Anniversary Ch. 01: Preparation

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I’m sitting on my office desk looking forward to finish my job and run to our house because i missed you. I missed your touch your hug your smell your body everything about you. Meanwhile i spend my time watching some old photos from our not so long past. Photos from summer vacations and private moments we shared.

I stay on one particular picture of you wearing a little bikini witch you have shrink the back and poke all of it in the gorge between your tight asschics. You have removed your top unveiling you round rigged breasts. Your whole body is beautifully tanned except of the spots that are usually covered by the bathing suit. This picture and the anticipation to see you causing me a great hard-on and i start rubbing my swollen cock over the fabric of my Jean’s.

This Saturday is our anniversary and i have booked a beautiful room near the sea far away of our routine so l can’t wait to take you there as soon as possible. Finally the time to leave my company has come and i almost run to my car to get home as soon as casino siteleri possible but i dont forget to take with me a little gift i bought you on the internet for the occasion. I hide it in the cars glovebox so i can give it to you when the time is wright and i spin my wheels to get home.

I arrive home first so i go straight into the bathroom for a quick shower. Just thinking about you and your perfect body makes me shivering and my cock rocking hard. I put a lot of soap in my hand and lay it all on my hard dick slipping my hand all over it. I start by caressing my head and then i move my hand to my shaft stroking it for a while. I put my other hand between my legs and scratching my crotch with my fingertips while l have my balls resting in my palm. This feels so good but i must stop doing it because i dont want to waist my cum in your absence. I hear noise in the house and i realise that you have arrived and as I expect you come straight in the bathroom.

_ Hei. What’s going on? You started without me?

_ Someone canlı casino is very happy to see you.

Are you going to give him a favour?

I tell you as i point my head down to my pulsing cock. You are coming closer, lay your hand and putting my balls into your palm.

_ Wow! They are heavy. I can imagine how much liquid has gathered in there.

_ Way too much baby and it’s all yours. Look, it is so much that is overflowing.

And as i speak i pul my skin down to reveal the whole cock-head and show you the drop of my pre-cum ready to slip out of my little slit. You grab my shaft and wipe that little drop with your thumb.

_ Now thats a delicacy. Too bad its going to be wasted.

_ Don’t worry hun, there is so much more of it in here. Come and get it.

_ Baby we both know what its going to happen if i step in there with you. I’d rather wait.

You step back out of the bathroom still looking at my rock hard cock licking your drooling lips. I finish my bath and getting out of there i kaçak casino see you putting in the bag the staff we will take with. I search in your drawers and find a little white cotton beach dress and a pair of white underwear. I lay them on the bed and i take my place beside them waiting for you to come out of the bathroom.

The view of your beautiful body and the smell of your body cream makes me horny again but I can’t do anything but looking as you are getting dressed. You always like teasing me so you are doing the job the more provocative you can. First you put your bra on then your dress and finally before you put you panty on you open the legs and pull up your skin a little to show me your swollen clit. Then you turn your back to me and bend over to put on your panty giving me an excellent view of your pink ass hole and your already wet cunt.

I m getting on my feet and come close to you as you pull up your thong. I m grabbing your waist and pulling your ass on my cock. My other hand is pushing your chest back and my head is tilted on your neck. I kiss and lick your neck smoothly while you rub your ass on my dick. I cup your tits with my palms and start massaging them. Suddenly you are escaping leaving me an aching hard on to deal with.

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