Andi’s Summer – Day 07 Pt. 01

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Early in the morning Mr. Jacoby didn’t dominate my mind for the first time in three days. I was so flustered that I couldn’t think straight. Thoughts of Candi filled my dysfunctional mind.

The difference in our ages wasn’t that much but Candice’s demeanor was that of an experienced woman while my bearing could be described as nothing more that of a naïve schoolgirl, although she had treated me like an equal as she led me through the performance for Mr. Jacoby. I knew she could teach me much more about pleasing both men and women and being sexually delighted by either.

Her allover tan was a striking contrast to my natural fair pale skin. Her soft full breasts and spongy nipples felt wonderful squashed and brushing against my firm mounds and hard nubs. The light touch of her fingertips awakened all of my physical and mental spirits unlike the pawing and pressuring from the three males I had allowed to fondle me. Her mouth was a mirror of my own.

Was she the perfect lover for me or had she been only implementing instructions from Mr. Jacoby? Did she have the same genuine fondness for me that I had for her? I reasoned that I would find out today.

I met Candi in front of Mr. Jacoby’s house. She was parked at the curb in a shiny red Corvette convertible with the motor running. The tape deck was playing some exotic South Seas jungle music with drums beating, birds chirping and animals calling out to their brethren.

I stood alongside it, afraid to touch it. The paint glowed and the chrome sparkled. The interior was white leather. It looked brand new, yet I knew it was an older model.

“Get in, Andi we’ve got work to do!”

“Is this yours?”

“Sure nuf, Love Bug. I spent my first year sucking and fucking to save up for this ’60.” As I sat down, way, way down, she eased away from the curb and turned down the volume of the music so we could talk.

What’cha got on under those cute sweats?”

“Nothing, should I go home and change?”

“Hell no! I’m the same.”

She pulled aside the top of her red and white paisley wraparound and her boobs that I was so familiar with popped out. My lover had a thing for red.

“Do you always wear tie dresses and no underwear?”

“Yes I think my wraparound evokes a sense of feminine sophistication, just like being Candice for the boys. The design of a wraparound helps to hide any imperfections I may want to hide while drawing attention to my best features particularly when I use my little tricks while wearing it.

When I tie it loosely I am able to pull out the blouse portion so it allows me to flash my girls when I bend forward for a targeted gentleman’s appreciation. When I am sitting I can inadvertently allow the skirt to slide off one or both of my thighs; the simple pull of gravity lets a prospect see almost up to my cooch. If I spread my legs my prey can see what I have to offer. By not wearing any foundation garments I can be naked in two seconds.”

“Candi! Someone will see you!”

“That’s the idea, sweetie. I want to make your mouth water. Show me yours.”

I knew I shouldn’t but I unzipped my top and let my titties free. I was surprised by the wind’s draft that seemed to kiss and caress them.

“Slip your top off your shoulders so I can see all of them and slide your bottoms down to your ankles. Be FREE, Andi!”

Foregoing all sense of modesty I raised my butt and shimmied my pants down. When the wind struck my vee I spread my knees to take full advantage of the naughty thrill. I could feel the wind flutter though my pubic hair.

Candi reached over and pinched my left nipple softly; she hesitated and then pinched it harder and pulled my tit out roughly as if she were going to rip it off me just as Mr. Jacoby did when he wanted to start our game. I screamed, “I’m a cum-loving whore!”

“Good girl, now do your right tit for me so I don’t wreck Her Highness.”

I couldn’t believe that Mr. Jacoby had shared our private game with Candi. I felt an extreme sense of betrayal as I pinched and pulled my right nipple shouting for any and all to hear, “I’m a cock-sucking slut!”

“You are just the cutest thing! I’m not a lesbian; I’m an ass-fucked whore yet I want to fuck you again.”

I picked up on the response that she expected. “I’m not a lesbian either; I’m a cock-sucking slut yet I want to fuck you too!”

We both lost it as we began with giggles that turned into laughter, and then became overwhelming hysterics. I was choking and coughing with tears streaming down my cheeks. Candi was in the same state as she pulled off the two-lane short-cut to the city across and blocking some farmer’s wide driveway.

Candi gave me a look that made my heart flutter. “I wish he was passing you on to Vera so we could be together more often.”

I held back tears welling up, “We can be together whenever you want; I think I love you.”

I said it. I said it out loud.

I threw myself across her lap and meowed as I flicked her nearest nipple with my wet tongue and reached up under canlı bahis the skirt of her dress to drive my fingers into her womanhood.

“Stop! Not here. Not now.”

I mumbled that I wanted to fist-fuck her. I was surprise but pleased that I could be so blunt.

“I want you to do that too, but we need to find a better place, Love Bug. Farmer John is likely to come out here and pitchfork the two of us.”

She had a rational point and her Corvette wasn’t conducive to comfortable sex of any kind. I righted myself and pulled my pants up, zipped up my jacket and looked over at Candi. She had enclosed her breasts in her summery frock and was fumbling for a cigarette.

“I didn’t know you smoked.”

“I don’t, at least not before sex. I’ve got to gather myself for a moment.”

We both giggled. I was so impressed by the way she could make an awkward moment silly. She had a great sense of humor. Was it a defense of some sort? She pulled a pair of pilot’s dark sunglasses from a clip on her visor and put them on. Did she think she had to hide her eyes from me?

She pulled out into the intermittent streaming traffic that had been passing us by.

“So tell me, Andi, how do you like your training so far?”

“Are you asking for Mr. Jacoby or yourself?”

She mulled my question over before answering.

“Aren’t you the clever one? For Brad of course, since I’m his accomplice in seducing you into the trade and suppose to report back to him.” She turned her face toward me, “Between us girls, I am personally curious because lust overwhelmed me the moment I saw you; I assure you that has never happened before.”

“I don’t know what happened to me with you either. I never expected to fall in love with a girl, yet I know my feelings for you are real. I want to make love to you forever and ever. That may sound silly but it’s true. I know you are not a lesbian and neither am I; so what are we going to do?”

“Listen to us! We both are declaring undying love and we don’t really know anything about each other. What kind of crazy are we?”

“Extremely crazy?”

“I guess so. We need to get through the business of the day though. How ’bout you tell me what you want me to report to Brad and then tell me what you really think. Is that fair?”

“Fair enough, before I met you I had this inexplicable urge that I can’t explain to suck cocks as I told you yesterday. I have very little experience but so far doing it makes me feel so alive. I love to do it. Even more than that, I need to do it. Does that offend you?”

“Hell no. I have my own little kink and I make my living sucking and fucking.”

“I think Mr. Jacoby believes that I’m just a simple small town girl with a sex itch. I’m more than that. He confuses me. He acts angry when he isn’t. He teases me, and then withholds the implied reward until I’m frenzied. He won’t let me be casual and friendly with him like you are, and you explained why. His demand that I call him Mr. Jacoby drives me batty. I really want him to fuck me. That’s about it I guess.”

“What about taking money for sexual favors?”

I giggled. “I was offered a whole dollar the first time I sucked a boy, and I took it. Then Mr. Jacoby increased the dollar to five dollars, so I’m already cashing in on my passion. You said you get paid $300 a date; I expect I can look forward to that kind of money for doing everything and anything like you do. Is it okay with you for me to become an escort like you?”

“Of course, but you don’t have to be polite – I’m a whore plain and simple. I can’t – won’t give up my lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could work and play together? Just to be clear, I didn’t tell you that I have to pay Vera a commission of 40%; so I only net $180.00. Not that I’m complaining, but sometimes a quick $50 blowjob is more profitable.”

“Tell me more about Vera.”

“Vera is a retired high class hooker that now runs the office, makes safe contacts, books the dates and is on-call if any of us run into legal trouble.”

“How many girls work for her?”

“I have no idea; it’s not like we have company meetings. I have met some of the girls when booked for a double.”

“A double?”

“A girl-girl show like what we did for Brad, and then the client has his way with us. “It’s something we could do if I left the agency and you got away from Brad.”

“Could you just up and leave the agency?”

“Several of the girls have left Vera and gone independent. One of them stayed in the city and even stole some of her regulars from the agency. One of her clients snitched, and it was said that she was picked up, taken to the warehouse district and tied to a cot for a month to be used by any man that wanted her sorry ass. Some say it was only a week, but still – can you imagine what that would be like? If I go out on my own – and I want to someday, I’m going to put miles and miles between me, my regulars and C-bus.

You have a schoolgirl charm that will delight both men and women, although Brad plans to have you entertain bahis siteleri the former exclusively, from what he says. He said he is grooming you to be his own local party girl. Something about taking over your town.”

“Party girl, what does that mean?”

“Brad wants to play with you; make you his toy – he wants to turn you into a money-machine. He intends to keep you under his influence and not send you on to Vera like me and the other girls. At first he’ll make it like a game with his buddies, and then he’ll call it a bachelor or fraternity party.”

“Is that good or bad?” I was sure learning a lot about what my future might bring.

“It depends on what you prefer; one or two guys at a time like what Vera expects you to do, or if you want to be used and abused be dozens of drunken horny men all at once, one after the other. A party once in a while can be fun, but every night will wear you out fast. Even once a week is way too much. A girl needs time to recuperate from a frenzied gangbang, particularly if it’s with a rough crowd.”

Candi was scaring me and didn’t stop.

“He will get big bucks for setting bashes like that up. If he doesn’t share the wealth with you, and I got the impression he isn’t going to, you’ll be in deep shit.”

“But I’m a virgin. He’s only teaching me to suck better. He promised I wouldn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to.”

“Sweetie, you already admitted to me that you want Brad to fuck you. Brad is a pro, he’ll ease you into wanting to fuck him and then anyone he wants you to suck and fuck. He’ll play on your weaknesses and gullibility. He’ll con you into being a three-way girl and then start selling your talents. He’s trained dozens of girls for Vera. He is going to keep you for himself. He’s going to pimp you out. He used me to show you what you are missing as a virgin. You are more than curious aren’t you?”

“What is a three-way girl?”

“Mouth, vee-jay and ass, Love Bug.”

“I am curious and ready, but I thought the fucking would only be with him. I do want to know what it feels like to be with an experienced man. He said he’d let me suck his friends, nothing about fucking them.”

“He has me picking up some toys today that will prep you for anything and everything, so be warned. I heard him remind you to do your homework assignment. Did he ask you a bunch of innocent sounding yes or no questions?”

“Yes, he wanted a list of what I wanted him to teach me.”

“He is setting you up. In the future if there are any questions in court about what and why you two did the things you did, he can use your list to prove it was all your idea.”

I didn’t tell her how brief and pleading my short note was.

“He sure is moving you along in a hurry. I spent six weeks living with him being refined for Vera, even though I had already been fucking around and hustling a lot. I never got to fuck him in his bed; I had my own room. I slept and entertained him and his crew in there and – well all over the house.

I sucked and fucked his special paying friends in there not knowing there was a hidden camera behind the mirror on the wall joining his unfinished room. He taped almost everything I did. I don’t know if he blackmailed the clients or just wanted some insurance against them. Maybe he sold the tapes; if he did I suppose I’m a big star in the overseas porn market.”

“You spent six weeks in his house? What did the housekeeper think of that?”

“He doesn’t have a housekeeper. He has this quirk about keeping the house spotless. He cleans it himself. He does a better job than most housewives don’t you think?

“Did you help him cook and clean?”

“No, he wouldn’t let me; in fact he would get furious if I did my own laundry. He wanted me to spend every spare minute when he was at the station to work on my tan during the day and do homework during the evenings. He didn’t know it but I used to finger-fuck myself on his bed many, many nights. He has a way of making a girl gaga over him.”

“I know; I feel obligated to please him.”

“He’s reeled you in real fast. Since he isn’t prepping you for Vera you might as well consider him your pimp.”

“He is teaching me a lot.” I felt stupid defending him.

“Yes and before he turns you into a worn-out used up gangbang whore we need to get you out of there. Here we are!”

Candi had pulled up in front of La Fem Spa. I hadn’t been paying attention to where we were going because I was fascinated by what she was telling me. It looked like we were in one of the dark sections of town; not that I minded.

“Vera owns this shop and all the girls have to use it. Today you are getting the works and a free ride because Brad is paying for it. Later you’ll have to pay top dollar from your earnings. She also owns the dress and lingerie shop a few doors down where we will pick out your working clothes.”

As I got out of the car I wondered what ‘the works’ would be. Mom had always cut my hair for me. I was glad Candi was going to pick out my clothing; I had no idea bahis şirketleri what an escort like Candi was supposed to wear.

“Andi, I trust you will keep my future plans to yourself – about me going independent especially in here and with Brad.”

“You know I will; I feel blessed that you shared it with me.”

“Pinkie swear?”

She held out her hand with her little finger curled as she rounded the front of her car and I giggled as I made the oath with her. We still had our hands clasped together as we entered the shop. The receptionist had us down for a four-hour make-over, led us back to a curtained booth and introduced us to Leona.

The smocked tall stout buxom mulatto had a French accent and a toothy smile.

“So this is Brad’s new whore.”

Candi defended me, “Andi is still a virgin, Leo. Go easy on her.”

“It’s Saturday, my best day of the week, passing off four appointments doesn’t please me. What was Brad thinking?”

“He’s in a big rush with Andi, but I understand, how ’bout taking just an hour and charging Brad for the full session? I can show Andi how to apply the make-up you provide and introduce her to the toys if that helps.”

“You’re a true Sister, Candi. OK. Strip off your clothes, sweetmeat.”

I looked at Candi for direction. She nodded as if it were a normal request. Embarrassed for not having worn underwear, I quickly stripped off my sweats as if it were an everyday thing and draped them over the hanger that Leona handed me.

“Sit” I was grateful to be able to semi-hide my nakedness, fully expecting to have a full cape or at least a bib placed over me.

Leona ran her fingers through my hair from behind me. “So what does Brad want done to our virgin?”

“Brad left it up to me. I was thinking a sculptured pixie similar to what she is wearing, after a drastic thinning, raise her bangs and I was hoping you could make it convertible.”

Leona stepped around and hugged Candi.

“I knew you would cross over one of these days.”

“I haven’t, but I think she would look so cute with her hair slicked back with little Spanish sideburns.”

“Have you tested her yet?”

“Not yet. She’s being groomed for men only at this point. Brad says she’s an expert fellatrix.”

I was listening to their exchange. Leona wanted to know if I was bi-sexual. Candi lied about me not having had girl-girl sex. Was she being protective or selfish?

“That’s a shame. Spread your knees, Andi.” Her tone was first one of disappointment, then one of keen interest. I shivered suspecting that her professional interest was eclipsed by a personal one. I was sure she wanted a taste of me.

“Well that patch hasn’t seen the clippers ever. Do we make her virginesque?”

“Goodness no! Could you thin it and make it Asian in appearance; looking as natural as possible?”

“Sweetie, I can work miracles, you know that.” Leona stepped up to my shoulder, palmed the back of my head as the stylist chair dropped back, down and away from me. She reached down between my open legs, firmly grasped my apex and slid my body up until my neck was resting on the edge of the shampoo sink. She stuck a fleeting finger inside me and then glided her hand up over my flesh and cupped each of my breasts in transition before make a show of tasting my juices off her index finger.

I looked at Candi for support. I was a captive to this obvious lesbian. My only solace was a wink and nod from my guardian as she sat down in an observer’s chair. I was grateful that she would stay to supervise.

Leona was quick and efficient as she washed and rinsed my hair twice. She was very gentle as she toweled my hair. She could work magic! When she ran a comb through my hair she did a flip of the comb whenever she reached a tangle and it disappeared without any pull on my scalp at all. I filed that simple little trick in my memory.

“Alicia, get your ass in here!”

Moments later as Leona began to thin and shape my hair; a short anemic looking orange haired massively tattooed waif pushed a rolling stool into the cubicle. Leaving the stool beside the chair she stepped behind me and I could hear her fill some containers with water. She returned to my side as Leona continued to work and pulled out small trays from the chair and placed small plastic custard cups on each side of me filled with foamy water. She busied herself behind me again and returned with a plastic dish pan that set nicely on the platform at the base of the chair asking me to lift my feet and place them in the same substance.

“I’m Alicia; I’ll be giving you a manicure, pedicure and polish.”

“Thank you, I’m Andi. This is my first time for so much attention.”

“I’ll leave you for a few minutes while you soak your fingers and toes. Later after you’ve had your make-up lesson Leo and I will give you a great massage and introduce you to Penisland!” (She hadn’t heard that Candi was going to do that.)

As she left, I looked to Candi for an explanation.

“I’m going to run out for a few minutes with Alicia, no more than twenty and pick up some dresses for you. I won’t be long.”

She winked, stood and followed Alicia out beyond the privacy curtain without soothing my apprehensions.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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