And That’s How It Was

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We met at a vulnerable point in my life. I was young, barely over eighteen and fighting an enveloping melancholy when he came into my life.

Strong, experienced, patient, and sexually exciting . . . he was just what I needed.


I remember when Cooper Reynolds moved into the neighborhood.

How do I describe the way it was between us from the beginning? The sexual thing started slowly, but evolved into a satisfying sexual relationship that has lasted for several years.

Coop had originally lived three towns away, but worked here in Auburn, where his family’s large construction business was located. Not long after being honorably discharged from the military, Coop’s wife of five years left him, tired of putting up with his infidelities and a growingly unhappy marriage. Coop sold his house and moved into the home across the street from us. I remember clearly the day he moved in and came over to introduce himself to us, his new neighbors. Mom and Dad were in the driveway washing the car, and I was as usual seated in my wheelchair on the front porch.

I had been involved in a skiing accident the winter before and had experienced a serious fall that injured my spine and left me unable to walk. Fortunately, my doctors were optimistic and reassured me that with time and hard work, I would regain use of my legs. Because I couldn’t face going back to school and so my folks arranged for me to be homeschooled. Confined to a wheelchair for the foreseeable future, between my physical therapy sessions and increasing depression, I spent most of my day sitting out on the porch in front of the house watching other people live their lives.

Introductions were made and though Coop seemed like a nice guy, but I had been in a depressed funk for the last several weeks and was a little standoffish and definitely in no mood for introductions or the sharing of neighborly pleasantries.

Sitting out on the porch or watching people from my bedroom window I would see him a couple of times each day, walking his dog, working in his garage, mowing his lawn; Coop and I had only spoken a few times in passing, you know, just regular homeowner stuff. Occasionally I would see a red sports car pull into the driveway and a very pretty, blonde lady would get out and go into the house. She would usually stay the night and leave the next morning, looking a bit frazzled and well fucked. I figured she must be his girlfriend and thought, “lucky girl.” Coop was a very attractive man, maybe mid-thirties, tall, hard-bodied, dark hair, brown eyes, and rugged facial features with full sensual lips. What girl wouldn’t consider herself lucky to have a man like Coop in bed next to her, inside her at night? I chuckled to myself, after all what would I know? I’d barely had a boyfriend before my accident let alone had sex.


For my eighteenth birthday, my parents insisted on sending me to visit my older brother Jack who was in the Navy and stationed in Hawaii. The main reason my folks wanted me to go was to see a well-known orthopedic specialist, a Dr. McGraw, who had his office in Honolulu and secondly to get away, enjoy the beautiful sunny weather and forget everything that had happened, at least for a little while. I didn’t want to go at first, but after talking with my brother Jack and thinking about the quiet and tranquility of just sitting out on the beach every day, I changed my mind and actually began to look forward to the trip.

The flight to Hawaii was uneventful and the visit itself proved quite enjoyable. During my trip, one day while stretched out on the beach sunning myself a young man approached me and said Hello.

“Hi, sorry, I don’t mean to intrude, but I saw you here and thought how pretty you were, obviously meaning to flatter me. So gathering my nerves I decided to come over and introduce myself.”

With a bit of a struggle, I pulled myself up into a sitting position and stared at him as if he had horns.

“Go away,” I said in an annoyed voice.

“Oh, Okay . . .” he said. And as he was about to turn and walk away, he added “I didn’t mean to bother you, I just had this urge to come over and speak.”

“Wait . . . I said, I’m sorry, I must have sounded terribly rude.”

“Yeah, you did,” he said and broke into a pleasant, throaty, masculine laugh.

“My name is Michael, Michael Canari and I’m stationed here at the Naval Base.”

“My name is Bethany Phillips. I’m here visiting my brother for the summer.”

And that’s how innocently our relationship began. Michael was twenty-five, attractive, smart, funny and thoughtful. We were immediately open with each other, Michael confessed that he was engaged and planned to marry later in the year. I have no doubt he loved his fiancée, who was still on the mainland, but there was something between us that he hadn’t found with her and was obviously attracted to. I shared with him my sometimes depression, loneliness and most importantly my disability. Happily I realized casino oyna that instead of repulsing him, it drew us closer together.

The physical side of our relationship during that summer quickly went from light fondling and kissing, to oral sex and inevitably sexual intercourse. Michael was my first, and though I was a little frightened and apprehensive, he was gentle and thoughtful when he showed me the kind of pleasure my young, broken body could experience.


While I was staying with my brother I offered to babysit for him and his wife Stacy so that they could have a little special time together once or twice a week. Jack and Stacy had a two-year-old that I loved dearly and would have babysat all of the time, and the fact that I was still for the most part confined to my wheelchair was not a major issue. The baby would usually play on the floor or in his playpen for an hour or so and then stretch out and be asleep by seven. I would read or watch TV until his parents got home and carried him off to bed.

I liked babysitting, particularly in the late summer afternoon. Little Marky would waddle over to me and I’d pick him up, settle him in my lap and wheel us out onto the rear lanai. He’d snuggle into my lap, sometimes rooting for a nipple (I must admit on more than one occasion I did give him a milkless nipple to comfort him). He’d fall asleep and we’d sit there rocking and dozing until I laid him on the sofa waiting for Jack and Stacy to get home.

Michael began to drop by on those evenings when I babysat. I would feed the baby his bottle and Michael would take him upstairs for me and put him in his crib. We would go into the living room to watch a movie or listen to music while the baby slept. Michael enjoyed my sitting next to him and would lift me out of my chair and onto the sofa. While we watched our movie, he would put his arms around me and I would often fall asleep halfway into the movie with Michael’s hand inside my shirt, cupping, fondling one of my naked breasts. This became our ritual on Saturday nights.

Since his fiancée was still in the States and he hadn’t seen her since her last visit to Hawaii, Michael had been celibate for most of the last year, and his arousal was obvious when we were together. Despite our age difference (he was twenty-five and I was eighteen), we had been innocently flirting and teasing each other for a while. I remember the first time we became intimate. I was not an experienced drinker, but one night we had had a couple of cold beers, and were stretched out on the sofa with Michael spooning behind me. The room was dimmed and quiet as we watched a TV program. Michael shifted his position and innocently (I think) rubbed his erection against my butt.

I wanted very much to feel Michael touch me, and so when he said, “let me take your jeans off baby,” I didn’t resist. As he unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down along with my panties. Michael adjusted his position so that the head of his erection was between my thighs. He didn’t penetrate me, but obviously found some enjoyment in the friction and pressure created as he stroked his cock between my thighs. Now and then he would push forward so that he could keep his cock buried as far as he could between my thighs. He reached around in front of me and began rubbing my clit which sent me into spasms. When he saw and felt me climaxing he began to stroke faster and I knew he had experienced his orgasm when I felt the warm wetness of his cum ooze out against the flesh of my thigh.

I know I should have been embarrassed and ashamed, but I wasn’t.

He rolled me over onto my back and I lay there as he fondled my breasts before moving his hand down to my pussy and began to rub and love me there, his fingers becoming sticky from his spent cum. I could feel myself struggling not to cum again too quickly when he slid his finger inside me. Surprisingly I could feel a faint tingling and achiness down there. It felt good, but on some level, I knew there was more. Michael maneuvered on top of me. I had never actually seen a man’s naked cock before and I found myself staring, mesmerized by his huge, swollen, red tool. He spread my legs and getting between them, he guided his hard cock into me and pushed. I groaned loudly, painfully, not understanding at first what was happening, what he was doing or why it hurt so much.

“It’s ok, it’s ok,” Michael kept repeating.

“I know you’re a virgin, but I was hoping we could do it without me hurting you too much.”

“Shhhh, shhhh, don’t cry sweetheart, its ok.”

On my back, he opened my legs wide and rested them on his shoulders, his cock deep inside me, I could feel it pulsing . . . hot, thick and powerful.

He began to fuck me slowly and I could feel his cock rubbing against the walls of my pussy. Each time he pulled out and pushed back in, he would go deeper, and I would feel his cockhead push through the tightness of my inexperienced pussy until it kissed the mouth of my cervix. canlı casino I started to orgasm for the first time with a man’s penis filling me. He lay on top of me and with each pulse of his cock, cum would spray out.


When it was time for me to return home, while heartbroken, I think Michael and me both knew that there was no future in our being together. Once home, I found I was in a better frame of mind and had clearly appreciated and needed the time with my brother and his family. My Dad and Mom picked me up at the airport and as we drove home, I excitedly shared with them the encouraging news from the orthopedic specialist, Dr. McGraw. They were thrilled and thankful when I told them that with focused effort, Dr. McGraw felt I could be walking within a year.

I had only been home for a little over a week when Coop sauntered across the street toward our house. Broadly smiling, his warm brown eyes sparkling, he mounted the steps and with two long strides walked over to me and with a flirty wink, extended his hand saying, “and whose pretty little girl are you?” Shy and self-conscious with the mature male attention, I sat there with my head down. Finally, looking up at him I smiled said “Mr. Reynolds, you know my name . . . I’m Bethany.”

“Oh that’s right, I must have forgotten, don’t think I’ve seen you all summer. Oh, and by the way, I’d like you to call me Coop, Is that ok with you?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s ok with me,” I replied.

I sat there looking at him and in his closeness, inhaled a scent of tobacco, cologne and Juicy Fruit gum all mixed together. That scent stuck with me for many years, and always reminded me of Coop, always left me with a warm sense of physical intimacy and comfort. We chatted for a few minutes until my Dad peeked out of the front door, and Coop got up and followed him into the house. After that, whenever Coop was out walking his dog, or working in his front yard he would always make it a point to come over and spend a few minutes chatting with me, and I think it was during these times that a special friendship began to develop between Coop and me.

For a while it seemed as though my life was starting to make sense; I was finally working toward some goals that I had set for myself. I had started college, begun to develop a more mature relationship with my folks, had started talking about moving into my own apartment and had even met a boy named Jonathan Familartto that I convinced myself I was in love with. In addition to all of that, my new physical therapy program (thanks to my Hawaiian Specialist) had proven more successful than anticipated and I had actually begun to see and feel a dramatic improvement in the use of my legs. As time went on, I was more and more confident that I would soon be able to walk on my own.


In our rear yard, back behind the house near the tree line, one summer my Dad and Grandfather had built a large kind of clubhouse for my brother Jack, our friends and me. I remember how when we were kids we’d be in that clubhouse most days from the time it was light outside until it was dark. Only as we grew older and started drifting away did the clubhouse slowly begin to fall into disuse. When he was in high school and before he joined the Navy, I remember my Jack (he didn’t think I knew this) would occasionally take girls to the old clubhouse and have sex with them. I never had any reason to ever go back there until one night a few weeks ago.

Looking back, I can see that the break up was inevitable and unpleasant. For some reason my behavior and good resolve had gone into a tailspin after Jonathan and I broke up. That being said, I had foolishly gone out on a movie date with him. Throughout that evening, Jonathan had teased and belittled me, calling me a little girl, frigid and not a woman because I didn’t want to have sex with him. In a moment of weakness, and wanting him to stop I had finally agreed to suck him off.

It must have been around 11p and Coop was out walking his dog when he saw a light flickering on the other side of the yard, in the old clubhouse and came to investigate; there inside the old dusty structure, Coop discovered me on my knees, sucking Jonathan Familartto’s dick.

I was humiliated and ashamed. Coop didn’t shout or get angry, instead he calmly told Jonathan to pull up his damn pants and get the fuck out of there, and that he didn’t want to ever see him around me again. Jonathan did as he was told and got out of there so fast he almost tripped over his own feet.

Coop stood near the door watching Jonathan run toward his car. Not speaking, he helped me up and back into my wheelchair. When he had me settled, he turned to me and said, “I want you to listen to me Bethany, you’re better than this, you don’t need to be sneaking around in the middle of the night sucking some boy’s dick. You’re a beautiful girl, smart and loving, don’t throw that away.

When you’re older you’ll understand what it means to be a woman, you’ll also understand kaçak casino what it means to give pleasure to a man, not a boy. I’m not your father so I can’t tell you what to do, but I just want you to think about your actions and be patient, maybe one day, one day sooner than you think, you’ll meet that man.”

That’s when everything came pouring out. In between ragged gasps and long-held tears, I told Coop everything. I told him about my Hawaii trip, about meeting Michael and beginning a sexual relationship with him, about Michael being engaged to someone else and my not caring that he was.

I sat there crying, my mind whirling with confusing thoughts and feelings. My legs may not have been functioning totally, but my body, my woman’s body was. Ever since the time with Michael, I had yearned, ached to relive those feelings and sensations. I think that’s why I was sucking Jonathan’s cock that night in the clubhouse, I had that need to feel a man’s dick in my mouth, taste him, and inhale his male scent. If Coop hadn’t burst in on us, I am sure it would have ended with me on my back and Jonathan between my legs. That night, Coop Reynolds’ words helped me get back on course and fortunately, Coop had kept me from making another poor decision that I would have regretted.

Coop wheeled me down the path and quietly through the back door and into the kitchen. As I started toward my bedroom, I turned and said “thanks Coop.”

Much later, after Coop and I had become intimate, I thought back to that night. Despite the tears and self-incrimination, it occurred to me that while we were in the clubhouse talking that night, Coop had an erection in his pants, and even as he walked me to the house, he kept trying to hide.

I would have had sex with him that night if he had wanted me.


I was pleasantly surprised when Coop began coming around more often, making a point of spending time with me talking and eventually helping me with my physical therapy and walking exercises. In fact, it was Coop who witnessed my first recuperative steps.

I don’t know how it happened between Coop and me, just that it did and regardless of our age difference, I was happy about it. Ever since he came upon me in the clubhouse sucking Jonathan’s dick, it seemed as if his attitude toward me had changed. He became more concerned, considerate and attentive; the both of us sexually drawn to each other.

Coop would regularly come over on the days the therapist was not scheduled and guide me through my exercises. Always strong and steady, his encouragement was usually all I needed to give me that extra incentive to lift my legs and take another step. Coop would come behind me and whisper praises into my ear, and I would feel his strong hands gently caress my legs, hips and thighs.

“That’s it Beth, just like that . . . one more step, you can do one more.”

One day I managed to take three unassisted steps and could hear Coop behind me, “Yes, yes, yes! Look at you! Oh my god, Beth,” he said excitedly, and sweeping me up in his arms twirled me around and for the first time, kissed me hard on my mouth. I eagerly returned his kiss, opening my mouth for him and began hungrily sucking his tongue. One thing led to another, and Coop carrying me in his arms walked over to the couch and lay me on my back. We began to kiss and fondle each other. He kissed my mouth and lowering his kisses sucked my nipple into his mouth, licking and biting it gently. Soon, Coop’s hand was between my legs gently stroking his finger in and out of my pussy and tracing small, tight circles around my swollen clit with his thumb. He moved down and kissed my soft, smooth mound.

“Oh, Coop,” I said in a whisper. I closed my eyes, and my breathing became labored when I felt Coop’s mouth on me down there. I can’t describe the feeling, I ran my fingers through his hair and held his mouth and tongue to my clit until I began to tremble as my first oral orgasm with Coop washed over me. I lay there under him and surrendered to his skill and experience as he brought me to orgasm twice more.

Coop mercifully let me rest before he pulled himself up my body, kissed me again and unzipping, freed his awesome member and straddled my face. Inhaling the scent of his aroused maleness, I lifted his penis, and tongue licked him across the head of his cock tracing a circle around his leaking cockhead. I licked him gently up and down his hardening cockshaft as my hand slowly stroked him from the base of his cock to the tip of his crown. I continued to lick the underside of his cock finally opening my mouth and inserting the tip of his cock. Coop groaned and grunted as he swayed his hips making his cock go further and further into my mouth until he shuttered and abruptly pulled it out.

“You ok with this Beth?”

“Yes . . . oh yes Coop,” I said.

Coop looked down at me as if trying to make a decision and then began to again stroke into my mouth. Slowly but assertively he worked his cock deeper into my mouth until I could feel his spongy cockhead harden against the back of my throat. Then in 1 . . . 2 . . . 3, deep thrusts he came spewing his copious warm load down my throat faster than I could swallow it.

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