Anchor Watch (His Version)

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In the morning, I like to get up early. Usually I’m asleep before anybody else, and consequently get up early, too. Also, since it’s my boat, I worry about what might happen at night, and I’m well sensitized to her motion, to changes in the wind or current. These things can rearrange the whole harbor, depending on who has out how much scope. Realistically, when the weather’s nice, you just want 4:1 or 5:1, but you can bet that nervous guys with big boats and small experience will be using 8:1 on a calm night. That’s worse than being overaggressive, because in a flat calm, all the boats don’t react equally to slight winds, and of course keelboats follow the tidal current whatever the wind, so collisions can result in the middle of the night, if you’re not careful. That makes me get up a couple of times a night, on average.

I don’t pull on my shorts: it’s hot and we’re all fast friends, anyway. I’ve seen the girls sunbathing topless, and there’s been the occasional strip poker game, so going topside in the middle of the night for a leak or a look around classifies as private “enough” not to bother to get dressed. Besides it’s dark so there’s nothing much to see, anyway. I think she saw the other night, though.

It was nearly a full moon and I was going up to check things out and I thought I heard her stir. Once back, and in my bunk, she moved again, I was sure of it. I opened my eyes & saw she was now sitting on the edge of the bed, legs spread, elbows on knees, hands and hair hanging limply in the stillness: way too hot to sleep.

“Take it off, come ON, Take It OFF!” I silently willed her, and it worked! She sat up straight, glanced directly at me for a moment to make sure I was asleep, probably, (it was too dark for her to tell to tell, my small bunk being entirely lost in the shadows), and then crossed her arms in front, reaching down to the hemline, and, arching her back, pulled her shirt off and inside out in one motion. I watched her breasts adjust gently like they were doing the breathing themselves. Next, Anjin plopped back down and rolled slightly up on her side, her breasts swaying towards me. She squirmed a little, trying to get comfortable, and piled the t-shirt on top of her face to keep the light out. Another frustrated night for her too, I guess. I wondered if it was just sleeplessness frustrating her, and liked to imagine there was more to it than that.

She looked fantastic sprawled on the small bunk, thin sheet bunched at her feet, breasts unbound, breathing soft but heavily in the night heat. Partly, I wanted to just lay there, enjoying the feeling of my erection flying at full staff while she slept, but also I partly wanted her to wake up, and see me quietly watching, come over silently, and maybe blow me thoroughly without exchanging a word. Ok that was stretching the fantasy a little. What she’d really do is pretend not to have seen, but lay there watching…

Settling for second best, I got up again and walked past her back up on deck. Stepping quietly to the stern to beat off, my twitching dick was soon spattering the ocean with sperm I imagined landing softly on her belly instead. Afterwards, I just stepped off the swimstep, knifing silently in and almost as quickly back out of the sea, immediately chilled, wet and clean, and hopefully now able to sleep in the overheated belly of this whale.

On the way back down, the moonlight painted her bunk , and I could see she’d slept naked, and come uncovered. That was so hot, I just sat there on the hatch coaming and watched the light and shadow move across her skin as the boat yawed slowly back and forth at anchor. In the shadows, her nipples darkened to invisible black. Then, where the moon played over her, it made the rest of her breast look like satin, shiny from sweat quietly accumulating on her skin in this oven. There weren’t any colors, even her panties: Blue? Peach? …who knows, impossible to tell, they were leached to pure pearly gray.

Since I was all wet this time, it was necessary to turn sideways to walk past Anjin’s bunk without dripping on her, so we exchanged full frontals, only casino oyna she, sleeping, didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I did! Pausing for a few minutes to watch her breathe, my dick fanned the air less than a foot from her face, keeping metronomic time with the boat’s gentle rolling, and I thought how easy it would be to lower it down until it brushed her collarbone, it would be warm enough to enter her dreams, soft enough to let her keep sleeping…

Not very appropriate for best friends though! Snap out of it, Guillermo, haha! So I finally turned and a “clunk” of my shin on the mast (damn!) groped forward to my pitch black bunk where, aroused again, I lay face down and tried not to imagine her moving that body in the sunlight, or (better!) here in the dark on top of me. It was so easy to picture. I lay there and thought about it, and darn if it didn’t HAPPEN!

She tossed a couple more times, then sat up, hands on knees, breasts hanging, and looked right at me.

“Gui? Guillermo! You awake?” …she whispered loudly.

“Hmnhuh? Wha..?” I replied, trying to sound like she woke me up and I wasn’t really laying there wide awake the whole time with a hard on looking at her tits.

“Gui, dude, it is way too hot down here. I can’t fucking sleep at all.”

“Yah, me either. I’m, like, dozing off and on: the boat’s moving and that keeps me up, too.”

“I know,” she said, “I saw. You were looking pretty good there Gui, all naked & stuff…”

“Oh shit, sorry. Thought you were asleep: didn’t mean to, you know, be all flashing you.” (I thought I did a pretty good job covering up the situation, but she didn’t let me get away with it…)

“Yah, that’s ok. I’m sure was just a coincidence you had a raging hard on and you had to wave it in my face for a minute or something while you stared at my tits!” This, she said in her best stage whisper while cupping them in both hands and shoving them up and together in my direction, chuckling. Busted…

“Ok,” I surrendered, “So I’m busted, but you’re an attractive nuisance!”

“I know, me too: I took my shirt off just for fun, to tease you: I knew you were watching.”

It was my turn to laugh, “You evil bitch! You’re so hot Anj, I can’t even believe it.” What next, I’m thinking. How do I take this to the next level?

“Ha. Well, also you gotta admit, it’s fucking hot: and guys don’t have to wear a shirt, it’s not fair.” she said…

I thought, Ha indeed, there’s my opening! “Hey, we’re all friends: you don’t have to wear a shirt for me girl. Heck I’d prefer you don’t, personally! As for the heat, how about a night swim: it’s awesome!”

“What, naked? I don’t think so, Gui.”

“Heck, yeah, that’s the best part.” (Woot! She said nA-Ked! I’m IN!) “Come on it’s pitch black and everybody’s asleep, nobody will see a thing.”

“Nobody? What’re you then?”

“Hey, I’m nobody!” I said with a big grin, standing up and walking my penis out into the main cabin where she could see it, and beckoning with a grin: “Come on, let’s go!”

“What about, is it cold?” she asked?

“Nah, you’ll be fine! I was.” and with that, I flexed my dick, making it wobble up and down.

That got her: she had to hold her hands over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud, and said, “ok then, let’s go: quick before I chicken out?” She got up behind me and hurried me up the companionway stairs, with a light little spank on my ass. Yeah, I was SO in.

“Hey keep your pants on,” (ha, as if I meant that) “I’m tryin’ not to fall down here.”

“That’s funny, I thought the idea was to loose them…”

In the cockpit now, I could somehow tell from the tone of her voice that now was the time to turn around and see. Sure enough she was standing there, one knee bent, with her panties swinging from one finger and a big grin on her face, checking me checking her out.

“Whoa, Anjin, that is SO hot: you are gonna love this, I promise. Go over there and find a mask so you can see, it’s really cool…”

What’s so cool she asked.

“Ok just watch this…” and I dove overboard, trying to make a canlı casino clean entry, enjoying like hell that she was watching me. You see, I knew about the bioluminescence. At night, when it’s dark enough and the water is clean, the ocean is filled with stars. They’re so dim, they are no brighter than real stars, and they sparkle the same. But, when something disturbs all the little plankton or whatever it is, it really lights up. I’ve seen seals leave a glowing trail like silent curving bullets, slicing around under the boat at anchor. When they hit a school of fish, the whole thing flashes, like lightning striking in a cloud. When a boat passes, it leaves a glowing trail of stars, and a person who jumps in does the same thing. And, when he gets out again…

“Holy shit Gui, you’re covered with little lights like a christmas tree! That was so cool: do it again!” She was so excited she hopped up and down a little, clapping her hands together and completely forgetting she was naked as me and her boobs were bouncing like, …well like bouncing boobs!

I guess I was struck speechless for a moment because I caught myself staring at them for kinda a long time when she said, “So I guess the water didn’t do YOU any harm, eh?” …pointing at my dick which I looked down to notice, had not had the luck to pick up any Christmas tree lights that I could see. I wobbled it again anyway, for good measure.

“That’s right, it’s fine! If you think about it, the water’s the same temperature as during the day: it just seems colder at first, cause it’s night.” I was getting as excited as her, “Come on and swim with me. You go underwater and clap your hands together and it will make a storm of light, it’s awesome!”

“Ok, I’m coming… What about sharks and stuff though?”

“They’re asleep, just like everything else, come on.” …total lie. I have no idea if sharks sleep. Don’t they die if the stop swimming or something? Actually, her comment scared me. You couldn’t see 3 feet underwater in the moonlight. Except for the bioluminescence, you might as well be blind. But SO WHAT?!! This was no time to worry about something stupid like getting eaten by a shark. I had a serious chance to get laid, in the freaking Pacific Ocean, with this totall, fully NAKED hot friend of mine. But really, getting eaten was actually not sounding too bad, assuming I at least had the chance to get my dick inside her first. ALL the way inside her I mean. I could not think about anything else at this point. If you seriously told me you had sonar proof that Jaws was coming right here in 5 minutes to circle around this boat and I would die, I would still have had to think about it at this point. (So, if you’re ever in a situation where you are about to screw some guy for the first time, and you’re concerned about something and you want reassurance, then go right ahead and ask, and you will certainly get it. Whether it’s true or not? Just forget it, eh?) So anyway, she says ok, and I get her to put on a mask and come down to the swimstep but she’s still scared and wants to hold my hand, and I start to say, “one two three go” but I don’t get past two before she squeals and hugs me. Could this get any better?

I grabbed her back: what else could I do? Pressing her to me, full frontal with my unit squashed sideways across her belly and her tits poking my chest (ahhhmanIcanfeelthenipples!) I go, “ok ok, I got you, here we go, one,” …and I finished the countdown and we jump.

Unerwater I didn’t do anything but hold her and concentrate on the feelings, which was dumb. She panicked instantly and started squirming violently for the surface. So of course I let her go and tried to give her a little push to the surface by grabbing her ass but she was too quick and kicking like hell so all I got was a knee in the chest and almost a kick in the nuts, too. There was a swirling cloud of floating fireflies everywhere so I could see her clear as day. (This also made me think Jaws could probably see us both but she was making such a shitload of turbulence he’d eat her first for sure. (Then I felt guilty about that and swam up to her.))

“Shit, kaçak casino this is scary!” Anjin yelled at me, no more stage whispers for her, now. “I was afraid I was gonna drown and you can’t see shit: I think I better go back.”

“It’s ok, I gotcha.” …which was true, she’d glommed on to me immediately when I surfaced so I was treading water like hell to hold her head and shoulders clean out of the water while she hung on and didn’t even try to swim a lick. But it didn’t matter because we were practically in optimum fucking position right now, with her arms and legs around me, a point that wasn’t lost on Anjii when my dick bumped into her ass, looking for the way in. “Oops.” I apologized, “Maybe I should say, ‘I wanna get ya…'”

“Yeah, I noticed that: Mhmmm, ~ feels nice…” she came back with a smile, calming down a little.

Now was the time for me to be a gentleman and let her chill and get used to the idea so I just made small talk about the ocean and the bioluminescence. Eventually I got her to go under with me and I did some loops and stuff to entertain her.

Back on the surface, I saw our other friend Trudi standing on the stern, looking at us. She was quiet so I didn’t say anything. Anji didn’t see her, and she swam up calmly this time and wrapped her legs around me and started adjusting, feeling for my dick. I switched to butterfly kick, not to get propulsion, but just because it made for the right thrusting motion, and pounded into her a half inch at a time, churning up the water. I was panting like a drowning dog and she was laughing her head off.

Once I got inside her I just stopped for a second to catch my breath:”Anj, I’m gonna drown here…”

“Oooh, that’s awful, I don’t want to fuck you to death, just almost.” and she said this while raising her arms over her head and shimmying her shoulders back and forth, splashing me with her wet boobs and sinking me under a little.

“Shit, …keep your arms… IN …at least.” I gasped, treading water pretty hard now.

“Ok, sorry.”

She embraced me and gave me a big kiss, which I couldn’t return ’cause I needed AIR and I could only grab and feel her with one arm since I needed the other for propulsion. As for my legs, big lazy butterfly kicks were working great: I was really slamming it to her, but it was fucking exhausting! Exhausting fucking, is more like it. In a short while, I had to relent and swim us over to the dinghy. It was trailing on a rope behind the boat. While we tried to slide into it (a trick, without help: I had to go first and then pull her aboard) I looked back for Trudi, but she was no where to be seen. Kinda surprising she didn’t stay around to watch the screwing: I would’ve. Anyway. Now we were on the bottom of a rubber dinghy, a perfect situation, like a waterbed with a view of the night sky and padding in every direction. I planned a seriously athletic fuck, if I could just get my wind back. She motioned me to the bottom and that was the break I needed. Soon I was trying to find the natural frequency of the dinghy: when I timed the wave motion just right I could practically catapult her off my dick into the air! I loved seeing her tits go into zero g and then come jouncing back down at me, into my hands. It was great.

“That’s kinda hard…”she said after a while, and so I rolled her over and layed her, belly down onto the front tube and went for it doggy style, real slow. Eventually I lay down on her back and just slowly inched in and out a little bit, rubbing the side of her breasts with my palms and kissing her shoulder blades. That seemed to work, and she started heating up a little more.

“Hey guys!” Trudi called, and we turned to look, automatically.

FLASH-FLASH went a couple of cameras, and there was laughing, and some clapping.

My now blind retina held the silhouettes of everybody else on the boat, standing in various attentive positions on the stern.

We were never gonna live this down, or deny it either.

So, after a frozen second of hangdog embarrassment, I slowly inched my dick out.

…and Then Back In.

Anji turned to look in my face, and rocked her hips into me, biting her lower lip.

Then she closed her eyes and moaned for me, just a little.

There might have been more pictures. I have no idea.

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