An Evening at Home

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Turning the page on my hardback novel, I glance up at the bedroom doorway to see the hem of your teal lace nightie flit past, heading down the hall. The sound of your bare feet padding on the rug fade into the background as I continue reading the chapter, fingers lightly on the pages to hold them flat. As my eyes drift down the page, taking the words in, I sense your presence at the door again and look up, straightening my glasses. I see you peeking around the corner, smiling, your nightie strings somewhat undone and the top hanging loosely at your side… suggestively revealing some of your voluptuous curves.

Newly entranced, my left eyebrow goes up as I smirk, placing my bookmark between the open pages and setting the closed book down on the nightstand at the brass base of the shaded lamp. I sit up in the bed, spreading out the covers a bit as I reposition under them. You look downward, shuttering your eyes and begin to turn away from the open door frame, bending at the knees and smiling demurely, extending your arm upward, hand gliding along the painted wood.

Your back arches as the curves of your ass meet the frame and slide up it with your head tilted back, hair falling on your shoulders. Stirring beneath the covers, I readjust my position as I am held captivated by such an erotic display, teasing me with your sultry presence. I let out an exhale of desire as I see you biting your lip while you slide your perfect behind back down the door frame, knees bending as you go all the way down, arm extended up above you with fingers caressing the wood.

Your other hand glides to your open thighs and moves inside, spreading your legs apart erotically as your half-lidded eyes suddenly snap open and focus directly on me. I find my breathing to be somewhat shallow as I play your voyeur, my hand going under the comforter and finding my own warming flesh responding to your display.

Your full breasts pushed together slightly by one arm, the areolas visible through the sheer fabric… my hand now stroking my stiffening member and my breath coming a bit more rapidly as you rise and saunter slowly toward the bed, hips swaying deliciously.

You cover your nipples with your fingertips and begin moving your hips from side to side, standing at the foot of casino oyna the bed, a smile on your face. You turn slowly to expose your teal-laced cheeks to me, hips still gyrating sensuously. I let out a soft groan as my eyes drink in your beauty, thoroughly in the moment. You rub your ass against the end of the bed in circles, grinding, while you bite your lower lip and glance at me over your shoulder.

Smiling, you turn to face me, leaning over the end of the bed, your breasts hanging invitingly… and grab handfuls of the comforter and begin pulling it slowly toward you, exposing my hard cock with my hand wrapped around it, stroking, eyes glued to you. You climb up, one knee at a time, and fix your gaze on mine with the occasional glance at my hardness that causes you to lick your lips, heightening the anticipation. Your body almost on top of mine, my free hand reaches out to grab your breast, but you gently brush it aside.

You move my busy hand off my cock and push it out to the side, lowering your head. I can feel your breath on my skin as your mouth hovers very near the swollen head, and quiver involuntarily as you tilt your head to the side, looking up at me with those big green eyes while your hair teases my twitching erection. You lean forward and nibble my lower stomach, slowly biting up to my chest where your lower lip brushes against my hardened nipple.

Goosebumps rising on my flesh, your tongue licks out and wets me… then you blow lightly with your lips pursed, causing me to breathe in sharply. I try to bring my hands in to hold you, caress you, but you keep them at bay and smile a wicked smile at me.

You leaning over me with your arms wide on mine, your full breasts tantalizingly bump against my eager manhood, causing my heart and blood to race in delicious anticipation. I feel your hard nipple rub against the sensitive head as you lick and kiss my nipples and chest. A slight groan escapes my lips as your teasing foreplay makes my body shudder, my mind on fire with passion. You move slowly up my chest, nibbling, and pause at my neck… tongue-kissing various spots and stopping to suck on my skin a time or two, causing my head to fall back with my eyes closed, feeling myself surrendering to your sensuous ministrations.

You move further canlı casino forward and climb atop my lap, my cock tangled in your delicate nightie and your erect nipples brushing my chest as you smile and lean in to breathe in my ear. I can smell the lavender scent of your hair as your tongue teases my earlobe, then tickles my ear canal. I get goosebumps on my skin when I feel your hot breath on my ear as you slowly and lustily exhale, your lush lips hovering a mere millimeter away.

Your body moves gently in a back-and-forth rocking motion, your breasts gently colliding with my chest as you grab my earlobe with your deft tongue and suck it into your hot, wet mouth and moan into my ear. My exposed manhood rubs against the teal lacy fabric and your smooth skin as my hips start their own grind to match your movements. I try again to move my hands to grab you, caress you… but you continue holding my arms outward, just smiling.

As my hardness rubs against your lacy panties, I feel hair and wetness… and realize that they’re crotchless. You lower your head and look at me with those sultry eyes and bite your lower lip, ends of your mouth curled up in a playful grin. I’m smiling as my head tickles your swollen labia, your wetness lubricating the nether rubbings. You reposition yourself atop me, breasts swinging in my face as you gently grind your hips against my stomach. My cock is so hard, it hurts… swollen and aching for you.

You know this, of course, and dip your hips down to sit on the outside of my steely shaft… and begin to rock back and forth. Your sopping pussy grinds against my stiff cock, soaking us both. Our breathing gets heavier and you lean in for a deep kiss, your hard nipples pushing into my chest. You let out a moan as you pull your head back, my lower lip in your teeth, pussy lips sliding up and down my shaft. You slowly thrust your hips farther forward and angle down, causing my swollen head to be enveloped by your hot pussy.

You pause for a moment, looking into my eyes… and ram yourself downward with force, engulfing my manhood entirely. We both gasp and you lean into me, bobbing up and down, your legs straddling mine. Slapping wetness resounds through the room, bed springs creaking, headboard ramming the wall… and I let out a deep kaçak casino groan of pleasure. You quickly bring one of your hands in and grab my hair, yanking my head back to lick and bite my throat, then finding my lips with yours and thrusting your tongue inside with a fiery passion.

The force of your fucking me has deteriorated my sitting position to barely reclining, and I reach out with my tongue to lick the stiff nipples waving in front of me. I manage to grab one and suck it into my mouth, my tongue swirling around the areola as I keep suction on it. Your breathing becomes faster and I feel your pussy grabbing me as you slam me up inside you. I release the suction and keep your nipple between my teeth for a couple seconds before releasing it, watching you biting your lower lip again.

With both your hands on the headboard, I bring mine in to push your breasts together to give them a good tongue-lashing. You moan in pleasure and grind your hips on me in circles, making my hard dick bump all your insides. You start rocking back and forth again, my purple helmet tapping your g-spot at each apex. My hands grab your ass and squeeze… hard.

Your pace quickens and I’m laid full-out, pillows thrown to the side, fitted sheet crumpled and soaking wet under my ass. I hear your throat ululate a long “mmm-mmmm-mmmmmm-mmmmm” as you ride me with abandon, my hands on the small of your glistening back. Your mouth opens silently as you squeeze your eyes shut, then open them and roll your eyes up into your head as your pussy spasms and you drench me with your juices. After a few minutes of continuing to ride, you look down at me and see my heavy breathing, my chest flushing red.

You sit up on my cock and grind fast, my torso half-sitting as I feel that familiar tingle as my balls tighten up prior to release. Your hand goes behind my head to grab my hair again and you push my face into your bosom as I grab your ass cheeks hard, my cock erupting inside you and filling you with my hot cum. My body twitches in response to each spurt, the sensitive head still caressed by your walls.

Breathing heavily, I flop back down on the bed, arms outstretched as you slow your grind and smile your most satisfied smile at me. In the warm glow of your smile, I am content and need nothing else… you stop your movement and lay down on top of me, my softening cock still embedded inside you. Our bodies (and bed) are now fully soaked and disheveled, but… oh, what a night.

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