Being with Mike Again

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I was seeing Mike again, it had been a long time. But I was glad that he phoned me to see how I was going. I wasn’t fooling myself though, I knew what he wanted, knowing the guy he just wanted a quick screw but it bluntly but I was the one to give it to him nevertheless. I remember him as one of my favourite fucks sure enough but also he was a great guy and I felt nothing had changed when I heard his voice again;

“I can make it Friday like old times, Alex if you’d like?”

“That’s fine with me, afternoon would be favourite, say about two at my place?”

“You still living at the same address then Alex?”

“Absolutely, and I will have the bed ready, are we on the same track, Mike?”

“You bet, you just don’t know how I have missed that.”

“Well we shall have to see what we can do then won’t we?” I continued, feeling a pulse come in my groin. So I still had a soft spot for Mike and I felt the need was still there.

“Can’t wait Alex, see you then, over and out and deep inside!”

He even remembered that farewell after two whole years, Me thinking I cant wait either to get a passion going with this beautiful guy who has a figure like a dream, beautifully sculpted and finished!

I had lots to do in the office to edit my new book but I just had to go to the loo for a quick wank remembering how it was with Mike and imagining how it would be next Friday, with my prick deep into that gorgeous ass.

I came quick and my immediate need was resolved although I had a hard on all night with all those flashbacks with Mike.

I have been with two guys since, and frankly although they were stimulating and we had some great sessions together it could never be the same as with Mike,

He fucked like a trooper with all systems go and showed me just how much he appreciated a good quality fuck.

When he arrived on the Friday it was like there had been no bahis firmaları time between. He simply hugged me at the door and showed me his appreciation in letting welcoming him again.

“I would have contacted you, Alex honestly but, well Won’t make excuses, I thought I| was onto a good thing and a wonderful new relationship with John but I just did not turn out.

“you have no need to explain, we all like to try the field I guess to see if there is anything better out there and I am no saint.”

“You too?”

“Yep, but lime you I guess they just didn’t turn out.”

“They., there was more than one then?” Mike queried.

“Well yes, but none as good as you I promise, you are something special and I am glad you are back, Mike.”

“Glad to be back and to be honest I am itching for you.”

“Just itching,” I said in that certain tone he loved me to use when we were brewing up for our touch of heaven with each other and, as I gently unhitched his belt and unzipped his smart beige chino’s which did him a treat. he instantly helped me lower them to his knees and revealing his beautifully fitted blue and red rimmed boxer shorts I felt an instant rise start to coke up.

“This is so good Mike,” I whispered going down to my knees, sniffing him, that nectar divine I had been without for so long and now I anticipated the taste as I gently slipped down his shorts, prompted him to do a swirl for me so I could get a real close up of him. He sighed and turned with his hind facing me, bending little to show his best angle, that quality ass just made for fucking.

I stretched his cheeks gently apart at first to take in the smell and it was as I remembered it, and as I started to lick him up, teasing the inside of his thighs around his ‘little Gem’ as we called it. I found myself enjoying the deep taste of it as he bent over more steeply to let me really smother all into kaçak iddaa my face and for the next few minutes I simply enjoyed the moment, feeling and squeezing his fine issue hanging below. I was soon blushed up, my heart pounding, – I asked him to turn so I could suck him up, teasing back his foreskin tight and enjoying the bulbous feel and taste of his fine cock on my tongue as I wrapped it around the orifice and delved the tip into his p-hole.

“Can I suck you now, Alex?” he asked so sweetly. “I feel kinda selfish with you doing everything, and anyway I do love the feeling of you, wanting the feel of you inside me again after all this time.”

He was some lovely guy and always considerate, I would give him such a memorable fuck afterwards as I turned, dropped my jeans and presented my all, legs parted enough so he could kneel between and lurching myself forward below I felt the warmth of his mouth envelope me in a wonderfully slow and passionate mouth fuck, and all the time his hands cradling my balls in a way which was exclusive to Mike, no one could ever turn me on like he did, and feeling the wonderful heavenly sensation of his mouth sucking my throbbing cock was out of this world and he knew I would soon be ready for him, hook line and sinker, especially sinker when I would really pump it into him and make him yell. for more and more.

I watched him suck me, it looked so good, his red hair long and tickling my thighs as his head bobbed back and forward, taking the most of me into his throat with each plunge. The sound of his suck was another thing, all adding to the wonderful time shared with him. Then he paused to get breath, looked up at me with those very endearing and longing eyes, he didn’t have to say a word – we both knew our thoughts.

He wanted more I could tell – I opened my legs wider for him to really get his face into my cock and balls and the feel of his busy kaçak bahis tongue licking all was gorgeous.

“You are always so big when you are like this, I am longing for your fuck, Alex.”

Still hard, both of us, our cocks led the way up the stairs and to the bedroom where we could really let go and do all the foreplay we enjoyed leading up to the waterloo, we sucked each other head to toe vibrantly and felt the feel of each other cum so strong, our cum running down our faces, I loved it, I loved the taste of his white sticky cum and the feel of it slide into my throat, it was so very special and wonderful and most of all, apart from fucking, the most intimate thing of all we could do to each other.

And then what we had both been waiting for and wanting, our mouths numb with what we had been doing with each other, now that fuck, that wonderful so warm and satisfying deep asshole fuck we enjoyed so much, he knew I wanted it with him on all fours first and later I’d fuck him on top and sideways, to feel his fuck in different ways, so good and so wonderful.

Now he was ready, knelt down on knees, ass propped up for service, looking as beautiful as ever I remembered, that sheer hollow between this fine rounded cheeks, I stretched them apart to reveal that well moistened gem again, had another taster which I always did before the fuck, I wanted to hold the taste of him in my mouth as I began to edge my horny and very stiff prick into him, feeling his pleasure as he wiggled enough to help my passage up inside, that feeling of tight warm asshole enveloping my prick inside as I started slowly to plunge deeper and indulge in the thrusting which would ultimately satisfy our prolonged fuck, he grunting and groaning for me to fuck and fuck him deeper, me moaning, feeling every inch of his tightness inside until we reached that magic and most wonderful climax, then I fucked him sideways on the bed, and on top watching the pleasure in his eyes as really went to town, making the bed creak and wobble until we both came like mount Etna was erupting.

Yes Mike was back, and I looked forward to lots more of him.

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