Art Class with Julie Ch. 04

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“I need your help,” Julie told me while our whole gang of friends was watching “Halloween” on the big screen TV in the girls’ suite living room.

We were a group of twelve college sophomores—six guys, six gals—living in two suites. There was a lot of intermingling and close friendships, but not really any serious relationships. As I stood up to go with Julie, everyone in the room looked over at us and sort of rolled their eyes. Julie and I were the two “serious students” who actually liked studying. We were heading back to the bedrooms to study rather then finish watching the movie.

Well, that’s not really what we were off to do. This wasn’t the first time Julie had asked me for help. She was an Art major and I was pre-med, but I could still help her figure out some of the quirks in her art work to make her class projects better. The last few times she had asked for my help it had ended in some serious erotica. It had gotten so I looked forward to being asked; partly for the pleasure I knew was to come, but also because I had started to really enjoy Julie’s company.

After we entered her bedroom, I hopped onto her bed and Julie pulled up a chair next to me. Julie was wearing that t-shirt dress of hers; the one that drove me wild during our photo shoot a few weeks back. The thin fabric of the dress highlighted her small breasts, the hem falling down to mid-thigh. With her short cut brown hair, and slightly almond shaped brown eyes, I could sit and watch her all day. Except for her red polished toe nails visible today because she was walking around the dorm barefoot. Those red polished nails would drive me just too wild to just sit and watch her. I always thought a girl who takes such care with her toes must want someone to notice the rest of her.

“I’m having a problem putting together my portfolio,” Julie said with a look of consternation on her face.

“What do you mean,” I asked, a little bit surprised, “you’ve got a whole series of really great work to include. Even your instructor Terry said so. What more do you need to make it complete? Tell me. You know I will help you in any way I can.”

“Well, why don’t you take a look at the portfolio? Flip through it, see how it strikes you. I feel there is something missing, but I don’t want to tell you what it is just yet. You look at it without me biasing your opinion and then we can talk about changes.”

That seemed like a good suggestion. I knew by heart pretty much everything in the portfolio. Heck, I was the subject of half of Julie’s best work. So maybe looking at the whole package from start to finish would help me see what I had missed.

“Sure, let’s do that. Do you have the portfolio here?” I asked.

“Of course, I always keep it close by.” Julie walked over to her desk and grabbed the large black covered portfolio book off her desk. She handed it to me and sat back down in the chair which she had adjusted to face me. I noticed that she slid her left leg up under her right leg on the chair. I figured she was settling in to be comfortable while I looked through the book.

I started to flip through the book. The first few pages were what you would expect from a sophomores portfolio: still life sketches of bottles and fruit, drawings of trees and landscapes, isolated facial features like eyes, noses, ears, and a few photos of campus architecture. Julie was very talented, but this sort of stuff wasn’t her real strength, so I kept turning until I found what I knew would be there.

The first series of interesting work was from Julie’s self-portrait photography session. These were casino oyna the pictures that first changed our relationship from my being a mere “advisor”, to something a little more involved. The pictures in the series showed Julie holding a flashing camera (she had clearly taken these pictures by looking in a mirror), and she was topless. No shirt, no bra, no hands covering her breasts. These were clearly focused images that highlighted her beautifully shaped small breast. Her areolas were a little darker then the rest of her skin, ending in short, hardened nipples pointing out at the viewer. In the photos Julie is looking out as if trying to see what you were thinking while looking at her. Julie had given me one of these pictures as a keepsake following our little photo session; I took it out occasionally to look at when I needed a boost.

Next came the pictures of me; well, of my cock really. Julie had taken a series of photographs in which she managed to keep my identity hidden—unless someone recognized my penis— but my privates fully on view. I was surprised she included these photos in the portfolio. The first few were relatively tame: my limp cock, then slowly hardening and becoming fully erect. But the last two were pretty hard core as the head of my cock was visibly ready to explode with a shower of cum. I flipped on to the next page.

“I think these are your favorites,” Julie said from her chair in front of me. I had almost forgotten she was sitting there. I looked up at her and smiled. As my eyes moved back to the portfolio, I caught a glimpse of her white panties peaking out between her thighs, the leg folded under her pulling her skirt back a bit. The white panties was as much as I had ever seen in “real life” of Julie’s crotch. I sighed and continued my review of the portfolio.

The ‘favorites’ were the sketches of Julie’s pussy. A series of “his and hers” sketches that included Julie’s drawings of my cock juxtaposed with sketches of her pussy. Julie’s pussy sketches showed her cunt going from calmly relaxed to fully blossomed to post orgasmic. The final sketch showed her cunt with inner lips fully engorged, pussy juices dripping down her crack, clitoris fully emerged from its hood. Yes, this last was my favorite. Looking through this section made my hands tremble a little and my breath quicken.

I looked over towards Julie, this time stopping briefly to stare at the exposed white panties. As I had seen with her at other times, a wet spot had formed on the fabric covering the crease of her cunt. My eyes continued up to look at her face. Her smile left me wanting more.

Next came the “studio” sketches. Julie had enticed me into a studio modeling session by showing me a sketch of a very hot, nearly naked woman I would be working with. The model turned out to be Terry, her drawing instructor. We had spent an erotically charged afternoon; me posing with Terry, Julie sketching everything she saw. The best part was when Terry held my face inches away from her dripping cunt while she brought herself to orgasm. For better or worse, Terry was more interested in Julie then in having a guy go down on her. Still, she turned out to be a really good person, not putting any unwanted moves on Julie, and saying that she didn’t want to do anything that would come between me and Julie. The final sketch in the book was of me, leaning back against Terry, head tilted back towards her crotch, my cock shown right after I had finished cumming.

And that was the end of the book.

I knew what I wanted to see, but I didn’t know what Julie was looking for. We had both enjoyed canlı casino ourselves in each of the sessions. That came through clearly in the images. I was ready for more; I wanted to make love with Julie.

I looked over at her sitting in her chair. She was staring at me now with a quizzical look. I think she wasn’t sure what to say, just as I wasn’t sure what to suggest. I was about to ask if she had any thoughts when she said:

“Do you like my toe nails? The red I mean. Do you think it’s ok that I spend time making my feet look pretty? Really, who even looks at toes anyway?”

“Toes?” I said, sounding more like a frog then a twenty year old college student.

“Yes, silly, toes. Have you ever noticed my toes?”

I looked over at her right foot, her left still being tucked underneath her.

“As a matter of fact, I have noticed your toes. You usually wear those opened toed sandals. Of course I’ve noticed that your toe nails are painted this color. I’ve noticed a lot of things about you.”

“Oh, like what?”

“I’ve noticed that the edges of your lips turn up just a little bit when you smile. I’ve noticed that the tip of your tongue sticks out when you are really concentrating on your art work. I’ve noticed that you dress in nice clothing. I’ve noticed a lot.”

“Come on, is that it?”

“No, I’ve noticed that your face gets a little flushed when we start talking. And sometimes you seem to get a little short of breath when we are together.”

“Hmm, I’ve noticed that part too. What else is there?”

“Well,” I stammered, making the decision to push along deeper, “even though you’ve kept your top on in front of me, I’ve noticed that your nipples get really hard during our sessions.”

“You must have been looking very closely. Anything else?”

“You usually wear white panties,” I said.

“Do you like white panties?” she asked.

“I love them; on you.”

“Why do you like my white panties?”

“Because they get wet. I think you get excited and your panties get wet and it makes me hard just thinking about it,” I said as my breath really started to quicken.

“Well that’s why you like to look at my panties. Have you noticed anything else?”

“You always stay clothed while we are together, but from that sketch you gave me I think you have a beautiful pussy.” Now Julie’s was starting to squirm a bit in her chair. She unfolded her leg and raised her foot onto the bed. Spreading her bent legs wider then I had ever seen them.

“Do you think my white panties look pretty now?” she asked me. I could clearly see that she had soaked through the thin fabric. Her dark pubic hair was visibly highlighted above her mound.

“I think they look great, but I would love to see more.”

“I want to show you more. How about if I take off my dress while you strip down to your bare behind?”

I didn’t even need to answer. I just started unbuttoning my shirt and tossing it off while Julie watched me. Then I rolled back slightly to lift up my legs, sliding my jeans off onto the floor. Next came off my underpants. This was all easy for me; Julie had seen me in every state of undress before so there was no need for to be modest.

I was completely naked, sitting on the bed in front of Julie whose legs were still perched up on the side, spread open, showing her pantied crotch. She stood up and in one quick movement slid the t-shirt dress over her head.

“How’s that?” Julie asked me as she sat back down. She was now dressed only in her panties and bra. She had her legs back up on the bed; spread to show off her kaçak casino wet crotch; feet pointed towards me to admire her red toe nails.

“Better, I guess.”

Julie chuckled.

“Oh, have you noticed something new? Or is there something else you want me to do?”

“I’ve noticed that how your nipples show up against the sheer fabric of your bra,” I said.

“Yes, they do. Let’s change that too.” And she reached between her breasts and unsnapped the hook holding her bra together. She slowly pulled the two sides apart, pulled the bra away from her and tossed it on the floor. This was the first time I had seen her tits. I wanted to reach out and caress each one. They were soft white, smoothly sloping on the top side, pulled up towards the nipple, with a little bulge below. Each one was a small handful, but not much more. Her nipples were hardened and had little bumps on them. My cock responded by becoming rock hard.

“Your breasts are wonderful. I could look at them for hours.”

“Is that what you want to do?” Julie asked me squonching up her face as she said it.

“No. I think I can come up with other things to keep us busy. Aren’t you worried that you might ruin those panties? I’ve been noticing how wet they are getting.”

“You are observant! I guess I could do something about that too.” She stood up and pulled down her panties, kind of looked at how wet they were, smiled at me, and tossed the panties aside. “You were right; they did get pretty wet.”

Now completely naked, Julie sat back down on her chair. She raised legs back up to rest her feet on the bed, but kept her knees together. Was she teasing me? Would she keep me away from her womanhood for ever? I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I reached out and caressed her feet.

“Yes,” I said, “you did a beautiful job painting your toe nails.”

I could have been Ali Baba saying “Open Sesame,” because after I complimented her on her toe nails, Julie spread her knees as wide as they would go. Her pussy lips spread open to me, her clit showing through the dark pubic hair reaching down from her trimmed triangle. I could see how wet she really was, as every crease and crevice of her cunt glistened. Then she quickly skootched off of the chair, onto the bed. We sat there face to face. My cock as hard as it has ever been; Julie’s leg’s spread wide for my pleasure.

“Julie,” I said, “three times now we’ve watched each other cum. We’ve never even touched each other. I want to do more then jerk off looking at you. Are you ok with that?”

Julie smiled and reached down towards her crotch. She ran her finger along the wet crack of her cunt. I thought she was going to start rubbing herself and that we would in deed end up stroking myself off; but then she lifted her wetted finger to my lips and let me lick her pussy juice from it. I closed my eyes as I did this, savoring the flavor and the memory. Then she leaned back on the bed, reached up to grab my head, and directed my face into her crotch.

* * * *

Two days later, Julie stopped by my room carrying her portfolio.

“I’m done,” she said. “I’ve added a few more sketches and I think that’s all I need. Here, take a look.” She opened the book to the newest page, skipping over all the pictures I already knew so well.

The first new sketch showed a woman’s index finger pointing upward being licked by a man’s tongue. The fingers were soft and glistening.

The second drawing showed the top of a man’s head, a small pubic patch and a flat belly viewed from over small pointed breasts.

The last sketch showed a pair of man’s hands caressing a woman’s foot, the toe nails painted. Since the drawing was in black in white, there was no color on the toes, but I knew they were red. This was my favorite drawing of all.

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