A Ride On A Harley

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Today was finally the day she was going to strut her stuff. It was 18 months to the day that she had the surgery and now she had gone from 335 pounds to 143. She had dropped 20 dress sizes and she looked great if she did say so herself. The transformation in her self-image was the amazing part. She LOOKED in mirrors now and liked what she saw. She loved showing off her new body. And today she was going to get some very much needed “exercise”. She had thought very carefully about what she was going to wear to her best friend’s party. She knew that to get Brandon’s attention, she would have to be dangerous. So since she had splurged and bought the Harley, she might was well wear the leather.

She had never gotten the opportunity to wear leather pants before, never quite her size, but not today. She had the leather pants, tight top which showed her mid drift (something she had never done), boots and of course the black leather jacket. She hopped on her bike and headed for Tracey’s party. When she drove up into the driveway all of the men who had been drinking and cooking at the grill turned wondering who it was on the Hog. You see none of these people had seen her since before her surgery. This was one of the best parts about her decision. She loved seeing the faces of people when they realized that this woman they were gawking at was none other then Cassidy, nickname Mama Cass.

Cass turned off the bike and swung the kickstand down. Before she could get off the bike and remove her helmet, she was surrounded, mostly by men. When she removed her helmet all that long brown hair tumbled down and everyone’s jaws dropped to the ground when they realized it was Cass.

“Cassidy!?” Brandon asked.

“Yeah, it’s me.” she said as she swung her leg from over the back of the bike.

“WOW! You look great! Trace told me you had loss some weight but WOW!”

“Now that’s one of the nicest compliments I’ve gotten” she relied.

Brandon was Tracey’s little brother. And this family was Cass’s second family. She and Brand had had many conversations over the years. They had a lot in common actually. They both like books and literature, Porsches, jazz music just to name a few. There had casino oyna always been a bit of attraction especially since he had come back from California. He had grown up so much in the 2 years he was in the Navy, both mentally and especially physically. Now longer was he this skinny kid, he had well defined muscles in his chest, legs and what a butt he had on him now. OUCH!

For the next hour or so everyone complimented Cass on her new self, telling her how great she looked and how they hardly recognized her. She could hardly believe it but it was starting to get old and Brandon had been pulled off by his dad and she was left talking to people she didn’t really wish to talk to. She decided to leave and excused herself to find Tracey and make some excuse to go, thinking maybe a ride in the country might relax her. It seemed obvious that a rendezvous with Brandon wasn’t likely today. As she walked in the house, someone touch her shoulder. It was Brandon.

“Hey, think I could get a ride on your bike?”

He had a pair of blue eyes that could make you say yes to anything. Eyes that you could get lost in.

“Cass? Are you ok?” he touched her shoulder and that broke the spell.

“Oh, a ride? Sure! Anytime.”

“How about now?”

“Now? What about your sister’s party?” she asked.

“With all these people, we won’t even be missed.” He smiled.

“Let’s go!” they walked to the bike, she gave him a helmet and she gone on. He then hopped on behind her and placed his arms around her waist. She cranked up the bike and off they rode. She wanted to give him a real rush, so she drove to Willis Road. Willis Road was a straight stretch for about 10 miles and then there was a tight almost 90 degree curve known as “Dead Man’s Curve”. Every teenager in town knew that curve and most had hit it at speeds far greater then they should have. Too many crashes to count. Cassidy got the Harley Softail up to 110 mph. She felt his arms holding her tighter. Just as she was about to hit the curve she dropped gears and glided the curve at about 75. Man what a rush! On the other side of the curve she pulled over. She couldn’t believe she had done that.

“Wow that was so cool.” Brandon said, canlı casino his heart pounding in his chest.

“I can’t believe we just did that?!” she replied.

“Hey, I want to show you something. A really beautiful scene. You up for another ride?” he asked.

“Sure…where to?

They got back on the bike, his arms around her mid drift again. He directed to a back country road, saying that the spot was just about 10 minutes outside of town. As they cruised down the road, she felt herself getting wet. The vibrations of the bike and his arms around her were just making her so hot for him. She felt Brandon’s right hand drift lower until it rested between her legs and when she didn’t protest he then moved his left to the waist of her pants. Then she felt his fingers move inside pants to her pussy. She knew that he would find her already very wet. His fingers found her clit and began to massage the sensitive little nub. She almost lost control of the bike. He slowly masturbated her as she drove down the road. She knew that she had to pull over or they were going to crash when he whispered to her that this was the spot and to stop.

She pulled off the road into a field of tall dandelion flowers. She cut the engine, removed her helmet and felt his hot breathe at her ear.

“You are so hot and wet. I knew that I had to have you the moment you got off this bike. And from the feel of it…you want me just as bad.”

All Cass could do is shake her head yes because she was enveloped in a mind shattering orgasm. He began kissing her ears and running his tongue down the back of her neck. He moved his right had to her breasts, massaging the fleshy orbs through her top. She continued to have a couple more orgasms as he continued his massage of her clit. Finally he removed his hand from her pussy and let her come back to earth. They got off the bike and kissed, not just any kiss either. A kiss filled with hunger and desire, almost animalistic. They were tearing at each others clothing. They couldn’t get each other naked fast enough.

Once naked they explored each other’s bodies. Brandon’s hands moved over her entire body. His mouth zeroed in on her breasts. He told her how big kaçak casino and beautiful they were. He nuzzled his face between the 2 mounds of flesh, licking and sucking the nipples until they were standing straight up and were rock hard. Cass found his cock and what a hard thick cock it was. 8 inches long and ready for action. Brandon suddenly let go and moved toward the bike. He straddled the seat and invited Cass to sit in front of him. He then began exploring her body by touch only. He kissed the back of her neck, running his tongue down her back as his hands explored her breasts and pussy.

He then reached his hand under her butt, lifting her up. She leaned forward putting her weight on the handle bars. Brandon then skillfully raised up behind her and he pushed his cock into her. Inch by glorious inch he filled her. She felt him fill her up. She felt him enter her slowly at first allowing her vagina to expand to meet the size of his cock. Once he was completely in he began pumping. He would pull almost all the way out…just to the head and quickly slam back into her. The teasing almost drove her crazy. His hands holding on to her breasts and encouraged her to rise and fall with him. She met him down on his up stroke. Over and over again, he slammed his dick into her. She felt his cock touch at her cervix. He was so very deep within her, she felt her body building to another mind shattering orgasm. She could tell he was about to cum as well.

“Cum with me Cass.”

“Uh huh…” was all she could say.

He picked up the pace and began pumping faster and faster. She felt him building as her own orgasm hit her, she felt him unload, pumping his jism into her. His pumping slowed as they came back down. She slumped forward onto the bike, her breasts touching the coolness of the gas tank sent tingles down her spine making her shiver. Brandon wrapped his arms around Cass planting kisses on her neck. She maneuvered herself to turn and face him. She kissed him deep on the lips, sucking his tongue into her mouth. They held each other what seemed a long time. The sun was beginning to set. Cass watched one the most beautiful sunsets she’d ever seen sitting naked on her Harley in the arms of her new lover, hoping that this was just the beginning of a great weekend.

If you liked this story, let me know. I’d be happy to write more adventures for Cassidy and Brandon in the dandelion field…


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