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We were too in love with each other for our own good. That was the problem. Here I was on his wedding day, acting as a bridesmaid for his “wife-to-be”. It was the safe option for him and even though it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure, I was well on the road to acceptance. Kinda.

Prancing around a tastefully decorated preparation room inside the church, myself and two other bridesmaids were awaiting the bride’s arrival to assist her on the biggest day of her life.

The dresses were in my opinion, not tasteful in the slightest. A picture of pure “tack” is an accurate description which coincidentally reflects the “bride”. Oh, I’m kidding. I swear on the bible that jealousy is definitely not a factor. Me? Jealous. Nah. Never.

The “best man” entered the room looking wonderfully sharp in his tux and I felt a “pang” in my gut as I realised how handsome the “groom” must look.

I embraced him before enquiring “Where is he?” His face was covered by a curious expression as he tilted an eyebrow.

“He’s in the other preparation room, you know the one to the right of the main arch? Be careful, he has been acting a little weird all day. Must be cold feet.” He replied with a slow smirk. I simply nodded and pretended not to notice as I did not wish to grasp the wrong idea. Although, I must admit, I did wonder what he meant by that. Maybe it didn’t mean anything. Ugh, I’m so paranoid.

I was so caught up in my thoughts I failed to notice I was suddenly outside of the room “he” was in. How could the acknowledgment of his mere presence cause me to encounter such strong, inexplicable feelings?

Following a deep breath, I nervously raised my fist before knocking on his door. It swiftly opened casino siteleri and his eyes widened. His gaze penetrated my soul and roamed my body.

“May I come in for a bit? I just wanted to congratulate you on your very special day.” I asked. You can decide whether it was sincere or teasing because to be honest, I’m not entirely sure.

Without answering, he moved backward to allow me to enter and slammed the door shut. I jumped because of the impact. “Whoa, easy. Is someone feeling nervous about his big day?” I questioned. I stepped closer to him, barely an inch between us before gazing into his eyes. He took a sharp intake of breath as he squeezed his eyes shut before opening them again. I immediately recognized that familiar look in his eyes. The one that told me. The one that always told me.

“What are you doing to me?” He exasperated. “You have to leave, you should not be in here.” He persisted.

I grazed my palm along his perfectly fitted waistcoat. “Do you want me to go?” I asked. My voice barely audible. My eyes burned into his.

He crushed his lips against mine. His hands running all over my body as I cupped his face. I quickly untied his waistcoat before working at the buttons on his crisp shirt, pushing it off his shoulders. I dragged my nails along his chest, his back, taking in the feel of him as he groaned into my mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance as he pushed up the back of my dress, tugging my laced panties down my legs.

He broke the kiss before kneeling down, his tongue licking at my wet folds. I giggled and threw my head back before adding “Easy tiger. Seems like someone has missed me.” I whimpered as he moaned into my pussy, the vibration sending shockwaves through canlı casino every fiber of my body.

I ran my fingers over his scalp. “Your hair is getting so messy, I don’t suppose the wife will notice?” He responded by sinking his tongue deep inside my tight little hole. I groaned loudly, grinding my pussy against his mouth, gripping his head more tightly.

He pulled his mouth away, raising his face back up to mine, kissing me hungrily. I could taste my juices and I couldn’t help but undo his belt buckle. I swiftly tugged his slacks down exposing his boxers.

He attacked my neck with kisses and soft little licks and bites. I pulled his cock out which was already so hard. I gripped it in my hand, alternating between strokes and soft little grazes with my other hand cupping his balls. He snapped his head back around to face me, resting his forehead on mine. His cock was twitching and pulsing, becoming harder and thicker with each passing second. I smirked as our eyes danced together. “Mmm. Looks like your cock is happy to see its owner.” My words teasing him which made him growl and grip my waist. He roughly pushed me onto the ground, leaning on top of me.

He gripped his stiff cock in his hand, running it up and down my wet slit. In one motion he buried it deep inside my little cunt, my walls squeezing around the hardness. He held it there, embracing the feel of my pussy. “Fuck, I’ve missed you.” He said with a rawness.

His hand circled around my throat which made me gasp. “Don’t you forget who owns this tight, wet little pussy. It’s mine. It’s all mine babygirl. Now, beg Daddy to fuck you like the dirty little cocktease you are.”

I cried out. Apparently we both were not remembering kaçak casino the church could easily be filling up with guests. I rested my palms on his shoulders. I licked my lips in anticipation before biting them. “Please Daddy, fuck me like a whore. That’s right, it’s your pussy. It’s all yours.” I responded. He groaned at my words as he began to thrust his hips, pounding me with that cock. Our bodies rocking together as we attempted to tone down the naughty sounds we were making.

“Let’s just hope no one hears us. You certainly wouldn’t want to be caught fucking your wife’s bridesmaid, would you, Daddy?” My words were consumed with that innocent tone and a certain whimper which I knew ignited something in him. As expected, he began fucking me with full force. “Your cock feels so fucking good. Mmmm fuck Daddy.” I expressed with more whimpers in tow. He released his grip on my neck and kissed me again. His tongue pushing into my mouth as I ran my hands over his chest and up and down his back, digging my fingers into his ass.

He positioned his forehead against mine once again. His eyes laced with a look I had seen thousands of times. “Your sweet little pussy is gonna make me cum. Are you gonna cum with me? Come on babygirl, show Daddy what a good little whore you are and cum all over my cock.” Both of our hips grinded even harder against each other before my walls began to clamp down hard over his big hard throbbing cock. My moans and whimpers and his growls combining together.

He released his cock from my drenched little hole before stroking it over my tummy. After a couple of pumps cum began to splatter all over it just above where the hem of my panties would rest. A roar and long groan escaping his lips, making me whimper. I placed my fingers in the pool of cum before licking and sucking them clean.

He leaned on top of me once again, brushing his lips over mine, our bodies relaxing and descending from our high, our breathing ragged.

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