An Astronaut’s Last Night

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The view out the porthole was spectacular, and Jane could never quite get used to it.

Earth, the blue, white and green bubble floating below in some surreal sea of black. This close you couldn’t even see the stars unless you were on the night side; the brightness of the planet completely overwhelmed you.

There were six of them on the station, a typical rotation, and in one day a ship would be arriving to take them home. Not that Jane had much to go home to, since her husband had served her divorce papers a week before leaving for the station. Cocksucker. At least it had given her time to think, when she wasn’t completely busy, that was.

Her three months on the station had been a pleasant diversion, since she’d always wanted to go into space. She loved the lack of gravity, but hated what it did to her hair. Every morning she would look at it and feel like she was in a rock opera from the sixties.

She heard the hatch close behind her, and turned to see Samantha. “Why close the hatch?” Now it was just the two of them.

She liked Sam. She was slightly younger, a petite little thing from Alabama, with that sweet southern accent. Jane could hardly imagine a more different world to grow up in from her home in London. They had gotten along well during the trip, and were well into friendship that they expected would last beyond this one voyage. She had been a godsend for Jane, given her husband’s actions, and many a night had been spent out of earshot of NASA talking about it, often with tears.

And Sam would just be there, always patient, always helping.

“I have a confession,” she said to Jane, who threw here a confused look.

“NASA says that officially there has never been sex in space. I don’t know if that’s true or not, there’s always rumors about a couple of flights, but I guarantee there’s never been lesbians in space.”

Jane laughed. She was kidding, right? “So you want to have the first lesbian sex in space?”

Sam nodded.

“With me?”


“Well how flattered I am!” Jane jokingly pushed at her friend, but the look in her eyes said it all. “You’re serious?”

“You bet your succulent british ass I am.”

Jane was speechless. She tried to say something a few times, but was gobsmacked at every turn. What would she say? Did she want this? She had found herself admiring her friend’s figure several times over the voyage, but that was no more lesbian than admiring someone’s shoes. Or so she thought. Had she sent out the wrong signals?

Sam placed her free hand gently on her arm. “Honey, I know you’re not a lesbian, but I do like you, a whole lot, and maybe more, and you don’t have to do this, but it would sure fulfill a fantasy of one tired, stinky, wrinkled old American.”

Jane laughed. Her friend was good at making her laugh. “Sam, I don’t know, I just…that’s not my thing, I just never-“

“Listen, why don’t we just try something.”


“Close your eyes. Don’t worry! I’m not going to tear your clothes off or anything! I’m just going to kiss you. And I don’t want you to think about it, just feel it.”

Jane sighed, but closed her eyes.

A moment later she felt the softest skin brush her lips, and realized it was Sam’s own lips. They were moist, and Jane felt the blood rush to her head. It was intoxicating.

After only a few seconds, Sam’s tongue gently licked the inside of her lips, stroking upwards, forcing it’s way to her teeth. God it felt good. She hadn’t had a decent kiss in…well, since long before her marriage ended.

Jane illegal bahis found herself opening her mouth, sucking that tongue onto her own, savoring it, wrapping her lips around it and playing with the tip of her own. She had no idea how long she enjoyed that, but at some point Sam pulled away, and Jane almost gasped with disappointment, opening her eyes.

She saw Sam smiling back at her, a fire in those smokey eyes she had never seen before. “I think you liked that darling.”

She took Jane’s hand and kissed her index finger. Kissed, then licked. Licked, then started sucking, ever gently, wrapping her lips and tongue around the finger. It was making Jane sweat, and somewhere in the back of her mind she registered that Sam had locked her feet to the velcro pads and now had both arms free.

With her other hand she unzipped her shirt. She was not wearing a bra. She often didn’t, Jane knew, transfixed at the sight of a weightless breast in front of her. Sam took the moistened finger and pushed it to her, rubbing the nipple with it. She promptly moaned, and Jane was sure she did too as she watched Sam guide her finger, rolling it around the quickly growing nipple.

It was strange. It was an experience she knew all too well, yet to see her hand making the motions and not feeling the sensations…yet knowing she was causing those feelings in someone else was intoxicating.

It took only a few seconds for Jane to take over, and she began rubbing the nipple between finger and thumb, gently, slowly, using the rest of her hand to rub the breast around it.

She checked her feet, made sure they were locked, then took her other hand off the support and decided to rub the other breast. This was difficult without gravity, she decided, but didn’t care. They kept swaying back and forth, their motions creating a rhythm as they swung from their feet.

Sam apparently decided it was her turn. She took Jane’s hands and stopped them, and Jane noticed the look in her eyes. Fire. With a grin Sam unbuttoned her top, and Jane knew she had no will left to stop her. With one motion her shirt was left floating the in air, and Sam deftly unclasped the bra and threw it away dramatically. They both laughed.

Jane stopped laughing, gasping when Sam grabbed her breasts firmly, squeezing them, then took the nipples in turn and pinched them. Ripples of pleasure shot through her. God, it had been too long since someone had done that for her, but Sam wasn’t just a willing partner, she knew what she was doing. Jane quickly realized that her male partners had been clumsy oafs in comparison as Sam massaged her tender flesh just right, squeezing at the right time, in the right places, amplifying the pleasure in ways she hadn’t imagined possible.

She came, convulsing slightly as the shock of it overtook her. “Holy fuck,” she said then, quietly, eyes closing as it overpowered. Nobody had ever made her come by fondling her breasts.

As the orgasm started to subside, she felt something wet on her left breast, and looked down to see Sam licking it. She came again, instantly, less intense but no less pleasurable, her convulsions becoming their own rhythm.

She watched as Sam expertly sucked, licked, taking the entire areola in her mouth and teasing it with her tongue. She wondered how much of this she could take.

It seemed like an eternity, but she knew it could not have been more than a few moments, Sam stopped her attention on the breast and kissed Jane. It was the most intense kiss Jane could ever remember. Tongues, saliva, lips, pressure, illegal bahis siteleri teeth, warmth, everything a lover’s kiss should be, more.

Jane realized she was losing her sense of anything outside that kiss when she felt a finger touch the edge of her clitoris, and hadn’t even felt her pants being undone. Again, another orgasm, and she struggled not to scream.

Sam continued to rub, gently, stroking up and down the length of the labia, her fluids liberally lubricating Sam’s finger. She could smell herself then, that sex musk, and it drove her deeper.

Then Sam pushed a finger into her vagina and Jane could not stop a groan from escaping. Sam kissed her to help her, knowing she did not want to attract attention. Jane kissed desperately back.

Back and forth, in and out, Sam started to pump her with that finger, and every stroke was sending waves. Soon she was pumping so fast it was making slurping noises, but Jane didn’t care. The orgasm that overtook her then was more powerful than any she could ever remember, and she lost all sense of everything but the pleasure.

Sam removed her finger and kissed Jane gently, then backed away. Jane focused on the afterglow of the orgasm, still convulsing, and barely noticed when Sam knelt down.

Jane watched her friend’s face approach her vagina, and couldn’t quite believe it. Then she saw the tongue, and when the tongue glided firmly up the length of her labia she had to bite her hand to keep from screaming. She looked away, reveling in the feeling of that tongue’s ministrations as it played with her pussy. Up, down, around, tickling her clitoris and pushing the tip into her vagina. When she also inserted a finger into her vagina, it was too much.

Jane came again, hard, and had to cover her mouth. If there had been gravity, she’d have fallen. Every muscle in her body felt weak as she convulsed, pulsing with waves of adrenaline. Thankfully, Sam stopped. She knew, and stood up, gently but firmly embracing her new lover as she shook.

“Oh my god,” Jane said, almost in tears.

“Did you like that?”

Jane looked her friend in the eyes. “You’re kidding, right? How the hell…?”

Sam smiled. “It’s the old cliche. Who knows better how to give a woman pleasure than another woman?”

Jane, still panting, leaned her head against her friend. “Thank you, thank you.” She kissed her, and could taste her own juices. It had never appealed to her before, but this time she savored the flavor, the aroma. The musk was making her warm again, perhaps it was time to return the favor.

She raised her hand to Sam’s breast and gave it a squeeze. Sam pulled away from the kiss, a grin on her face. “I doubt I could do as well as you did, but I could try…” Jane said to her.

“You don’t have to, you know.”

Jane smiled finally. “I think I would like to try.”

They kissed again, passionately, but Jane was interested in other fruit. She moved her head down and looked at the breast before her, examining it with her eyes and exploring with her fingers. The nipple was engorged, warm. Enticing.

She flicked it with her tongue, experimenting. Sam flinched. She did it again, more slowly, letting her tongue hang across of the surface of that sensitive nub, her saliva coating it. Sam moaned when Jane finally took the entire tip of her breast into her mouth and sucked, rolling the nipple as she did.

Jane found herself getting warm, and could feel the moisture building again.

She decided to see if Sam was moist. She locked her feet, then used both of her canlı bahis siteleri hands to undo Sam’s pants while she continued applying warm pressure on her nipple with her mouth. In no time she was sending her hand into Sam’s groin. It was soaked.

Jane gently moved her hand back and forth along the length of the vagina, teasing the clitoris, just the way she liked to do it. Sam’s breath caught. She was liking this. Good.

That emboldened Jane to go further. Her finger well lubricated, she gently inserted it, reaching into her as deeply as she could, then wiggled slowly. Sam nearly clawed her back apart.

Slowly at first, she began pumping, using the base of her palm to press into Sam’s clit on the upstroke. The pace quickened. Between the moans, coming from both of them, and the sounds in her head from sucking on Sam’s breast, she could barely hear the distinctive sounds of moisture coming from her friend’s vagina as she ran her finger in and out as quickly as she could.

Finally, Sam exploded. Jane could feel it. Her vagina clamped onto her finger at the same time her arms nearly crushed her. Jane slowed, letting her friend come down, take in the aftermath of her orgasm.

After a moment she removed her mouth from the breast and kissed Sam, and she was eager to return it, her tongue quickly exploring. When they were done they faced each other, panting, smiling, exhausted.

Jane remembered that her finger was covered in her friends come, and decided it was time to taste it. Looking into her eyes, she inserted the finger into her own mouth and tasted it, sucking. It was glorious. Musk, sweet, tang, similar to her own she had tasted so many times, but different. Now she wanted more.

Sam bit her lip when Jane knelt down and placed her head at her crotch, and once again she paused, examining. The lips were not like hers at all, as far as she had been able to see. They were wide, fleshy, pink and brown, and looked softer than a down pillow. She could not resist.

Jane’s tongue took it’s first tentative lick up the length of Sam’s vagina, and another moan escaped from both of them. The taste was exquisite. She wanted more.

With her entire mouth she covered the fleshy mound, sucking, licking, exploring, her pace quickening as though she was unable to sate herself. The folds of Sam’s vagina felt heavenly under her tongue, her lips. It was the ultimate french kiss, she thought, lips to lips, tongue to clitoris.

Sam lasted only a moment, then came again. Jane decided it would be a good idea to stop, not because she wanted to, but to let her friend come down, and to give her tongue a rest. She loved licking her friend, but did not apparently have the stamina for it. She was going to have to fix that.

Jane stood and kissed her friend once more, gently, affectionately.

“I thought you said you’d never had sex with a woman before,” Sam said to her.

“I haven’t! I just…I just did what I thought I would like.”

“You done good girl.”

They held each other, naked, covered in come and sweat, and Jane wondered how they would explain that. They couldn’t. Everyone would know. The smell would give them away, but she didn’t even care anymore.

She turned to see the Earth spinning below them as they continued their embrace, and started to think about the reality of her situation.

“Sam,” she started, unsure how to proceed, “I-“

“Honey, you don’t have to worry about a thing. This wasn’t a first date, this was a bit of fun.”

“No, I just wanted to…” Jane paused. “I just wanted to say that I think it would be…fun…to try this with gravity.”

Jane would have sworn that Sam’s smile doubled the illumination in the room. “My darling, that is something I am quite sure I can help you with.”

They kissed once more.

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