August dirty thirst (August 31st)

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August dirty thirst (August 31st)
by williacj

“Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday you’re handsome happy birthday to you!” I turned around and there stood sexy Nicole Koglin of fox six news.

”hey Mrs.Koglin” I said.”thanks, can I give you a hug?”

“oh stop it of course you can!” she says opening up her arms. I gave her a hug.”got your leather catsuit dress on, damn woman you look good in that dress!”

“oh thank you!” she replied.”are you checkin’ me out?”she looked at me for a minute.”honestly I kinda wish you were single, man look at you!”

she blushed.“I’m speechless dude i don’t know what to say.”

I took her hand and kissed it.“you know what hon? She says” I got the perfect birthday present for ya.” She pointed to a room nearby.”over here handsome” she says. we go into a hallway and she opens a door to a closet inside.”it’s in here somewhere” she says searching through several boxes then she turns toward me.

“Actually your birthday present is me” she said She walked up to me casino şirketleri wraps her arms around my neck and pressed her lips against mine.“Mmmmm” i exclaimed as i caressed her body and held on to her as we kissed.” mmmhmmmmmm”

She took off her wedding ring and set it on the table next to her. I rested my hands on her waist and she looked up at me. I got the courage to put my hands on her ass.”gimme some more sugar sweetie” she says she grabbed me and pressed her lips against mine .as we kissed I tried to put my hand underneath that dress Nicole responded by grabbing my crotch.

How about a lap dance for the birthday boy? I asked Nicole chuckled”oh hell yeah sweetie” she says she reaches under her dress and pulls her black panties down to her ankles before kicking them aside I took off my shorts and my shirt I pulled out a condom “uh-uh nope” she said snatching it from me. she straddled me as i sat in a chair then she took my dick and guided it into her warm MILF snatch.

I put on the Beatles’s casino firmalari “today’s your birthday” song on my phone and Nicole wrapped her arms around my neck and began to grind on me”and many many more” she gasped looking into my eyes. i pressed my lips against hers and squeezed her tight white ass I wanted to pick her up off that chair and fuck her standing up!

she looked over her shoulder and began to bounce up and down on my dick.”ohhh yes” she winced”lovin that dick” i sat there with my hands on her soft white ass just enjoying the ride she was giving me”nicole koglin” i muttered.

i fucked her on the chair for a few minutes longer before I nudged her off my lap and i pointed to a desk in the corner of the room. she bent over the desk slightly and i plunged my dick deep into her pussy.”all the way up in you” i growled. i grabbed hold of this chick and dove in her pussy”ohhh yeah fucking a” she exclaimed looking back at me”fuck me damn it it’s your birthday honey, make those wishes güvenilir casino come true!”

I pulled her dress up a little bit more so i could see that ass slap against my legs while i was fucking her.”umpffff nicole” i grunted smacking her on the ass several times. i barreled into her, she covered her mouth and gripped the edge of the table as our flesh began slapping against each other.”uhhhhh nicole” i grunted I closed my eyes and kept ramming her with my hard dick”oh yes ohhh yeah” she moaned”right there right there god please!” I felt myself cumming, nicole reached back and grabbed me”oh god stay there” she demanded”don’t move, don’t you even dare think about pulling that dick out!”

I jerked forward and spewed my hot warm jizz into nicole’s pussy, her pussy still gripped my dick firmly.”hollllly” i gasped lurching forward holding on to her waist. she could barely keep her balance, I stood there draining both nuts in her twat she turned around and looked at me”betcha never expected my pussy to be your gift” she said. I leaned over and kissed her.I didn’t even blow out my candles, she didn’t blow on my candle, I pulled out and Nicole fingered her pussy and my hot cum oozed out, she licked it off her fingers”surprise surprise!” she says blowing me a kiss.

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