a sissy gayboi fag is born not made…part 3

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a sissy gayboi fag is born not made…part 3
I had enjoyed sucking my first cock.

Even with my being seen in lady wear by these ladies thrilled me somehow too and my caged cock was behaving when I was watching all the sexy lingerie being handled and passed round the group.

Time for tea ladies said my mom.

I think our latest recruit should go and make the tea – here sissy – put this maid dress on – slipping out of the miniskirt and blouse I was dressed up in a short full skirted pink sissy satin maid dress with matching bloomer pants and full fluffy mini petticoat.

More pictures of course followed as I minced out of the room into the kitchen where the tea things were all laid out ready for serving.

I swished my way back to the ladies with their tea on the tray – on your knees güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri fag they said – taking the tray off me I got on my knees – now on all fours over that low table – I obeyed – they then placed the tray on my back – I became their table. My wrists and ankles were tied to the existing table.

They enjoyed their tea and I enjoyed being their object of fun a while longer too.
The afternoon was drawing to a close.
I had been outed as a sissy fag and had my first cock.
It was time to return home.

How I would be dressed for the return home would be interesting as we had come with me in some of mom’s attire but the neighbours would be home now and probably dad too.

One of the ladies then suggested I go home with her – I have a spare room casino firmalari – my daughter is away for a year – fag can stay with me a while and I can then help train him too – mom can call over anytime, my neighbour’s know I have some friends round to stay from time to time so another new face will not be a shock to them.

It was agreed.

Annabelle was my new keeper as the ladies decided to call her.

Arriving at her house she showed me to her daughter’s room – you are about her height and size dear so feel free to wear anything you find – you see I lied my daughter is not coming back home so all the things here are yours now. In fact there is no daughter I made her up – I enjoyed creating the mystique of having someone at home to cherish dress up as I pleased and güvenilir casino adore – now you can be her – become my satin sissy doll plaything. I know so many gentlemen too who will enjoy playing with you as a sissy fag too darling. Now why don’t you go and have a nice bath and I’ll put out your evening attire and redo your make up for you too.

I was bemused and confused.

What was happening to me?

This lady had now taken me into her house and was going to do what with me – dress me cherish me adore me use me?

I undressed putting the items into a wash basket I found in the large bathroom and ran a bath, adding some scented oils I found and then soaked there for a while. I heard Annabelle in the next room singing and seeming very happy. She then popped her head round the door and offered me a satin robe – here let me dry you and slip into this robe for me to do your hair and make-up – we have an evening party with a few gentlemen callers arranged,. Six of my special circle so looking forward to meeting my new daughter and sissy fag you.

To be cont’d….

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