Another Fantasy Fulfilled

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I was recently lucky enough to meet an amazing woman in San Francisco. Her name is Marie and she is bright, sexy, open, self-confident and very horny. She is 5 ft, 4 inches tall, weighs 115 pounds, has blue eyes and blond hair and gorgeous 36 C breasts with perky pink nipples. She is 24 years old, married with no children.

We met by chance in a hotel in San Francisco and hit it off from the very beginning. There was an immediate attraction and soon after we met we were in my hotel room fucking like rabbits and feeling extremely comfortable with each other. I’m not really sure how things like this happen but I guess there are some people with whom you simply have a connection and it cannot be explained.

From the first moment we met and shook hands there was an immediate feeling of comfort and trust between us. If you read about our first encounter (A Fantasy Fulfilled in San Francisco) you will know that not only did Marie and I hit it off sexually, I helped her fulfill her fantasy of always wanting to be gang banged. She performed magnificently fucking six very studly water polo players and taking their impressive cocks in all of her orifices. It was a marvelous experience for all involved and confirmed the fact that Marie and I would find future ways to have fun.

After determining a schedule when Marie could get away from home for a couple days we organized a trip to Southern California. I had business to conduct and flew in early to get meetings and dinners out of the way before Marie arrived. She flew in from San Francisco on an afternoon flight and I picked her up at LAX. We went straight to the Bel-Air Hotel on Stone Canyon Road near Beverly Hills, one of my favorite hotels in the world. The hotel is nestled on 12 acres in a wonderful canyon completely removed from the sights and sounds of the big city. The grounds feature beautiful architecture, streams, ponds with beautiful white swans, a lovely pool with 58 deluxe rooms and 45 suites surrounded by elegance and impeccable service. Some of the ground floor rooms feature in ground hot tubs surrounded by stone walls and lovely private terraces.

It took almost no time for Marie and me to get reacquainted. We ripped each other’s clothes off and were soon naked. I asked her if she wanted to get in the hot tub but she was so horny she pushed me on to the bed and started sucking my cock. No chance we were going to get in the hot tub after that. We spent over two hours “getting reacquainted” and exploring every inch of each other’s bodies. Finally spent we did get in the hot tub for twenty minutes or so and then had a luxurious shower together soaping and washing each other and never missing an opportunity to make the lovely Marie climax a few more times before dinner.

We enjoyed a delightful dinner in the elegant dining room which features glass walls and a gorgeous view of the spectacular grounds surrounding the hotel. The large marble fireplace also added to the elegance of the room and the Wolfgang Puck restaurant and wine list provided endless opportunities to enjoy dining in the most elegant way possible. Dining with the lovely and oh so sexy Marie made the evening a most pleasurable evening.

Marie and I went to bed and she was eager to hear what I had in store for her on the following day. I played very coy with her and would not tell her what I had planned. She had total trust and while she tried using her very best and most charming asset (her incredible body) to get the information, I did not give in and told her to be patient. She agreed and we drifted blissfully to sleep snuggled in each other’s arms. What a lovely lady and wonderful evening.

The following morning we decided to eat in the room and enjoyed a delightful breakfast of coffee, house made breads and pastries, fresh squeezed juices and yogurt. I also had a side order of smoked bacon to insure I had enough protein to get me through the rigors of the day I had planned.

After breakfast we took a slow lover’s walk around the beautiful grounds of the hotel. It is truly a slice of paradise in the bustling city of Los Angeles. We walked hand in hand feeling totally comfortable and anticipating the events of the day, which I still had not revealed to Marie. To her credit, she did not push me. She simply asked what time the fun would start and I told her Noon.

One very interesting thing about Marie is that she is very mature for her 24 years on Earth and she loves older men (good thing for me). She has a “Daddy fantasy” and that was going to be the theme for the day. When we returned to the room she invited me in to the hot tub and of course I could not resist that lovely naked body as she dipped into the steaming water. I stripped my clothes and climbed in and before long we were locked in a passionate embrace. She can never get enough sex and I am always happy to oblige her.

I moved her out of the water on to the edge of the hot tub and ate her pussy to several noisy climaxes. We then moved on to the bed where we fucked in casino oyna every position possible including her favorite, doggy style. After I splattered her womb with another load of cum it was time to dress for the events of the day.

She put on a sexy silk skirt which barely reached her knees; a loose fitting cotton blouse covered a lacy black bra which I had bought for her. She put on high heels with no stockings and we walked arm in arm to the bar.

To say that the bar is elegant is an understatement. Floor to ceiling French doors open on to the terrace with a view of the well kept grounds. The fireplace and grand piano add to the charm and elegance of the room. The wood paneled walls and soft candles on each table make it not only charming but very romantic.

Once we were seated and ordered a glass of wine I thought it was time to tell Marie what was about to happen. I have a very close friend who lives in Los Angeles. Ours is a 30 friendship. He is retired and made a lot of money in real estate in California. He is almost 70 but keeps himself in excellent shape. He has a neatly trimmed white beard and mustache, a slightly receding hairline and a perpetual California tan. He is about 5′ 9″ tall and weighs about 175 pounds.

His name is Peter and while he is married and settled down now, there was a time when he was a wild man and I know all about his earlier escapades making him a perfect candidate to meet Marie. The other part of the surprise was one of my best friends and someone I have known for over 35 years was in town for business. He is definitely an “old horn dog” who can never get enough and he knew about Marie and what a good time we had in San Francisco. He was dying to meet her and have some fun. Jim is in his early 60’s so he was also an ideal “daddy” candidate.

Jim is a big man and balding a bit on top. However, he too is in excellent shape and stays in shape by playing 100 rounds of golf a year. He actually played golf for his college team and carries a 2 handicap. He is about 6’2′ tall, weighs about 220 and stays horny.

As we sat at the table in the bar I explained to Marie that she was going to meet a couple of my old friends and I explained why I selected the men. She was thrilled as she really has a thing about the “daddy fantasy.” Her only concern was whether or not the men could “keep it up” long enough to satisfy her. I smiled and assured her that even if they had to take a pharmaceutical supplement that they would be prepared to pleasure her as long as she wished.

Both men arrived at almost the same time as planned. Although the two men did not know each other they soon realized that they were there for the same reason as I hugged each man at the table and introduced them to Marie. They were both taken aback at her beauty and charm. Marie elegantly extended a hand and introduced herself while remaining demurely seated. Peter and Jim quickly sat down and ordered a beer, eager to talk to this lovely woman and then get to the action.

We talked and laughed like the old friends we were and Marie fit in perfectly. She is such a charming woman and a joy to be around. She was not only interested in my friends but eager to experience their charms as well. It did not take long for the conversation to turn to sex.

Jim was first to broach the subject and asked Marie if she was having a good time hanging out with me. She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and told them that we were birds of a feather and she was so glad we had met. And she told them that I was truly a great lover and she really liked that I helped her realize some of her deepest fantasies.

After we finished our drinks I suggested we move to the room and everyone quickly agreed. Marie took my arm and she walked seductively and sexily swaying her hips knowing that my two friends were licking their lips walking behind her. She looked so hot.

We entered the room and Marie turned to me and kissed me deeply. “What now, Jack?”

I smiled and told her that she was the star of the show and she could do whatever she wanted to do. She suggested we all get in the hot tub………….an excellent way to “break the ice” with her new (and my old) friends.

The three men started disrobing while Marie headed discretely to the toilet facilities. Soon all the men had grabbed a bath towel and disappeared into the steaming waters of the in ground tub. We all waited eagerly for Marie to appear and she looked stunning as she sashayed her way from the bathroom to the hot tub wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her breasts and torso and those very sexy high heeled shoes. What a woman!!

She kicked her shoes off knowing that all eyes were on her. She turned her back to the men and dropped the towel displaying an almost perfect ass. She backed into the tub stepping down into the hot water. As her knees found the water level she turned around and allowed us all to see her magnificent breasts and completely shaved pussy. The gasps were audible as her smoking hot body disappeared canlı casino into the hot, steamy water. She moved to my side and kissed me deeply while my friends looked on in absolute amazement.

After kissing me deeply Marie turned to her new friends. Jim quickly moved over to her and grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him. He kissed her softly at first and then deeper and grabbed her lovely left breast in his hand massaging the flesh and then tweaking her sweet, pink nipple. I saw her body tense and knew that Jim had found a sweet spot. It did not take long for her to climax. The party was on.

Peter watched passively for a short while before moving up behind Marie and pressing his cock against her lovely butt. She was sandwiched between two of my best friends kissing one deeply while reaching around with her hand to stroke the hard cock of my other pal.

After a few moments in that position, Marie turned 180 degrees and started kissing Peter while fondling Jim’s impressive cock. As Peter touched her clitoris she came almost immediately.

Soon I handed a towel to Marie and told her we had some “dry” activities planned for her although none of us wanted her completely dry. We led her to the king sized bed and I reached into the drawer and pulled out a soft, cotton mask. She smiled and asked what this was all about. I told her it was part of the afternoon experience and she readily complied.

We laid her on the bed where I had already fastened soft silk scarves to each corner of the bed. We spread her arms and legs without speaking a word and she quietly giggled and stretched herself into the spread eagle position. Her pussy was glistening as we admired her taut and tan body. I handed a long, soft a feather to each of my partners and soon they were tantalizing Marie with soft feather strokes to her nipples, neck, inner thighs and super sensitive clitoris. She was writhing in the bed begging for a climax but her lovers took their time and enjoyed the view.

As the administered the feather touches I moved between her legs. I started with long, slow strokes with my tongue moving the entire length of her labia. From her clit to her anus I licked her pausing to stick my tongue deep inside her lovely pussy.

She rewarded me almost immediately with a noisy and gushing orgasm. Peter and Jim continued their ministrations with the feather with their hard cocks sticking straight out.

Soon Jim could stand it no longer and he moved me aside and climbed between her legs. His impressive cock was about 8.5 inches and fairly thick. He moved the head to her labia and savored the moment as Marie pushed her hips upward begging for his cock. Finally he pushed and drove about half of his cock into her while she begged him to please stick it all into her. He pulled back out briefly and then drove all the way down into her. She sighed deeply and thanked him for giving her what she wanted………….what she needed at that moment.

Peter could wait no longer and dove for her nipples taking one into his mouth and sucking like a newborn baby. Marie was in heaven, moaning and groaning and talking dirty to both men.

“Oh, yes…..fuck me please…………..bite my titties………..make me cum……………..give it to me……………come on, fuck me…………….”

Jim was so excited he hammered her mercilessly. Peter continued his assault on her tits and soon Marie was cumming over and over again while moaning and begging for more.

After only a short while Jim announced that he was about to cum and Marie begged him to cum inside her now. Jim yelled out with an animal-like growl and spewed his hot, sticky load deep inside Marie’s lovely pussy. She arched her back to meet his thrusts and came again as Jim deposited the last of his sperm inside her.

Jim rolled to the side breathing heavily. Peter was eager to enjoy the same pleasure and soon positioned himself between Marie’s legs. She was writhing and wiggling and begging for him to fuck her now. Peter’s cock was not as large as Jim at about 7 inches but it was fairly thick and he had some trouble initially inserting it into Marie’s tight pussy. Once the head was in he quickly slipped all the way to the bottom…….her wet pussy eagerly accepting his cock.

Peter moaned and exclaimed, “Oh my, I have never experienced anything like this. You are fantastic.”

Marie moaned her pleasure and said simply, “Just fuck me now.”

Peter responded by pounding her like a man possessed. I wondered how long it had been since my buddies had been laid. Given their performances I would guess it had been a while. However, it did not take long for Jim to move up beside Marie and start kissing her nipples while Peter was fucking her as hard as he could. I could tell he was about to explode and soon he did. He was not as vocal as Jim but he did say he was close and then he erupted into Marie as she came again on his cock. The smell of sex was powerful in the room and Marie was hotter than ever. kaçak casino

Peter rolled on to the bed announcing that Marie was the best fuck he had ever had.

By this time after sucking Marie’s luscious breasts, Jim was aroused again. He slid down to her dripping pussy and started lapping up the love juice like a thirsty animal. Sperm and Marie’s juices spilled out of her while Jim slurped and sucked………his lips and face covered with love juice. He loved it. What a perv. I never knew he liked cream pies.

Marie was still spread eagle on the bed. She whispered, “I am thirsty” and we responded immediately. We wanted to keep her well hydrated and healthy. She wanted water and we delivered bottled water to her. Still her bonds and mask were in place making her look very sexy on the bed. Jim never stopped eating her pussy and after a drink of water she fell back on the bed and came yet again.

Jim raised his head with his lips, nose, mouth, chin and cheeks covered with fluid. He smiled a shit eating grin and said, “How did I do?” He looked like a one year old with birthday cake icing smeared all over his face.

Marie smiled dreamily and said, “You were fantastic…………but are you finished?”

After both buddies received one of Marie’s phenomenal blow jobs while I was fucking her, they were ready for a Viagra break. After I deposited a voluminous load into Sweet Marie, we released her bonds so she could take a break. She removed the mask smiling like a Cheshire cat as she slinked her way into the bathroom. What a woman!!

We ordered room service and took a hydration break. After a few minutes it was clear that Marie was ready for more action. We asked her to assume the doggy position on the bed while we reattached the scarves and blindfold. We placed 3 pillows under her stomach to insure that her lovely ass was high in the air and easily accessible.

Jim could not resist and knelt behind her and started licking her pussy with his long, wet tongue. It took only seconds for her to start moaning and announcing that she was near a climax. We all watched in amazement as she wiggled her hips trying to get Jim’s tongue deeper inside her. Suddenly and almost violently she came with a loud animal-like sound. It seemed to last for minutes.

While Marie was still recovering and Jim was admiring his handiwork, there was a knock on the door. We had almost forgotten that we had ordered room service. Peter opened the door to find Carlos, a good looking, black, Jamaican with a lovely lilt in his voice. Actually I had already made contact with Carlos previously and told him we might have a surprise for him today. He pushed the white table cloth covered cart into the room staring intently on the lovely ass pushed high in the air.

I whispered to him to drop his clothes and join us. He was long and lean, about 6′ 1″ tall, weighed about 180. His skin was mocha colored and he was quite handsome with perfect white teeth and a million dollar smile. We later learned that he went to the University of Texas on a track scholarship, majored in theater and was working at the hotel while going to acting school and doing some fashion modeling.

As he disrobed we could see that he was quite the physical specimen. I knew Marie would be pleased if she could see him. However, she was at that moment occupied as Peter had positioned himself in front of her and had his cock in her mouth.

Carlos finally dropped his boxer shorts revealing a growing cock that was already impressive and not even completely hard. It hung down his muscular thighs at least 7 inches and was as thick as a forearm. He moved up to the bed and took a position behind Marie. He stroked his cock a couple of times and it expanded to an impressive

9 ½ to 10 inches. He inserted the head into Marie and she pushed back recognizing that there was a new cock in the room.

Carlos continued to press his cock deeper into Marie as Peter announced that he was going to cum again. Marie sucked harder determined to make him cum as soon as possible. When he did cum, he howled like an animal as he blasted her throat with his offer. She responded by consuming every drop. Peter fell away, exhausted for the moment.

Meanwhile, Carlos was getting into a rhythm and stroking his impressive cock into sweet Marie at a quickening pace. She pushed back and began talking dirty to Carlos, never having seen his face.

“Come on, fuck me……………fuck me harder with that big cock.”

I was overcome with passion and moved underneath Marie in a 69 position. She leaned down to take my cock in her mouth but I told her not to worry about me and just enjoy the man meat that was invading her. I found her clitoris with my tongue and started nibbling her lightly. It was thrilling to see Carlos’s cock just millimeters away from my face while he furiously fucked her. I did not even mind that his heavy nut sack was bouncing off my forehead as he continued pounding Marie.

It was even more thrilling when she came long and loud on the cock and tongue that we were bringing her to new heights of passion. She seemed to be engaged in one continuous climax and moaned and groaned loudly as she did.

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