An Intense Game with My cousin

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Jenny and I are more like friends than cousins. We spend many Friday nights together playing video games in my bedroom, on the PS4. We missed the last few Friday nights as many of our friends were having their 18th birthday parties. Jenny and I were already 18 by the time our last year in school started.

I’m looking forward to this Friday night with Jenny. I just bought FIFA 20 and Jenny said she would love to give it a go. I love football but had never played FIFA before, so I spent a lot of time practising in the hopes of getting a few wins, given Jenny was better than me at most games.

When the doorbell rings, I rush down to answer it. I open the door to see Jenny, she is wearing a top and a baggy tracksuit. She is a beautiful woman with jet black hair and is about 5’6.

We instantly head upstairs to my room, we are home alone as my parents are on a night out with there friends. We plonk ourselves on my bed and set up the game.

“I have to admit, I’ve been practising before you came over,” I say. Jenny laughs back at me.

“One of my friends has this game, so don’t worry. I’ll win nice and easily. Which team will you be?”

“Liverpool, you should be Man City. That’ll be a good game,” I reply. Jenny picks City and we begin playing. For teams this good, the match turned out to be very boring and Jenny ends up winning 1-0.

“I told you, nice and easy,” she laughs.

“Hang on, you struggled for a good chunk of that game. 1-0 isn’t a nice and easy scoreline,” I say back. Jenny rolls her eyes and we proceed to a second game with the same teams. I decide to throw everything at this one, I want to win a game for once.

Eventually I go one up before half time and then pull a second before the end of the game, winning 2-0.

“Haha, now that’s nice and easy,” I say. Jenny sighs with disappointment.

“I suppose we were bound to find a game we were both evenly good at,” Jenny says. “We should have a forfeit for the loser, since we are relatively even at this game.”

“Yeah that sounds like a good idea, what should be the forfeit?” I reply.

“Take off an item of clothing?” Jenny suggests. I’m caught off guard by her suggestion but it is good idea. It’ll make the games more interesting. I agree with her suggestion.

We don’t notice the time go by as we play for about 2 hours. Eventually I’m left in my underwear and Jenny still has her top, bra and underwear on. Despite knowing I shouldn’t, I keep looking down at Jenny’s legs, they’re very tin but you can see that she is very toned from her ballet.

“Eh, if I lose, I’ll be naked,” I say awkwardly. Jenny didn’t really care when my top and tracksuit came casino siteleri off but she turned to look at me as I say that. I could see that she was deciding whether to continue or make the case that she won.

“Guess you’ll just have to not lose,” she says with a nervous laugh. I laugh back at her and feel myself getting an erection. The idea of being naked in front of her turns me on. My thoughts turn to the fact if I win 3 games in a row, Jenny will be naked. I feel my dick become much harder at the thought of that.

The next game starts and I give it my all, parking the bus to avoid letting in a goal and going for the counter attacks. In the end, it wasn’t Jenny’s game and she lost 4-1. She sighs and pulls off her top revealing her tits in a white bra. Her tits look perfect for her size and I find myself staring at them.

I shake myself out of it when Jenny looks back at me. I sit back and us the controller to cover my erection. Jenny smiles and immediately turns to setup the next game. I can’t deny that the atmosphere between us has gotten slightly more tense since we are down to are underwear.

The next game is a much tighter affair and a much more tense match. We both know the winner will reveal something. I’m determined for it not to be me but in the last second, Jenny scores a winner.

“No way!” I shout.

“Yes!” Jenny shouts as she turns around to me. I look back at her and she gestures for me to take of my underwear. I stand up and gulp, she will definitely notice my erection.

I force myself to pull down my underwear, leaving my dick on full view for her. I stand in front of her as she looks at my dick.

“So, is that it? You win?” I ask. Part of me disappointed that I didn’t get to see her naked.

“Yeah. I do have one more idea so we can play a few matches,” Jenny says. “If you lose and you’re already naked, you have to do whatever the winner wants for 10 minutes.”

“Yeah, that sounds fair,” I reply. It gives me a chance to see Jenny naked, which I can’t deny, makes me get a bit excited.

My excitement leads me to completely balls up the first half. I’m now 3-1 down. Crap, if I lose, it’s over. I try to forget my excitement, which brings down my erection. I manage to net 2 quick goals. I notice Jenny getting a bit nervous, she starts making mistakes in the game and eventually it costs her and I score in the 87th minute. I win the game 4-3.

“Your turn,” I say to Jenny. She nervously reaches behind her to unclip her bra. I feel another erection coming on as her bra falls to the floor, revealing her tits. My eyes widen upon the site of them. They look perfect, especially for her size. canlı casino Even though Jenny is my cousin, I can’t help but want to feel them.

Jenny is obviously nervous, so I suggest we move onto the next game to easy the tension in the room. Jenny doesn’t look at me but agrees. Her nerves remain present for the next game and her team collapses, giving me a 7-1 win.

Jenny stands up with me asking her and she whips down her underwear, giving me a good view of her ass. I can’t stop my dick from becoming rock hard. Her ass looks soft and is very curvy, she turns to face me and awkwardly smiles. I admire her body from head to toe. She has a shaved pussy and you can see her toned legs and chest.

“So this game decides the winner,” Jenny says to me.

“Yeah, best of luck,” I say. I’m not sure how to approach this game, I’v seen her naked, which is what I wanted. But I decide to go all out for it given that it is our last one. I look over at Jenny during the match, noticing how nervous but beautiful she is.

I can’t help myself but to think of having sex with her, but we are cousins so she would never want to. We continue the game and I end up with a 2-1 win. I’m partly relieved at my win, knowing I’ve won our series of matches.

“YES! I won,” I shout, trying to lighten the mood.

“Nice going, I guess you can do what you want to me,” Jenny says in a defeated voice.

“I think you look very nice,” I say to her. I’m pleased to see her smile back at me.

“So do you,” she replied. “So what do you want me to do.”

“Get on my bed,” I say to her. She does as she is told, lying down in the middle, showing off her body to me. I get down next to her and look into her eyes. I can’t help it, I slowly lean down and plant a kiss on her lips. I brace for myself to be pushed off her, instead she kisses me back, very gently.

I place my hand on her chest and slowly move it up towards her nipple. I keep kissing her as I gently mess with one of her nipples. She moans quietly into my mouth. Without breaking off our kiss, I crawl on top of her.

My dick is a few inches away from the entrance to her pussy. Jenny and I both look at each other after breaking off our kiss. We both weren’t fully sure what the other was thinking but we did know that this would change our relationship forever.

I look down and slowly tease her pussy with my dick. I eventually guide it into my cousin. Jenny doesn’t say anything but moans quietly as my dick goes into her already wet pussy.

I gently begin thrusting into her, waiting to see if Jenny would tell me to stop. I’m surprised that she doesn’t and I thrust into her much faster. kaçak casino I lean down and gently kiss her neck.

“Dylan, I don’t know, we are cousins,” she says as I thrust into her. I kiss her neck again.

“Dylan, I… oh, yeah,” she says as I gently kiss her neck. I pick up my pace, the sound of our bodies colliding gets louder as does the sound of the bed squeaking. I can hear how wet she is, I’m not far from cumming myself.

“Oh Jenny, your pussy is so good,” I mutter under my breath.

“Dylan, maybe we should… oh,”

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna come,” I say, automatically speeding up my thrusts into her. I can’t slow down, I’m definitely going to cum.

“Dylan, pull out, I’ve no protection,” Jenny says, placing her hands on my shoulders and gently pushing against me.

Just when I’m about to cum, I pull my soaking wet dick out of my cousin and cum all over her tits.

“Oh fuck,” I mutter, cum still squirting out of my dick all over Jenny. We are both breathing heavily. My head is still spinning from fucking my cousin.

“You didn’t get any of your cum in me, did you?” Jenny asks.

“No, I didn’t,” I reply. I look at Jenny who seems tired, she stands up and walks over to the bathroom. I get some tissues to clean myself up.

“I think I’m going to go home,” Jenny says, she seems slightly upset.

“Are you ok, Jenny?” I ask as my excitement begins to go down.

“I’m fine, I just need to go,” Jenny says, sounding like she is not far from tears. I stand up and follow her out of my room and down to the front door.

“Can I drop you home at least?” I asks. Jenny sighs as she puts her coat on, she nods her head as she opens the front door. We get into my parents other car and I drive Jenny home.

“What’s wrong with you Jenny?” I ask.

“I don’t know, maybe the fact I just had sex with my cousin. My cousin who I saw as my best friend.” Jenny snaps. I feel a wave a guilt pass through me, so much so, that I drive into an empty parking lot. Not knowing what to say.

“I’m sorry, Jenny. I thought we… I don’t know,” I say.

“We are cousins, we shouldn’t have done this,” Jenny says.

“Why? It’s not like we are dating,” I say back. Jenny remains silent but gives me a disapproving look. “Ok, you’re right, but I enjoyed it,” I say.

“I did too,” Jenny replies. “I know I shouldn’t have, but I did.” I feel much better hearing Jenny say that.

“We could do it again, be like cousins with benefits,” I say. I wouldn’t date or marry my cousin, but I enjoyed the sex with her.

“Yeah, I like the sound of that. Do remember I won’t be your date for anything,” Jenny laughs. I laugh back at her.

“That’s fine with me,” I say as I lean in a kiss my cousin passionately on the lips.

I drop my cousin home and drive back to mine. I struggle to sleep that night, looking forward to my next encounter with Jenny.

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