I met Nancy over a summer semester. She was in the front row of my beginning accounting class. Bright, cheerful, eager, and slightly older at 32 than I, she sat pertly, directly in front of me as I moved back and forth across the front of the room, trying to elicit responses from mostly brain dead students during a hot, summer semester. But there is more to the story, so I digress.

Since I had been teaching at the local Division I school, I learned quickly that a part time honorarium college professor could receive privileges, even married ones. Not much older than the students, still in my early prime, I posed an interesting dilemma for the female students. I was 28, employed by one of the largest CPA firms in their consulting group, traveled the world doing assignments, and made significant income for my age. I dressed expensively, highly expensive tailored suits, drove an expensive sports car, and most importantly, flirted with the females in the class. Coupled with my physical stature, I was successful at attracting the female.

I am a big boy, standing 6’6” tall, weighing about 230 lbs, great physical shape. I worked out very regularly, played tennis, softball, and ran. I prided myself in my physical looks. Having big hands and rather large feet gave away secrets to the ladies. They were not disappointed.

I had been a real jock during my college days, playing quarterback on the football team. I had many ladies, and now, in an environment where they watched me, listened to me, I again had the chance to meet many, many more. Often after a 3-hour evening class, I would invite the students to have a beer at a bar across the street from campus. There, I watched, listened, and made very subtle moves on the ones that I thought might be receptive to a relationship with the instructor. Extremely important, I never played in the context for a grade, just a relationship that was to be predicated on sex, lust, and play. And there were takers. Each semester, I had 2 or 3 that, before the semester was over, had been skewered by my trusty one eyed monster.

And now, I was watching Nancy each class. She took my breath away. Tiny, a very petite lady, standing all of 5’2”, and weighing a 105 lbs. She gave as much flirting as she got. I had to have her. Even in July in Denver, the weather is very warm, hitting high 80’s and low 90’s almost daily. And in an old classroom, with no air conditioning, it was warm. So, it was easy to invite the students to have a beer after class. I always had takers. Being the last one to leave, I would get a good feel for which ladies were interested in me. Nancy had stayed late with me both times already this semester.

Next to the bar was an old building with a rental hot tub business. “Private rooms” screamed the ads on the outside of the building. During class one evening, hot as hell of course, I privately suggested to Nancy that she accompany me to the hot tubs after class.

“I would love to”, she responded quickly.

I could not believe my luck. I thought she would chicken out by the end of class, or come up with some excuse to make it another time, but she followed me to the parking garage. We stowed my books and her back pack in my car. I left my jacket and tie as well. We walked across campus to the hot tub building. Without hesitating, she briskly walked into the office of the business as I held the door. I was now beginning to believe she was going to pull a “gotcha” on me, laughing all the way back to the car. She stood beside me as I paid for the private tub for an hour, took our towels, and were off to the hot tub.

I followed her, watching her ass sway with each step. My mind was racing, heart beating, my breath coming in short bursts. We had no suits. This was going to be a joke on the ol’ teacher. We entered the room, I reached to close the door gently. When I turned back to Nancy, she was already in the tub. I looked around, finding a pile of clothes on the bench. She was propped, crossed arms on the edge of the hot tub, watching me intently. My feet turned to lead, or so it seemed. I could barely get myself to the bench.

“Come on in” she quipped “the water is great!”

“Aren’t you hot?” I inquired. “The room is stifling” I continued. Here it was July, and I was going to get naked and go hot tubing with a fantastic looking student. My cock chubbed quickly and noticeably. I was ready to display my wares. Nancy did not move, but watched my every move. I stripped, facing away from her. She would see my ass first.

As I turned to move to the tub, Nancy grinned ear to ear. “I knew you would be hung like a horse” she blurted. I returned the grin. She stood, spread her arms and lay back in the water, floating on the air bubbles. I gazed at her magnificent body. Tight, hard nipples on firm breasts, tapered, rippled stomach, flaring at the hips, and a blonde mound. She watched me take her body in. I quickly slid into the water. My cock was getting harder by the minute. I could not believe the beauty in front of me, relaxed, sexy, and willing.

Quietly, slowly, she turned her body while floating, using her hands to make the turn lightly on the casino oyna water. She gently nudged her head against my shoulder, reaching up she touched my cheek. Turning, she brought her lips to mine, kissing me softly and gently. Her body floated down into the water, settling on my lap. Her legs stretched around me, holding her body snuggly against mine. My cock reached up between us, her pussy sliding against my cock softly. She continued to kiss me.

I returned her kisses. Light, lingering kisses. Tongue touching her lips, feeling her tongue brush mine. I sucked her lip into my mouth gently, tugging softly. Her arms wrapped around my neck. My arms reached all the way around her, and touching my own sides. She was so tiny. We continued our kisses, searching each others lips, lingering, moving lower to her jaw line as she tilted her head upwards, down her neck to the nape, sucking, tasting her skin, and back to her ear, jaw, but always back to her soft, inviting lips. We kissed, each feeling the need. Our bodies were responding, each in no hurry, but desire building. Her kisses were intoxicating. I could hear her moaning, breathing softly. Our bodies meshed easily together, her flatly pressed against me.

My hands caressed her sides, back, and slid down her body until they reached her ass. I grabbed her globes, pulling her tighter against me. She ground her pussy against my cock, slowly, deliberately, but with a degree of patience. My hands slid back to her shoulders, pulling her to me. Our lips continued to play, complete a dance that was our total focus. At this moment in time, nothing else mattered. We continued to kiss softly, gently.

Our breathing changed gradually, changing from slow, deep breaths to more rapid, shorter breaths. I sucked the air from her body, feeling her meld into me. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth. Our lips tasted each other, lightly nipping at each other’s lips, tongue, neck, and more. We were lost in our pleasures, lost in the moment of our passion, kissing.

Gently, my hands caressed down her body. I reached her ass, lifting slowly, gently. She reached between our bodies, grabbing my cock. As I lifted, she pushed him down towards her pussy. When I had her high enough, she pushed his head between her cunt lips, sliding him along the length of her slit, back and forth, spreading herself, allowing him to gently penetrate her lips. As I slowly released my lifting, she settled downwards, my cock finding her hole. Time froze, our kisses paused. Gently, slowly, I pushed down on her hips. Pressure was felt on my cock. She arched her back slightly, tilted her head upwards, eyes closed. Moaning, a loud whisper escaped her lips. “Fuck me” she whispered. Looking into my eyes, she leaned to kiss me again.

I added pressure to her hips as she wiggled her hips. Suddenly, easily, my cock penetrated her body, sliding into her warm pussy. Slowly, she started rotating her hips, thrusting back and forth taking more of him inside her. Using her legs wrapped around me, she lifted, and started back down to take more. Our kiss never broke. Her breath exhaled her mouth as I sucked her in. My lips hungrily wanted more, deep kisses, to feel the passion as I penetrated her little body. Deeper, I pushed her body down on my rigid pole. She broke our kiss, leaned back from me, arms extended, fingers clasped behind my neck.

“Oh God,” she breathed, “you are fucking big” she continued. She continued to tilt her hips back and forth, driving inch by inch into her body. I assisted as I could, pushing her body down slowly, repeatedly. She would rise, and pull herself back down with her legs. Nancy tilted her head down, resting her chin on her chest. All focus was now on getting my cock buried in her body. “Oh yes”, she muttered. “Yes baby” she repeated.

Looking into my eyes again, she leaned to me. I kissed her gently, softly. Now fully buried in her, we began slow, long strokes of my cock in and out of her body. Each stroke would bring her high on my cock, and drive her back down, bottoming in the depths of her pussy. I could feel the intensity of our love making in the kisses we were sharing. I increased the tempo of my strokes, getting an immediate reaction from her. She began to thrust her hips to match my strokes. Again she leaned back as before, hands clasped behind my neck. With her weight now directly on my cock, I could feel her pound her flesh down on me, my cock reaching deep into the depths of her pussy. Our thoughts, our urgency now focused on our lust.

Passion was stripped away, we became animals to our lust, our need to cum. I was now driving my cock deep, hard and fast. My little Nancy was bouncing like a rag doll on my cock. She held on, looking deep into my eyes. She continued to mutter, giving encouragement to me. “Fuck me baby”, she whispered over and over. “Oh yes baby” she would continue. And between mutters, she groaned loudly. Had it not been for the water, our bodies would be making hard, slapping noises.

I knew the pounding I was giving her was not nearly as intense in the water as it would be on the deck of the hot tub. Pulling her down tight against me, I moved to stand, her lodged on my cock, arms around my neck, canlı casino legs wrapped tightly around my waist. I moved us easily to the edge of the hot tub, sliding my ass back to a sitting position, her still impaled on me. Without the support of the water, she settled deeper on my cock. Her mouth gasped open.

I started bouncing her again, this time without the support of the water. Now, our thrusts were harder, deeper, with a greater level of intensity. Her little body was now being ravaged on my cock, beaten and bruised from his intrusions. “Oh fuck”, screamed Nancy. That was what I needed. Our pure lust took over our lovemaking. At this moment, it was pure, simple sex. We wanted to fuck our brains out. We wanted to cum, share our fluids, nothing else entered our minds. I drove my cock deep, hammering away at her tight pussy. Our breathing was now raspy, caught in gasps, grunts, and held tightly as I drove her down on my cock. Her breath would exhale as I entered her, driving her breath from her body. We were fucking machines. We continued, driving, pounding, grinding our pelvises together. My cock was coated with her wet juices, he was exploring the depths of her cunt. Again, he entered deep, grinding all that he could to get deep into her body.

I turned sideways to the tub, laying flat on my back. Nancy astride me, sat upright. I reached to grab her firm tits, taking each nipple between my thumb and fingers. I massaged them roughly, pulling at the nipples. Nancy began to bounce full length on my cock. With full, powerful strokes, she hammered my shaft, arching, grinding her hips to take every inch with each thrust. She thrust her hips back and forth, trying to fuck my cock from my body. Grinding, moaning, she continued. Harder, hammering, we shared our bodies entirely.

Nancy froze momentarily at the bottom of a powerful thrust. “Oh fuck,” she screamed.

Her body started quick convulsions, her hips thrusting quickly, little fast strokes up and down my cock. I knew she had cum. A look of lust filled her eyes. She began fucking my cock with abandon. Long, powerful strokes, she ground her pussy down on me. She would bury my cock deep, and arch her hips up and back, piston like to drive my cock deep quickly, and retreat quickly. I was approaching my own orgasm. My cock took control of my mind. My orgasm approached quickly. My cock, engorged and near cumming, expanded. Just as suddenly, I started cumming. Powerful, deep in her pussy, grinding together, my cum spurted deep into her body. Nancy collapsed on my chest. We could feel my final spurts explode into her body. We lay quietly, feeling the glow, allowing our bodies to slowly regain normal senses.

Nancy propped herself up, arms across my chest. Her fingertip was touching her nose. “My nose is numb,” Nancy quipped. “That has never happened before,” she continued.

Nancy rose to a sitting position, grinding her hips down on a softening cock. Thrusting her hips back and forth, she ground her clit against a growing flaccid cock. Reaching down between her legs, she began masturbating while grinding her cunt on my cock.

“Mmm Baby,” she breathed softly. She continued to finger her clit. I reached for her taunt nipples, taking them between my fingers and thumbs again. I rolled the nipple, adding pressure to drive the sensation down her body into her pussy. She looked at me and grinned, continuing her assault on her clit. Having an orgasm in a short period of time, her body responded quickly. In just minutes, her breathing became ragged. Her thrusts on me became more urgent as she neared another orgasm. Holding her breath, arching hard against my cock and her fingers, she came. Wave after wave cascaded over her body. Convulsing slightly, she again collapsed on my chest.

As she landed on me, her lips found my nipples. She began biting gently, first one nipple and traversing across my chest to the other. Sucking it into her mouth, she flicked her tongue over the nipple rapidly. She began to trail kisses down my torso, crawling off my limp cock and sliding down my legs. Her cunt trailed down my legs, her breasts pressed firmly against my cock and balls. She continued downward. As she approached my flaccid cock, she reached to him and lifted him up to her waiting lips. She stared intently into my eyes again while pumping my cock into her mouth. Tilting her head, she traveled the short distance to my waiting balls, taking one into her mouth. She sucked it softly into her mouth, running her tongue all over it. Just as quickly, she moved to the other ball, licking, sucking it into her mouth as well. Her hand cupped my balls, a finger tracing along the bottom side of my sac, moving toward my ass. My body stiffened slightly.

She found her target, gently rimming my asshole with her finger nail. My cock jumped to life, giving a nod toward her face. She moved to take my cock deep into her mouth, simultaneously shoving her finger tip into my ass. My body arched high off the deck surrounding the hot tub. I started fucking her face with quick short thrusts. My breathing stopped as she shoved more of her finger into my ass. Most importantly, my cock was regaining its strength and becoming rigid. She continued her kaçak casino aggressive attack on my cock and ass. I stroked her hair, pushing her down on my cock gently. He was regaining his size. Soon, she was trying to swallow all 9 ½ inches, stretching her mouth wide. She wanted it, craved to shove it all down her throat.

I was in need of sucking her cunt. “Bring me your pussy, I need to suck her,” I whispered. She spun quickly, straddling my face with her legs. Her pussy was ready for my tongue. I pulled it to me, snaking my tongue between the folds of her pussy. I flicked over her sensitive clit.

Muskiness filled my nostrils.

“Nancy, your pussy is beautiful.” Leaning down, my mouth found her thigh, inches outside her quivering pussy. I reached my arms around her legs, up the outside of her hips, and pulled her body close to my face. Her breathing stopped, she arched her hips downwards. Spreading her legs wider, she allowed total access to her body. Her breathing is raspy at best. Lightly, I passed quickly over her labia to the other thigh. She arched as I passed over, trying to plant her wet cunt on my mouth. I did not acknowledge her need to have me suck her pussy.

As I began kissing the other thigh, I moved my fingers to the top of her slit. I centered myself, watching as I parted the lips of her cunt. Wet with desire, her clit is engorged, extending itself. It is waiting for me to gently suck it into my mouth. I blow cool air across her clit. I stuck my tongue out to touch her. Her body arched, froze in mid air as my tongue brushed the sensitive clit. I flicked it back and forth quickly.

“Oh shit Professor,” she exclaimed! “Suck me Professor,” she continued. Tipping her hips downwards allowed her to open her cunt for my taking.

My tongue touched her clit first, flicking it back and forth as I moved deep into her cunt. My teeth gently grabbed her clit, closing softly on the top and bottom. I sucked it into my mouth, continuing to flick my tongue back and forth over the sensitive little bud. She started bucking against my face. I held her tightly as I continued to suck and lick her clit. I noticed she is driving hard down on my cock, totally absorbed in our mutual oral skills. She reached to my head, pulling me tighter against her pussy. Her thighs clamped along the sides of my head tightly. “Professor,” her voice trailed off. She arched hard against my mouth, freezing deep on my tongue. She was cumming again. For the next several seconds, deep guttural groans escaped her lips, her hips thrashing my face. I held on, keeping her clit locked between my lips. She was flooding my face with her juices. I sucked deeply, continuously. Her cunt was mine.

I stopped sucking her clit, licking gently along her slit, allowing her to regain control of her body. For several minutes, I played softly, licking along her slit, avoiding direct contact with the clit. When her orgasm had subsided, I began another assault on her. This time, I hungrily sucked her clit. I attacked her cunt with my fingers, rapidly inserting my finger mid depth. I teased her cunt without mercy. Her body responded quickly to my assault. Another orgasm approached. Her hips thrashed, bucked, and offered her clit for my sucking. Suddenly, I drove my tongue deep into her body, feeling her flood my face with juices from her hole. She froze. I continued driving my tongue deep into her hole. Screaming loudly, she endured another orgasm. Now it was time for me to drive myself balls deep into her tight, wet cunt again.

“Nancy, I want you on your hands and knees”, I informed her. As she crawled off me, I watched her magnificent body lithely move, stretch, and take a favorite position. I rose, crawled to her backside, and pushed up against her, feeling the softness of her skin on my legs and thighs. Nancy dropped down, pressing her chest flat against the deck, leaving her ass high in the air. Her ass formed perfectly, surrounding her clam. I reached to her, lightly touching her most private of parts. Air rushed from her in a loud moan. Taking my rigid cock, I placed it against her slit. I brushed my cock up and down her slit, allowing the head to slip between the lips, moistening the head. As I pressed against her, I could feel the hole into her body, my target. Gently, I placed my cock at her opening, her cunt lips wrapped around the head, glistening with wetness.

Placing my hands on the small of her back, I nuzzled my cock softly, but firmly against her and pushed forward. My hands slid to her sides, each grabbing a hip bone protruding from her narrow waist. Holding tightly, I pushed forward, allowing the head of my cock to penetrate her body. Nancy pushed back. Hesitating, I stopped my forward penetration, relaxed, and retreated slightly. Again, I pushed forward, pulling hard on her hips. This time, more of my cock disappeared quickly into her body. She was so tight, her muscles milking my cock, sucking him to invade her body. Her cunt refused to allow him to retreat, holding him firmly, begging for more penetration. Retreating, I pushed forward harder. I was deep into her cunt. I stopped movement, allowing myself to absorb the soft velvet feel of her wet cunt. I pulled back out, nearly exposing the head. I planned on ravaging her now. I thrust forward with all my might, pulling roughly on her hips to bury my cock balls deep into her pussy. My hips slammed against her, making a loud slapping sound.

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