A Rustic Reunion

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Jamie Carson almost missed the turn off. The drive was hidden from the main road by the growth of trees and brush. He turned down the narrow, grass-covered lane and after several hundred yards, he came to an opening and saw the cottage. Set far back from the road and tucked into a bend of the nearby river, the place was both rustic and private. Surrounded by local conservation land, there wasn’t another neighbor for at least another mile. The setting quickly reminded Jamie why he used to love to visit. But it had been years since he had last set foot in his sister’s summer cabin. A new job had taken him out of state. Throw in a rocky marriage that finally fell apart and it all added up to one long absence. So, when his older sister called and asked if he would like to spend the weekend and help her get the place into shape, he jumped at the chance.

Lauren had gone through a lot as well. Married for years to Ron, she lost him to cancer a while back and had stopped visiting the camp. Now, the place was overgrown and needed a thorough cleaning. Jamie saw the visit as a good chance to reconnect and help his sister. A little physical exercise wouldn’t hurt either. He had been packing on some pounds and could use an excuse to get back into shape.

“Hey Jamie,” yelled Lauren. His sister ambled out of the cabin. In her early 50s, she had brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and was wearing a short sleeve shirt she had knotted above her waist, exposing a bit of flesh. She bounded over and gave Jamie a hug. Lauren was buxom, with plenty of cleavage showing from the shirt that was unbuttoned at the top. She was also fit for someone her age and able to wear tight cutoff shorts that accentuated her rear end and long legs.

Lauren ran her hand over Jamie’s slightly bulging stomach. “Looking svelte,” she teased.

“You looking not half bad either,” he replied. Jamie meant it.

After some small talk about the drive, Lauren suggested he change into some work clothes. There was a lot to do. Jamie jumped to work, helping to clear overgrown weeds and grass, cutting back the bushes, hauling the dead branches that lay in the field by the cottage to where they could be cut. It was a hot day and backbreaking work. After several hours, Lauren emerged from the cabin, covered in dust and looking tired and sweaty.

“Ready to take a break and cool off? I’m heading down to river to take a swim and wash all this dirt off. Want to join me?”

“Shoot, I forgot my bathing suit.”

“No matter. Come as you are. Ron and I used to swim ‘au natural’ all the time.”

Lauren handed her brother a cold beer and grabbed a couple of towels. The river was down a sloping meadow from the cabin. There was a little wooden dock that jutted out into the slow-moving water. Jamie cracked open the beer and drained half of it on the first gulp. He watched his sister walk slowly towards the dock, where she casually stripped and walked into the water. Jamie felt a little ashamed as his heartbeat picked istanbul escort up at the sight of his older sister’s naked body. Her back was to him and he admired her pale skin, hourglass shaped body and a lovely soft rear end.

Lauren slipped beneath the water and let her head emerge. She let out a sigh of relief as the water cooled her off. Jamie quickly stripped and dove into the water. The rush of coolness was soothing for his aching muscles. They stayed in the water like this, talking about the pleasures of back wood cabin life with water to swim in. Lauren stood up and walked over to the dock to grab a bar of soap. Jamie’s eyes followed her. He watched the water glisten on her breasts, which were still full with pink nipples, though beginning to sag a bit. Her tummy bulged slightly, but nothing like his. He noticed her pubic hair was a soft color, perhaps a graying had begun. Watching her wash herself stirred him. He tried to stay under the water, but Lauren now sat on the edge of the dock, letting the sun dry her body. She offered Jamie the soap. He knew he would have to stand up.

“Mmmm. Somebody having naughty thoughts?” Lauren smiled as Jamie rose from the stream, exposing his semi-erect penis.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a naked woman, he said, trying to sound jokey, but blushing badly.

“Well, I’ll take that as a compliment! So, it’s been a while for you…”

“Yeah…Connie and I broke up in the spring, but we hadn’t been doing anything in the bedroom for months before that.” Jamie’s voice trailed off.

“It’s been several years for me,” Lauren replied. “Ron wasn’t able to have sex for a good year before he died. Since he died, there’s been no activity in the romance department.”

Jamie slipped back down into the water. The discussion had stirred thoughts and his penis grew more erect.

“No need to be bashful. Remember, I used to see you running around the house naked when you were a kid,” joked Lauren. “But I have to say, you’ve grown quite a lot since then!”

Jamie remained in the water, trying to cool off in more ways than one. But his eyes remained on his sister as she stood up on the dock and squeezed the water out of her hair. She appeared relaxed, and yet there was a hint of brazenness in how she stood fully exposed on the dock, directly facing him, making no effort to cover herself as she and Jamie continued talking. Finally, she put her clothes back on and said she would head to the cabin and make some dinner. Jamie came out of the water, and as he did, his sister turned, looked at him and smiled.

Dinner was relaxed and chatty. Jamie grilled some Shish-kebob, Lauren served up a nice salad and together they drank a bottle of wine. Both siblings said they were tired and by 9:00, they drifted off to their bedrooms.

It was a warm, moonlit night. Jamie, despite his physical exhaustion, struggled to get to sleep. It was a little avcılar escort stuffy in the room, so he lay on top of the sheets. He thought he heard a noise and wondered if there was an animal in the cabin, but realized it must be his sister, still up. Finally, he had just started to drift off, when his door opened quietly. Lauren slipped in and sat at the edge of his bed before she spoke.

“Can’t sleep. Guess I’m feeling a little edgy since the swim. Maybe it’s the wine. I dunno…” Jamie was quiet. Lauren seemed to be rambling. She looked at her brother laying on the bed.

“I’ve been missing it Jamie. Badly. Seeing you today. Wow. It all came back to me. What I’ve been missing. It’s been so long.” Her thought hung in the air. A breeze ruffled the lace curtains.

Jamie tried to figure out what Lauren was saying, but then he felt her hand on his stomach. She touched him there lightly for a moment, not saying a word, and then slid her fingers inside his briefs. She caressed his penis and almost immediately he began to stiffen.

“You miss it too. Don’t you…” He could see his sister smile in the moonlight. Her hair was loose, down around her shoulders and she looked beguiling.

Jamie stammered, unable to find words. His sister started to stroke his cock. It didn’t take long before he was fully erect, his penis quivering in her hand. She pulled down his briefs and lifted off her nightshirt, exposing herself once again. Lauren straddled her brother and held her hips up as she grasped his penis and lowered herself on to him. Slowly she began to rock back and forth, letting out a deep sigh of relief and pleasure. Jamie lay still, his mind trying to comprehend what was happening. He looked at his sister. Her eyes were closed, and mouth was opening. But he fixated on her swaying breasts, which were now just inches from his face as she leaned forward, her hands on his chest for support, grunting as she started to thrust back and forth harder and faster. The only sounds were the creaking of the bed.

Jamie could tell by the steady increase in soft moans that his sister was quickly reaching a climax. Instinctively, he reached up and caressed both her breasts. Lauren put her hands over Jamie’s, squeezing them as she let out several cries of carnal satisfaction. He felt her wetness slide down his shaft as she spasmed. This time she let out a long deep moan of intense satisfaction. Lauren stopped moving and the bed went silent. No more noisy springs. She opened her eyes and started lifting herself off his body.

“Oh wow. That was good. It’s been so long…” Lauren began to get off the bed, but Jamie reached out and grabbed her wrist.

“Where are you going? We’re not quite done.”

Lauren looked at her brother who reached out and turned her over, so her rump was facing him. Jamie got behind and pushed into her. He moved quickly and strongly, his flanks smacking against her ass and his penis making a wet slurping noise şirinevler escort as he moved in and out of her.

“Oh God! Jesus Christ…Oh fuck!”

Jamie grabbed his sister’s hips and pulled her to him almost violently. His thrusts were aggressive. Her brother was now in heat, his mind blank, his body reacting to the lust brought on by his sister. God, how he missed having sex. For a brief second, his mind flashed a warning that this wasn’t right, but it faded, overcome by his animal desire, alive and aflame.

“Oh Jesus! Yes, Fuck! YES!”

Lauren gripped the bed sheets and buried her head into the mattress. As Jamie pounded her from behind, her words turned into grunts and moans, her body convulsing from yet another climax. Shuddering one more time, she couldn’t kneel anymore and collapsed on the bed. For Jamie the sex was only beginning to peak. He turned his sister over, opened her legs and mounted her again, face to face. Lauren looked up at her younger brother. His eyes had a hard, needy look. It was a need for raw sex, something she had never experienced before. Once again, she felt herself losing control. Her mind had shut down and her body simply responded to the intense sexual stimulation she felt. Her hips bucked up to meet her brother’s downward thrust. She felt herself become wet. She could not hear herself crying out for more.

He lay on top of her, his hips moving like pistons. The friction of his penis sliding and out of his sister’s vagina made a loud wet slapping sound, the sound of two lovers in the fevered pitch of arousal and passion. Lauren wrapped her legs tightly around her brother’s waist, her hands on his back, fingers digging in, clawing, hard and deep. Jamie began to groan as he finally felt the moment coming.

“Fuck me, Jamie! Give it to me. Squirt. Shoot! Fill me…Oh please! Yes. Yes! YES”

Her brother erupted, moaning loudly as he felt the sweet spasms from ejaculating inside his sister. She ran her fingers through his hair and kept her legs around him tight. Making sure every drop of his release filled her.

The two of them were just breathing hard now. Arms wrapped each other. Lauren’s bosom pressed against her brother’s chest. Jamie felt like crying, the sensation was so intense. He kept his head buried into his sister’s shoulder, kissing it softly.

“What just happened,” asked Jamie, his voice almost hoarse from breathing so hard.

“Jamie! I’ve never been fucked like that. Ever. I mean, Ron was good, but not that good…oh my god!” Her voice trailed off.

Lauren kept her legs wrapped around her brother, not wanting to let go. She ran her fingers through his hair, while her body continued to throb from the passion. For several minutes, as their panting subsided, they clung to each other, waiting for their heartbeats to slow down. Finally, Lauren loosened her grip and began to move from under Jamie.

“I think I better…”

“You don’t have to go…if you don’t want to.”

“Can I stay?”

“Yes. Please.”

Lauren turned on her side and Jamie pulled the sheet over the two of them. He spooned his sister, pressing his naked body against hers. Their warmth heated the bed now that the night air had cooled the room. The moon, high in the sky, streaked the room with its beams. Within minutes brother and sister were sound asleep.

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