Abby Learns the Game Ch. 03

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Over the next several weeks, I thought about the interaction and the progress she had made in overcoming the negative feelings about her illicit sex. While we didn’t have any further deep conversations, I felt based on her demeanor that she had moved past the event. Indeed, part of me felt she had intended to deliver a message that parts of it she found enjoyable. After lots of thought, I decided I needed to test this theory, and slowly I formulated a plan.

The following Friday I took Abby to a top-end steak house that was heavy with meat, wine, and testosterone. I tried to get her to wear the dress I had picked out but she pushed back and I reluctantly relented as it wasn’t crucial to my plans. Still, she looked very good in her more modest cocktail dress, and between the patrons and staff, she received at least a hundred appreciative looks. We left immediately after dessert, but halfway home I made a turn that confused her and it wasn’t until we pulled up in front of Luther’s that she realized there was more to the night.

“Oh really?” she said as the valet opened the door, but she got out without hesitation while giving the young man a nice view of her legs

Without protest, she allowed me to direct her to the area we had visited before, and I sensed some excitement in her step as we moved through the darker confines. However, she stopped dead in her track when we arrived at a table where Frank and Clemmy sat.

“Wow, this is amazing to see you guys,” I said in a fake voice, trying hard to hold back a laugh.

“No kidding! Good to see you again,” Frank responded as he stood and hugged my wife.

Of course, I had arranged the rendezvous in the hope that it would help clarify if she had signaled something, an acceptance or interest, during our intimate conversation. She rolled her eyes at me, knowing it had been pre-arranged, but dutifully sat on the opposite love seat facing the mature couple.

“You think you’re so clever,” she whispered in my ear the first chance she got after the waitress left.

“What do you mean?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

She wasn’t mad, in fact, I think she found it amusing, and soon the conversation was going well with no sign of any concerns about our night in the tent.

The bottle of wine we split at the restaurant had gone down well and given us a mellow feeling, and as we chatted after downing several drinks, I knew Abby was feeling no pain. So, with a nod at Frank, which was a pre-planned action, he made the move.

“Why don’t you beautiful girls trade places for a bit,” he said in his well-mannered voice.

Abby looked at me, but it was more as a smirk than a sign of annoyance, and when Clemmy was almost to us, she started to rise and then made the short move across to the other sofa. The older woman immediately snuggled in close to my side and placed her hand on my thigh, close to my growing dick.

“You’re a good husband,” she whispered into my ear.

“Am I? I think I’m just one that gives his wife away,” I replied.

“Darling, you have to quit treating her like a saint,” she told me.

“Well, to me she is a saint,” I replied, feeling the need to defend her honor.

“Trust me. She had the time of her life that night in the tent,” she responded as her hand found my hardness.

“How do you know?” I asked, feeling she was just saying what she wanted to be true.

“I know,” the older woman said and pulled my head down so we could kiss.

She held my head firmly in her hands as our mouths locked, and our kiss became quite passionate. When we finally broke, I looked over and Abby was in a similar embrace with Frank who also had his hand on her ass. Their kiss ended a few seconds later and my wife looked towards me with an impish smile that conveyed both vulnerability and guilt. However, her gaze didn’t last long as Frank pulled her back and kissed her again.

“How do you…” I began to ask my older partner, but she stopped me by finding my lips again.

“I just do,” she giggled when we broke.

“How?” I asked in a more demanding voice.

“I can’t tell you,” she answered.

“Why not? Tell me,” I pushed.

There was a long pause as she stared at me before she finally said, “Okay, I’m going to tell you and you can be smart or stupid with what you’re about to hear.”

“Okay…” I replied, confused by her message.

“Since that night…that time in the tent. I’ve met Abby three times,” she stated.

“What?” I replied in shock.

I had thought my wife had been so upset by that evening that I couldn’t imagine her meeting with Clemmy. Although, as it sunk in, her recent behavior did offer some clues that I had been wrong about some things.

“Yes, hon… Now, you can never share that information,” she continued, looking at me for affirmation.

“Okay,” I said, feeling my mouth go dry.

“We’ve met once for lunch and twice for drinks and discussed everything,” she explained, as my eyes grew large.

“And?” I asked.

“I told you. She had the time of her life,” she said.

“I don’t canlı bahis understand. She got very angry with me,” I told her.

“Honey, no woman, especially a young one is going to admit to her husband that she loved sex with another man. You have to coax that out of her over time,” she said softly as we cuddled.

“Did you tell her I arranged with y’all to meet here?” I asked.

“No sweetie. We thought it would be way more fun to just let it play out,” she giggled.

“Y’all are bad. No…y’all are evil,” I replied in mock offense, which made her giggle even harder.

“Tell me what she liked about it,” I asked when the thought popped up in my brain.

“They fucked her,” she answered.

“Yes, I know but what did she like about it,” I continued, hoping they had shared that conversation.

“Honey, listen to me. You make love to your wife and treat her like an angel. Frank and Jim fucked her,” she explained.

“Oh…I…” I started to reply but just stopped.

“Don’t take it bad. It’s wonderful. Just think about it sometimes,” the older woman counseled.

I gave her a little nod indicating I understood her message and she squeezed my dick in response. For the next thirty minutes, I played with Clemmy while Frank enjoyed my wife, but without the ability to proceed further, our fondling eventually slowed. However, rather than call it a night, we started a nice conversation that I could tell Abby enjoyed. I think it showed her that our interactions didn’t have to always be about sex.

I thought Luther would make an appearance at some point, and in truth, I was looking forward to it. It took a while but suddenly I heard a deep voice and looking across the room, I watched him shake the hand of another patron. He didn’t make a beeline for our table but as he worked the crowd, I could tell we would be the ultimate destination. The others spotted him just after me and Abby smiled broadly before trying to hide it after glancing my way.

“Welcome Frank!” he said loudly and then added with a small nod, “Abby.”

“Us, too!” Clemmy tossed out.

“Yes, of course,” he laughed but his eyes quickly went back to my wife.

“Join us?” Frank asked.

“Yes, certainly,” he replied and squeezed next to Abby.

His body pushed her even more tightly against Frank and since his arm was already over her shoulders, Luther rested his large paw on her upper thigh. She looked down at it and then towards me which made Clemmy laugh openly.

“Enjoy the attention, honey,” the older woman laughed.

The conversation started anew and lasted for a good ten minutes with everyone engaged. Then, the women declared they needed to go to the restroom and departed. I felt certain there would be a discussion about the women while they were gone but we talked sports instead. When they returned, they took the same spots and the talk began again but I could tell Clemmy had something on her mind and when I got her attention, she gave me a big smile.

“Here,” she said holding out her clenched fist and when I offered my hand, she dropped a lacy red thong into it, and whispered, “Your wife’s.”

The shocked look on my face must have been comical because Clemmy started to laugh and I quickly tried to put the small garment in my pocket, but Luther and Frank spotted it.

“That belong to my girl?” the large black man asked as Frank chuckled.

“Well, they’re not mine,” Clemmy confirmed.

Luther lowered his head and started a whispered conversation with my wife. In doing so, she moved closer to him, causing Frank to take his arm from her shoulders. We all watched the scene and after several minutes he nuzzled her until he found her lips. Slowly, her arm encircled his neck but he kept his hand on her thigh. I sensed what he wanted and it didn’t take long before he began to inch up the smooth skin. When his fingertips disappeared, Clemmy started to slowly pull on my dick which had already become rock hard.

“You do this?” I whispered to the woman guessing she put the idea into my wife’s head.

“I did,” she giggled, and then said, “But, it was really easy.”

Luther went slow and not only built the anticipation for Abby but the rest of us as well. The dress, cut a few inches above the knee, was not overly tight and Abby let him work it up while occasionally lifting her butt to make it easier. All the time he worked on her, they alternated between kissing and intimate talk. It seemed to take forever but it was likely no more than five minutes until he had the dress bunched near her waist providing us a sweet view of her creamy thighs. Silently, we watched him circle for the kill and when it appeared that he was getting close, Clemmy found the magical spot on the bottom of my dick near the base that made it hard to concentrate.

“God, you’re evil,” I managed to force out.

“Hush, watch your wife,” she replied.

Seconds later Abby’s body stiffened and a tiny squeal escaped that let us know he had landed on her pussy. Her sounds soon turned into needy whimpers and when I saw the rhythmic bahis siteleri movement of his arm, I knew my lovely wife was being publicly finger banged.

“Damn,” I heard a male voice behind me say.

The word momentarily broke my concentration and looking around I could see that the couples at two other tables were watching intently. I didn’t dare turn around to determine who delivered the expletive but knew others were looking on, too.

“Cum for me baby,” Clemmy coached and I wondered if my wife was receiving the same message from the black man.

Abby’s orgasm arrived with little warning. One second, she was riding his fingers letting out soft mews and the next she had a tight grip on his arm and fought to hold back her excited squeals. The last few seconds she tried to push against his hand and as the feeling swept through her she forced her face tightly against his chest. Then, it was over and when he took his wet fingers from her pussy, caressed her face, and kissed her tenderly, I exploded.

“Shit,” I gasped suddenly needing air.

“Good, baby. You got to enjoy it together,” she whispered.

After that, things ended quickly. Everyone finished their drink and then we were leaving. I purposefully avoided eye contact with the other patrons as I made for the stairs and just as I reached them, I felt a hand on my arm.

“Hold up if you don’t mind,” Luther requested.

Abby stopped, too, but Frank and Clemmy continued and when we were alone, I asked, “What’s up?”

“Just wondering if you might see it right to let me have those panties,” he explained as a smile broke out.

“Oh my God,” Abby replied with an embarrassed laugh.

I stared at him for a moment, considering my options before reaching in my pocket, pulling out the thong, and handing it to him. He looked at it with a smile and for a moment I thought he try a smell but he glanced at my wife and then pushed the garment into his jacket.

“I guess you earned them,” I smiled which made my wife gasp.

Once in the car, I tried to feign irritation but Abby would have none of it and her wandering hands went first to my chest and then my leg. Unfortunately, she came straight into contact with the wet spot left by my ejaculation.

“What’s this?” she demanded, turning so she could look directly at my face.

“Nothing…look I need to drive,” I responded trying to deflect her query.

She brought her fingers to her nose and then looked at me and said, “You did it in your pants?”

I tried to think of a clever response, but finally admitted, “Clemmy made me.”

“Ha! Well, I better not hear any scolding from you,” she announced. Several seconds of silence ensued, and then she said, “I think we’re nuts and you should have told me we were going to Luther’s.”

Fortunately, we made it home without incident and went straight to the bedroom.

Emboldened by what I had learned and witnessed that evening, as soon as we were in bed, I said in a low voice, “I think my wife has some playfulness in her.”

For a moment, she looked at me with a strange expression and I could see the wheels turning in her head as she contemplated a reply. However, the verbal response never materialized. Instead, she planted her lips on mine while using her hands to pull me tightly against her warm body. That started us off and I had to hold her back so that I could tease and caress her body to raise her to the level of excitement I wanted. Eventually, I found my head between her widely spread legs where I licked around her opening, then teased her engorged nub while she writhed in excitement and anticipation. Deciding I didn’t want her to orgasm this way, when she started to crest, I backed off, which soon had her pleading in frustration.

“Baby, please…” she whined when my tongue left her clit.

I brought it back for a bit until her hips were rolling, then stopped again. Repeating this several times, soon I had her hands on my head as her hips moved seeking contact. Knowing it was time, I broke free, lifted over her, and pushed my dick completely into her in one fluid motion.

“Ohhhh…ohhhh…oh yes…” she cried out excitedly.

Now, remembering Clemmy’s words, I decided I wanted to fuck her like her lovers, so I pushed the pillows away, grasped her hands in mine, and held them over her head. I used my knees to spread her legs wide and started to thrust powerfully into her well-prepared pussy.

“Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh…” she grunted, filling the room with her sounds in rhythm with my movement.

“Damn you feel good,” I called out loudly.

“What…what are you doing? she managed to force out between cries.

“Taking my wife,” I declared, acting bolder than normal.

Her face was a mixture of lust and confusion, and when I heard her cries become more forced…more labored, I started fucking her even harder. I knew she was close, but so was I, and it was imperative that I bring her to orgasm first or my efforts would be meaningless. Using all my willpower to hold off, I maintained a strong movement hoping bahis şirketleri she would let go. Several times, I thought it had arrived, but on each occasion, it seemed to fade, and then suddenly, without warning, it hit. She began to thrash beneath me while crying out loudly as she fought to wrest her hands free.

I held her firmly and watched as the climax swept through her body, feeling her vagina clench several times. As the orgasm passed, we stared into each other’s eyes and I sensed that she was surrendering, giving herself to me, completely. When that feeling hit my brain, I knew there was no holding back and with a primal roar, I erupted, spewing my juices into the very bottom of her crevice.

Sweat was dripping from my body onto hers, and I struggled to suck in air while we continued to gaze at each other. Then, with a broad smile, I lowered my mouth and found hers and we began a deep kiss that seemed to go on forever. In the middle, I lowered my body onto hers, feeling her breasts pressed into my chest, and slowly moved my hips in response to the amazing feeling I was still experiencing from our connection. Finally, I rolled to her side, but quickly pulled her tightly against me and we cuddled and kissed each other while making soft mewing sounds of joy.

“You are amazing,” I whispered.

“That was intense,” she purred as her hand stroked my hair.

“Did you like it?” I asked, thinking she did but wanting confirmation.

“Are you kidding? I just want to know where it’s been,” she replied.

We maintained our embrace for some time, then Abby used her hands to push me back and started to climb on top.

“Let’s make love all night,” she demanded, finding my partially erect dick, and bringing it to her soaked opening.

She gave out a low whine as it slid in, then she leaned back, allowing my hands to go to her perfect breasts, and we started a slow rocking movement. We continued this way for a long time, making soft sounds of pleasure and whispering how much we loved each other until finally, she fell forward onto my chest.

“I’m too exhausted to make love all night,” she declared, which made us both laugh loudly.

We stayed connected, and I slowly stroked her hair, while continuing to enjoy the warm feeling of her body. My mind went to the message that Clemmy had delivered to me earlier and it made me want to probe more, but I didn’t know where to start. Fortunately, I didn’t have to.

“You were different tonight,” Abby stated, bringing up the subject of our sex again.

“You said you like it,” I replied, hoping she would say more.

“I did, but it was different. Where did it come from?” she asked.

I thought for a moment about what to say, as I was worried my comment might come across too bold, but finally, I decided to just go with it, “I don’t know sweetie. Maybe seeing Frank…it reminded me of how y’all were.”

Her body got stiff and her breathing seemed to stop for several seconds before she replied, “That’s not what I expected to hear.”

“Why not? You said you had a big orgasm. One of the biggest,” I answered, continuing to push.

She raised her head and looked at me then let it fall back to my chest before asking, “Would you really do it again?”

“No, honey. You…too upsetting. Remember what we went through,” I answered, wanting her to declare her interest now that I knew about her talks with Clemmy.

“Okay,” she whispered, but after a few seconds of silence, she asked, “And if I didn’t?”

“Honey, I know you don’t want to,” I replied, although I was pretty sure she meant her question differently.

Once more she lifted her head and looked at me then said, “I mean if I didn’t get upset.”

I don’t know. Are you saying you want to?” I asked, trying to extract her full confession.

“No…” she answered in another whisper and then dropped her head back down. after getting so close.

The anticipation of hearing her admit her desires made my dick completely hard. I hoped for more so I remained silent to give her space as I slowly ran my hand over her body but it didn’t take long for my lust to win out and I turned her over, slipped gently inside, and started an easy movement. Almost immediately, she started to emit a litany of contented sighs that ended when she opened her eyes.

“What are you thinking?” she asked in a way that made me think her mind was still on our prior exchange.

I thought about continuing the verbal chess game as we searched for each other’s true feelings, but growing impatient, I decided to be forthright, “Thinking about you in the tent.”

“And?” she asked quickly, almost eagerly.

“I want to see it again,” I replied, putting it all out there.

“Really?” she asked, but I felt her ever so slightly start to push back against my slow thrusts.

“Yes, baby,” I confirmed.

“If it what’s you want, you know I…I’ll do it,” she responded, still clinging to some innocence.

I let her have her way and started moving faster, and almost immediately her hands went to my ass. Soon, she was moaning and sighing from the attention, and I guessed our short conversation had excited her as it had me. Besides, with our agreement, my brain was spinning with thoughts and visions I couldn’t hold back.

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