Apartment Next Door

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I’m a young woman that has been fortunate to get just about every guy I’ve ever wanted, so I haven’t had to deal with many dry spells in my life. Typically, my dry spells only last a few weeks (or les!!), but this time it’s been a few months now since my last steady relationship. Of course, I’ve hooked up a few times in this time just to stay sane!! Maybe it’s the lack of reliable sex, but I’ve really been eyeing this new guy, Bill. Now, Bill is the kind of guy I can definitely go for, and for a longer-term fling.

And by “go for”, I mean screw in every possible position and with every available opening!! He is successful, dresses well, and has a laugh that fills a room. He lives in his girlfriend’s apartment next door to me, so I see him several times a week. He is always so nice to me, always stopping to say “hi,” and asks about how school is going. And he smells so good. I love riding the elevator after he comes off it. His cologne is subtle and distinctive, and lingers forever.

We’ve talked a couple times. Once, he stayed and kept me company in the laundry room while my load of clothes dried. Another time I found him sitting in the staircase, really drunk and depressed about his girlfriend. They were having problems, and I stupidly talked him into giving her a second chance. Two days later he moved in permanently.

So here I am, alone in my apartment while the man I desperately want is next door with his girlfriend. He just feels so right for me. As I said, he’s pretty hot, but I’m not too bad myself. In fact, I think I’m way hotter than his current girlfriend. My name is Jennifer, but my friends call me Jen, and that’s usually the name guys yell out to me as they cum. I’m 30 years old, slim, with really long and flexible legs. But, I guess when you see me, it’s my breasts that really stick out!! Most people that are brave enough to comment suggest they are fakes. But, no, they are just big, sitting like large grapefruit on my slim body. My long brown hair hangs down just enough so that it sensually tickles a man’s thighs as I go down on him. And then there’s my pussy. Totally shaved, slick, and ready to go with a moments notice. I really can’t think of one time in my life where I’ve said “no” to any boy or girl when approached for sex.

The hardest part of not being with Bill happens at bedtime. Bill’s and my bedroom share a wall, and I don’t think there is any sound proofing at all. During the week I go to bed at about 10:30, and then have to wait for his show to start. Every night, and I mean EVERY night, the routine is the same. Right around 11pm I’ll hear him give out a few soft moans, and maybe a couple intense “that feels so good” moans. I can’t tell for sure, but the timing and tone makes me think she’s giving him a blowjob. After a couple minutes, there is silence, until she starts moaning, but more like for 10 minutes. I would expect the moans are because Bill’s tongue is gliding up and down her hood. Soon her moans are interrupted by her screams of “fuck me” or “put it in.” Then the moaning stops.

After a slight pause, Bill’s bed starts quietly creaking, and over the next 10 minutes or so the creaking becomes louder and louder, until the headboard starts hitting the wall. Their moans intensify and crescendo in time with the creaking and banging. Each time his headboard slams into the wall, she grunts out a deep and passionate “ohhhhh”, and I can hear her gasp as pulls back and cocks for his next plunge. He is driving into her with lustful abandon, not caring that my bed shakes with each of his thrusts. Her noises stop, and the banging gets even louder and faster. She usually climaxes first, letting her screams of passion announce her release to the world. Her cries of release wail in time with the bed’s creaking, both keeping perfect pace with the percussion of the pounding headboard. Their sex is like music, and Bill is a maestro!! As her voice finally fades into satisfaction, his groans build to a loud “I’m cumming”. He explodes a satisfied “ohhhhhh”. And then silence.

Quiet, that is, except for the steady purring of my vibe as I slide it in and out of me, letting it glide gently across my clit. Its constant mechanical promise sends waves of pleasure through me. As my tension builds, I think about what Bill’s cock must taste casino siteleri like, and I want to feel him pounding into me. I let my hips drive into my bed, simulating how my body would react if Bill was knelling between my spread-apart legs. I quicken my pace, and hear my bed creaking softly in time to my fantasy. My tension builds as I push the vibe deeper and harder into me. I can almost hear him moan out a desperate “Ohhhh Jen” and I image his splash deep inside me. Soon, I feel the first trembling deep in my pussy, and its grows in intensity until a violent spasm rocks through me, heralding wave after wave of pleasure pulses. I turn off the vibe, roll over, and fall asleep while thinking about Bill.

The next morning I get up, get ready, and head off to work. By chance, I walked into the elevator right after Bill. “Sounds like you and your friend had a great time last night,” I nervously said.

Bill looked a little surprised, apparently not realizing before just how completely I could hear his bed fun. “Wow, Jen. Sorry about that. Hope it didn’t keep you up,” he said a little shyly. “I guess I get a little aggressive toward the end.”

“Oh, I’m not complaining at all. It’s great to hear you have so much fun. Someday I hope to return the favor and let you hear some rockin’ from my place!!” I stammer. Trying to act nonchalant about talking sex with the man of my dreams.

“Actually, I’m really surprised that I don’t hear that from you every night. I’ve always enjoyed talking to you, and you are really cute!” he said, while looking me straight in the breast. “I hope any guy you meet treats you really well. I know I would.”

As the word “cute” came out of his mouth, I felt a strong tingle tickle my pussy. I felt my knees buckle just a little, and I instinctively reached out and touched his arm. The electricity between us was palpable, and I looked into his eyes, and saw the lust he felt. As the elevator stopped, I noticed a stirring in his pants. Despite his satisfaction last night, I was excited to see that his penis was interested in me!! “Have a great, day, Jen”, he said with a big sexy smile.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Lots of work interspersed with thinking about Bill. After work I went for a couple drinks, but went home alone by 10 or so. There were a couple guys at the bar that bought me drinks, but no one that came close to Bill. I took a quick shower and lay down, got my vibe out, and waited for the 11pm show to start. Just after 11, I heard the first moans and creaks. But tonight was different. Within just a minute or so the headboard was slamming into my wall, but her moans were more constant and less intense than on other days. But she still passionately grunted as he buried himself deep into her. The slamming became a frenzy with my pictures bouncing to the rhythmic impacts. I violently thrust my vibe into my pussy, trying to imagine what she was feeling. After at least 20 minutes of pounding, her groans finally turned to a steady plea of “don’t stop” and “fuck me harder”. Then, for a few seconds it was quite. After a few more seconds, he gave out a desperate “I’m cumming,” and a deep earth shattering groan. I never heard her cum, but he came very hard. In the deafening after-silence, as usual, I finished my vibing, cumming softly by myself.

The next evening as I came home from work, I ended up riding the elevator with Bill back to our floor. I gave him a knowing look. “Wow. You really out-did yourself last night. Your pounding even knocked a picture off my wall, and from your screams, I thought she was killing you!!!”

He got a really odd look on his face, and turned dark red. “I was out of town on business last night.”

I couldn’t even speak as the door opened. He stepped out, and quickly walked to his door. As I entered my apartment, I could hear the fight erupt, and soon I heard his door slam loudly. After a few seconds, there was a soft knock at my door. I looked through the peep-hole. It was Bill.

“Sorry that you had to hear that, Jen. I can’t believe she fucked my best friend on the one day I was out. What a slut.” He had a plastic garbage bag with some clothes and some toiletries.

“So what happens now? What are you going to do?” I ask.

“Well, I have a huge favor to ask. She’s canlı casino leaving for a couple hours, and I need to get all my stuff out. Can I pile it in your apartment for a day or two?” he asks, his voice breaking from the emotion.

“Of course. And, if you need a place to sleep tonight, I’ll throw a couple blankets on my couch.” I was afraid he was going to cry, so I put a trashcan in my door to lock it open for him, and walked to my room to get some blankets and my favorite pillow.

Bill started making trips to get his stuff into my apartment. I thought I’d try to make him feel better, so I cracked a good bottle of merlot, and poured each of us a glass. Over the next hour and a half he move all his things in, and with each trip, took a good swig from his glass. By the time he finished, we were well into the third bottle, and we (especially him) were pretty drunk.

After the last of stuff was in my apartment, I closed and locked the door. Bill was weaving a little, and I moved to spread one of the big blankets on my couch. As I’m straightening the comforter, I hear his zipper open, and see his shoes land on the floor next to me. “I need to sleep,” he murmurs. As I turn to grab the top blanket, I see him fully bent at the waist, pushing his jeans down his legs. I stare as he steps out of them, and stands up. His shirt is open, and his broad chest narrows beautifully to his waist, exposing his ripped abs and tanned skin. But it was his bulge in his boxers that draws my attention. Despite being drunk, and not being aroused at all, the light fabric strained against his long, firm member.

I feel a small tingle as my eyes trace the outline in his underwear. As I stare at it, he grows, and his expanding member pushes open the little flap in his boxers slightly, exposing just a hint of his rod. I raise my eyes to look in his eyes, and see that he was watching me admire his dick. Just then, we hear his girlfriend’s door slam as she returned to her apartment. His eyes lose their lust as his pain returns.

I walk to him, put my hands inside his open shirt, and give him a tight hug. I draw myself tightly to him, letting his partially-aroused penis press against me, and I let my tongue slip into his mouth. As we kiss, his hands slip around my waist, and then drop loosely to my butt. He pulls my groin against his, and I can feel him getting harder and harder as his passion grows. He tastes wonderful, and we linger in each other’s mouth, letting the stillness of the night drape over us.

After awhile I let my left hand fall from his back, and glide to the front of his boxers, letting my fingers push just slightly inside the waistband. He pulls back slightly to give my hand more room, and I let two fingers lightly press into the outline of his penis. I move his member slightly, letting the head poke out the loose flap. He lets out a small moan as it pushes through, bouncing in anticipation as I admire its size and rigidity. His penis is straight and a perfect size for me. It’s probably 7″, maybe a bit less, with a prominent shiny head, and is so hard that it bobs up and down in with each of his heartbeats.

“I don’t think the couch is very comfortable,” I say as I pull away from him and grab his hand. I lead him into my bedroom, and turn him so we are standing with his butt near the middle of the bed. I slide my hands inside his shirt, and slide it off his shoulders, and let it drop to the floor. I drop my hands to his waistband, and lean sharply forward as I push his boxers to his feet. He kicks them off as I stand up and put my hands around his shoulders. As I kiss him and pull into him, his dick feels like a baseball bat pressing into my stomach. I keep my lips on his, letting our tongues explore, as I undo my pants and kick them off. He pulls my t-shirt up and off, only breaking our kiss long enough to let my shirt pass. Other than my little boy shorts, we are naked, leaning back against my bed.

I push him back slightly, causing him to lie flat on the bed, with his legs dangling to the floor. I put a hand on each of knees, and push them apart, while my eyes focused on his dick. I look into his eyes, and see his unconstrained passion and lust. With our eyes locked, I bend from the waist and let my hair tickle across his thighs. I move my kaçak casino hair to the side so he can better see what I will be doing to him. I lower my mouth to him, and place my closed lips against his head. I give him a brief kiss, and rise up a bit. As I rise, a silver string of his precum hangs from my lips, and I slowly pull it into my mouth. His eyes close as he begs to be eaten. “Please put it in your mouth. I need this so badly,” he pleaded. I wait for his eyes to open, as I want him to see everything that I am doing to him. I take a slight shuffle step back, and extend my neck a little more as I lower myself to him. In this position, my throat is straighter and more open to receive him. I open my mouth wide, and let his head fully into my mouth, and in one motion I continue to push toward him until his head is buried deep in my throat. “Oh my god.” he groans loudly. The intensity of his moans grow as I drive him in and out of my throat. My face fills with the taste of his growing arousal, and his fluids make my throat slippery and velvety. I also play with his balls, and feel them grow tight as his load builds. He is fully aroused and his hips buck as I let him fuck my mouth with abandon. As I let him drive a few last strokes into me, I reach down and remove my shorts. I lift off him, and give his head an exaggerated kiss as he moans “oh god, NO!! Finish me!!”

“Nope. My turn,” I calmly respond as I stand and pull myself onto the bed, letting my knees rest on each side of his face. I lean forward, putting my head and hands on the wall, while spreading my knees to let my pussy fall toward his lips. His hand rubs me, pushing my inner lips wide apart. His fingers are in me, moving deep within me. Soon, I feel the warmth and wetness of his tongue slide into me, and then glide up along my hood. His mouth surrounds my clit, letting his tongue rhythmically run up and down and then under my clit as his lips surround me. Groan after groan uncontrollably exits my mouth, the intensity rising as he presses harder and harder against me. “Eat me! Lick me! Fuck you with my tongue!” I scream with my head resting on the wall. His tongue lashing continues as I feel his finger grope for, and then rub against my g spot. As soon as he touches it, my steady groans erupt in pre-orgasmic intensity, filling the room with the sounds of my impending explosion.

He suddenly stops, and I let out a desperate “NO. Let me cum!!”

But he lifts my hips off his lips, moves me to the side, and stands and kneels behind me. “Now it’s my turn, again,” he responds with a lustful snicker. I feel his knees press between mine, as he widely spreads my legs. At the same time, he pushes my shoulders toward the bed, and I end up resting on my elbows. He pushes my legs even further apart, and I feel his penis pressing against my pussy. He grabs the sides of my hips, lifts me slightly, and his dick starts to slide into me. He enters me slowly, letting me savor the feeling as his member fills me. It seems that he pushes into me for an eternity, filling me, until I finally feel him bottom into my cervix.

But his gentleness is short-lived. Immediately he begins taking full strokes, and with each thrust, he lifts my hips and pulls himself fully into me. With each insertion I let out a deep “ohh,” and as he begins to pound me harder, my noise and passion grow, too. The bed rocks back and forth, creaking loudly in its own orgasmic frenzy. Soon I start driving my body back to meet his, and his sounds of excitement build in time with the slapping sound my butt makes against his balls. Each time I drive back, the headboard slams into my wall, and the bed rocks violently as his animal lust consumes him.

I feel my first vibration deep in my pussy, and it quickly grows until my entire groin is vibrating. My back arches and my shoulders come up, and then the first huge spasm hits. Spasm after spasm slam through me, and I fall into an orgasmic coma as the pleasure becomes too much to bear. I am cumming so hard that I can barely feel his first hot splash as he unloads into me. His screams of “Jen, I’m cumming” are followed with spurt after spurt of warmth, as he fills me. As his last drops flow into me, my pussy is still lightly spasming, and we finally collapse in satisfied exhaustion.

He slides up to lay next to me, puts his arms around me, and within moments I hear his breathing slow to the steady comfortable pace of sleep. As I bask in the afterglow of Bill, I hear the gently purring of a vibrator from next door.

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