Amy’s Christmas Guest Ch. 12

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[Author’s note: In this chapter I’ve skipped forward a few months, and I’ll fill in the gap soon, but I was so looking forward to the house move episode that I just had to write and post it. There’ll be more of what happens in the family’s new home when I’ve caught up with the time in between]


That Friday evening, as we were eating, I asked, “Does anybody have any particular plans for tomorrow?”

Laura answered, “Amy and I had thought about perhaps going into town shopping, but not for anything special.”

I looked to Pam. “Well, there’s some washing to do, but it could wait,” she replied. “Do you have something in mind?”

“I have a surprise for you,” I said.

Pam raised her eyebrows. “Do I know about it?” she asked.

I smiled. “Actually, no — but I already know you’ll like it.”

When we’d finished the meal, we watched television for a while, then Amy said, “Well, if something special is happening tomorrow, I think I’ll get an early night, so I can enjoy it, whatever it is.”

“Me too,” said Laura, and the two disappeared upstairs.

Pam turned to me. “Give me a clue?” she said, smiling.

I shook my head. “No way — I’m looking forward to seeing the look on your face.”

A glint came into her eyes and she said in her best seductive voice, “I bet I could persuade you to spill the beans.”

“I’d enjoy you trying, but it’s not going to work,” I replied.

“Fair enough,” she said, smiling. “I’ll just have to contain my frustration.”

We went up to bed, and were soon asleep.

After breakfast the next morning, I said, “OK, time we were off.”

“Do we need anything?” asked Laura.

“Not a thing,” I grinned.

We all got in the car and I set off out of town. We’d just left the suburban sprawl behind when I spotted the landmark I’d been looking for, and turned off the main road. After a few minutes, I turned again, and we passed through open gates and onto a short gravelled drive. I pulled up in front of a large Georgian house, and stopped the car in what would once have been the carriage circle.

“Doesn’t look like anyone’s about,” I said. “Hop out and let’s have a look round.”

We all got out of the car, and I walked towards the front door. I pushed it, and it swung easily open. I walked through into a large hallway, with Oriental rugs covering the oak flooring.

“Tim,” said Pam, “shouldn’t we wait for someone before just wandering around?”

“Don’t worry,” I said, “I guarantee the owner won’t have any objections.”

Pam followed me, Amy and Laura tagging on behind, and we looked briefly into a snug living room before moving on to the large panelled dining room, with a view out onto an extensive lawn.

“Nice,” said Amy, “I can imagine peacocks on the grass, and croquet, and everything.”

We came back into the hall, and went further back, entering the kitchen.

“Oh, I’ve always wanted an Aga,” said Pam, placing a hand on the chrome rail at the front of the range.

“Me too,” said Laura. “I just love the warmth.”

“Let’s take a look upstairs,” I said. We retraced our steps, and I went first, up the wide staircase onto a landing which ran all the way round the upper floor, overlooking the hallway.

“Master bedroom here — think they’ve had an en suite put in,” I said. “Guest rooms here, and a bathroom between with connecting doors. Like something out of Agatha Christie.”

“Wonder what this door is?” said Amy. I turned the handle, and we walked through into a short hallway. To one side was a large room with a dining table and chairs, and on the other side we looked through into a compact but well-equipped kitchen. At the end of the hallway a door led into a comfortable lounge. At the other end of the lounge, through an archway, I glimpsed a bathroom, and two more open doors, each of which led into a spacious bedroom.

“Gosh, what a nice self-contained flat,” said Laura.

I grinned. “Looks like there are some stairs down from the balcony. We can get down to the back without even going through the house.”

I opened the doors onto the balcony, and we went down the stairs, finding ourselves at the back of the house. To one side there was a tennis court, and on the other a long, low brick building with a door towards one end of the blank wall facing us.

“Let’s take a look what’s in here,” I said.

I opened the door, and motioned to Pam and the girls to precede me. “Gosh,” said Amy. “This pool’s bigger than yours!”

Laura walked down the side of the pool. “Sauna too, and a hot tub, and showers. Neat!”

Then she looked across the pool, out through the floor-to-ceiling glass. Beyond was another wide lawn, then a short path through overhanging bushes through which another building was partly visible, again with tall windows. “That almost looks like a studio,” she said.

“Go and have a look,” I suggested.

We followed her out across the lawn and down the path, and as she opened the studio door I could see her artist’s eye taking in the aspect casino siteleri of the windows, and the way that the light would fall at different times of the day. The look on her face — not even desire, but a pure expression of ‘if only,’ made my mind up for me.

“So what do you think to the place?” I said, my voice casual.

“It’s gorgeous,” said Pam.

“That flat was such a great idea,” added Amy, “Don’t you think, Laura?”

Laura didn’t immediately respond, and I could almost see the picture in her mind, of an easel, and space, and privacy to create. She nodded.

“I’m glad,” I said. I paused, then added casually, “I’m not sure they’d take it back — I can’t quite remember now where I put the receipt.”

The look on Pam’s face didn’t disappoint — I watched utter shock vying with disbelief and hope-against-hope delight. “How…?” she managed, then, “When?”

“The company did very well last year, and you know I opted in to the profit-share scheme. So I looked around, and when I saw this place, I just knew it had everything we needed. I think it was the flat that finally settled it for me, if I’d needed any convincing — it’s just what the girls need, a little more independence, practically a place of their own.”

Pam wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly. Then the girls joined in the hug, plans and ideas already tumbling out of them almost too fast to make sense of.

“When can we move in?” asked Amy.

“Straight away,” I replied. She blinked, and said, “Really?”

“I’ll call the movers and they’ll get started,” I said. “I booked the same firm the company use to relocate our senior people — they’re very good. They do literally everything — they even have specialists to take care of your art, Laura, and they have specific instructions not to uncover the canvas you’re working on.”

I took out my mobile and dialled. When the call was answered, I spoke one word, “Yes.”

Pam sat down on a lounger by the pool. “Goodness, Tim,” she said when I put the phone away, “you have been busy.”

I sat down beside her. “It was worth it,” I said.

“Tim?” said Laura. “Can Amy and I go up to the flat? We have to decide who has which bedroom.”

“Of course,” I grinned. “Take your time!” They raced off back towards the house.

“I don’t think we’ll see them for a while,” I said.

“What about the movers?” Pam queried.

“I asked them when I made the arrangements, and they said at least an hour for the first consignment to get here.”

“So what shall we do in the meantime?” Pam asked, a glint in her eye.

“Well, here we are, and that lovely hot tub standing doing nothing,” I grinned.

“I don’t have a swimming costume,” said Pam, feigning regret.

“What would you need that for?” I replied.

A mischievous look came across her face, and she reached down and pulled her sweater off over her head, revealing her breasts held by her lacy bra. She unzipped her skirt and tossed it over the back of the lounger.

“Finish the job?” she smiled. I moved behind her and unhooked the fastening of her bra, cupping her breasts in my hands for a long moment. I slid her panties down, and she stepped out of them, then I quickly undressed and held her again from behind, my erection pressing against her.

“Better get in that tub before we forget where we were going,” Pam whispered.

I released her, and watched her walk seductively towards the tub. She climbed over the edge, and sank shoulder-deep into the steaming water with a sigh.

“Come on in,” she said. “Lonely in here by myself.”

I joined her, sitting opposite her and putting one leg between hers. I began to stroke her ankle with my foot, then leaned toward her to kiss her. She pulled me towards her, and I lost my balance, ending up in her arms and sending a tidal wave of water over the side of the tub.

Pam grinned. “I always could make you fall for me,” she said. She looked down. “What a shame, the water doesn’t quite cover me any more.”

“That’s a real pity,” I said, smiling. I bent down to kiss one breast, then took her nipple into my mouth. She made a small sound of pleasure, which turned into a throaty “Mmmm” as I suckled her. I moved my hand to her other breast, taking the nipple gently between my fingers.

She reached out and I felt her hand surround my already-hard penis. “Feels like you’re ready,” she said. I moved back slightly, and she turned to face away from me, kneeling on the seat and parting her legs so that her entrance was accessible to me, just above the surface of the water.

I put my tip against her opening, then slid into her slowly. I reached out to cup her breasts and stroke her nipples, and her voice again betrayed her pleasure. “Oh, yes,” she said, “now.”

I began to move inside her, the water rippling against us as she used her hands to steady herself on the side of the tub and pushed her hips back to meet my thrusts. I moved my hand down between her legs and caressed her clitoris as I penetrated her deeply.

“Ohhh, canlı casino I’m nearly there,” she gasped. I spread my other hand so that I could touch both nipples simultaneously, and the touch pushed her over the edge into a shuddering climax. I felt my own orgasm take hold of me, and spent myself deep into her.

After a few moments she straightened up, my softening penis sliding from her. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly.

“Well,” she said, “I think that’s the hot tub well and truly christened. Think we’d better get decent before the movers turn up.”

I climbed out of the tub and found towels for each of us, wrapping Pam in the fluffy softness as she stepped out.

I helped her dry, and she pulled her clothes back on. We were only just dressed when Laura and Amy came running. “We saw the van turn in through the gates,” said Amy breathlessly.

Laura, obviously noticing our wet hair, said with a knowing smile, “What happened to you two, did you fall in the pool?”

I grinned and ruffled her hair. “Let’s go and see what’s arrived,” I said.

We spent the rest of the afternoon directing the movers where to place everything. Laura’s art materials piled up in the studio.

“Goodness, did we have all that in the house?” I teased. She looked at the pile and I detected the beginnings of distraction in her face. “Plenty of time for that tomorrow,” I said with a smile, “Don’t zone out on me now.”

She came back to reality and said, “Guess so. Anyway, the light’s starting to go.” She turned to me and took my face in my hands, kissing me briefly on the mouth. “Thanks, Tim, this is so amazing!”

We returned to the house, finding Amy and Pam in the kitchen. Pam had already organised the contents of the freezer and was busy cooking our first meal on the Aga.

“This is great,” Amy said, stirring a pan. “Here, try the sauce.” She held up a spoon and I cupped her hand in mine, bending down to taste the liquid.

“Mmm,” I said, “delicious.” I winked at her.

“So let’s eat,” said Laura. Pam ladled out bowls of the stew, and we sat at the kitchen table in a pool of light.

“Gosh, what a day!” said Pam as she laid down her spoon. “I’m exhausted — I think I’ll turn in. I made up our bedroom and the two beds in the flat, so that’s taken care of.”

“Thanks, Aunty Pam,” chorused the girls.

“I’ll come up in a bit,” I said.

“Why don’t you come and watch TV with us for a while in the flat?” said Amy. “You can be our first visitor.”

I grinned. “OK,” I said. The girls dashed upstairs and into the flat, and I followed Pam up more slowly. I kissed her at our bedroom door, and said, “You get some sleep — I’ll try not to disturb you when I come in.”

She nodded, and went in to the room, starting to undress.

I turned and took the few steps along the landing to the door of the girls’ flat. I paused for a moment, then knocked, so that they would feel they really did have a sense that the flat was their own and that I was coming in by their courtesy.

Amy opened the door and I walked in, then stopped in surprise as I realised she was only wearing bra and panties, her hair still wet from the shower.

She laughed, following my gaze, and said, “Laura and I have already decided, when it’s just the two of us — or three — that we’re going to be comfortable. We’ll keep dressing gowns by the door in case we get an unexpected visitor.”

“I like it,” I said. “Not sure it’d entirely be obvious to a visitor why I’m in a dressing gown in here, though.”

Amy grinned and made a mildly rude noise. “We’ll just have to hide you in the bathroom or something,” she said, her eyes twinkling.

Laura came into the hallway at that point, just as minimally clothed. “Shall we give you the tour?” she said.

She waved at the dining room. “We haven’t really done anything in there yet.”

I followed her into the kitchen. “Not much to see here either,” said Amy from behind me. “We grabbed a couple of boxes of cereal and some milk from the movers, and I had a jar of coffee, but if we’re going to have bacon sandwiches we’ll need to get some supplies in.”

I grinned at her reference to the breakfast that had become practically a tradition for us on mornings when Pam wasn’t around. “Definitely bacon sandwiches,” I said, turning round to kiss her lightly.

“Come and see the living room,” she said.

We went in, and I looked round the room, the first time I’d seen it after dark. The floor-length curtains were drawn across the doors to the balcony, and the girls had placed candles here and there around the room. They’d shifted the furniture round to provide a cosy lounging area for watching television, and shadows from the candles flickered in the corners.

“Gosh, this is lovely,” I said. I sat down on the couch facing the television and said, “So, what’s on?”

“Hey,” said Laura, feigning disappointment, “you haven’t seen everywhere yet.”

“Oh, that’s right,” I said, grinning.

Amy walked kaçak casino across the room and through the far archway. “The bathroom even has a corner tub like the old house,” she said, and I knew she was thinking of the times she and I had made love in the master bedroom’s en suite.

“That’s Amy’s room,” Laura said, pointing to the right hand door. I looked in, and saw shelves of books, and Amy’s study desk under the window. The bed was pushed against the wall to give more floor space.

“This room has more light,” explained Amy. “And I can even see a little into the studio from the window.”

“And over here is my room,” said Laura. I looked into the other room, noticing immediately that the king-size bed seemed to be made up for two.

Amy joined Laura, and said noticing my quizzical look, “We’re so used to being in the same bedroom that we decided to carry on that way. It means I can use my room pretty much just as a study and leave it how I want.”

Laura smiled meaningfully, adding, “And anyway, when you’re able to stay with us, how would we ever have decided which one of us got to sleep with you?”

I chuckled at the ambiguity. “You seem to have thought of everything.”

Amy smiled. “So I guess you don’t want to go back and see what’s on TV?” She moved over onto the bed and curled up, patting a space next to her invitingly.

“There’s nothing worth watching on, anyway,” I said with a smile. “Not compared to in here, anyway.” I moved over and joined Amy on the bed. Laura followed, kneeling on the other side of me from Amy.

“So, what do you two have in mind to wrap up such an eventful day?” I queried.

“Start off just touching us,” Laura said, taking my hand and placing it on her breast, still held within the soft lace of her bra. I began to caress her, then reached out my other hand to Amy. For each girl, I stroked one breast, then the other in turn, occasionally focusing down to run my fingers over a nipple.

I wondered why they didn’t choose to make their breasts fully bare to me yet, but looking at the expression of bliss on their faces, I decided that this must be doing something special for them. I had no problem with them setting the pace and making the next move, whatever they wanted that to be.

Amy moved things on first, taking my hand and sliding it down between her thighs so that I was caressing her entrance through her very damp panties. She moved her legs apart, and kept her hand on mine, pushing my fingers further back with each stroke so that I was touching her back opening too.

Laura watched fascinated, as my other hand continued to touch and caress her erect nipples. “I remember I liked being touched there,” she said. “Perhaps today you can show me what it’s like being entered that way.”

The thought obviously increased her arousal, and she took my hand from her breasts and placed it between her legs as Amy had done. She reached behind and unfastened her bra, and I bent to kiss her nipples as I began to caress her entrance through her panties.

Amy also removed her bra, and I alternated kissing and suckling each of them as my fingers continued their work elsewhere.

“Mmm,” said Amy, “I can’t wait any more, I need your mouth, Tim.”

I lay down on the bed, and Amy finally removed her panties and straddled me, her opening against my mouth. Laura moved up behind Amy, and as I started to tongue Amy gently, Laura touched her own wet opening for a few moments with her fingers. Then, her fingers slippery, Laura reached behind Amy and carefully touched Amy’s back opening with a fingertip.

“Ohhh,” said Amy, “goodness, Laura, I can’t describe how that feels.” Laura slid her finger a little deeper, and Amy put her hands to her own breasts as I increased the pressure of my tongue on her. Amy couldn’t hold back any more, and her body arched against my mouth as she climaxed. I could tell from Laura’s face that she was feeling the rippling of Amy’s muscles against her finger.

When Amy’s climax had subsided, Laura took a deep breath and said, “Ok, my turn now?”

Amy nodded. I rolled over, and Amy took my place lying on her back on the bed. Laura straddled her, and I stepped briefly into the bathroom to fetch the hand lotion. When I returned, Amy already had her mouth and one hand on Laura’s breasts, and was gently using the fingers of her other hand on Laura’s entrance and clitoris. Laura’s face showed utter bliss.

“Wait for me!” I teased. I positioned myself behind Laura, and squeezed lotion onto the small of her back so that it ran down into her cleft.

“Brr!” she said.

I chuckled. “That’ll cool you down a bit.”

I put more lotion on my still-hard penis, and touched my tip carefully to Laura’s back opening.

“Ready?” I asked. Laura nodded.

I very carefully pressed the tip of my penis a little way in, then paused. Laura tensed a little, then I could feel her make a conscious effort to relax.

“A little more,” she said.

I moved a little further in, until my tip was past the muscles around the entrance to her opening. She relaxed, and said, “That feels great.”

“Hmm, Amy, we forgot something,” I said.

“Oh yes,” said Amy. She paused in her attentions to Laura. “But I don’t have it, it was at the house.”

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