A Princess For Christmas

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This is one of two semi-Christmas related stories I wrote, and while I started the other one first, this one just flowed so much better and quicker that I decided to post it first. Hope you enjoy this little belated Christmas present!


I stood by the mall entrance waiting, wondering how it had all come to this. Checking my phone I saw the text which had led me here, the four seemingly innocuous words which even now caused me no end of panic and pleasure.

“Greendale Mall. 1 pm. Be There.”

The message had come from a woman of twenty by the name of Lucy, the younger sister of one of my best friends. And it was far from the first one like it. There had been several such messages over the past year, enough for both me and my wallet to remember them all perfectly.

Ever since that damned Christmas party, when everything had changed for me, for better or worse.


“Did I tell you to stop licking my boots worm?”

There I was, on my knees in Lucy’s bedroom. He pale skin, blonde-nearly white- hair and blue eyes making her appear almost angelic, even if her attitude was as far removed as could be. My tongue, almost glued to the soft, brown leather of her knee-high boots, hanging as they were off her bed.

We’d been at this almost fifteen minutes, and Lucy did not seem to have any desire to stop. Honestly, neither did I, although I wondered and worried that someone would notice we were both missing from the party, or her sister would come looking for her, find us, and cause no end of issues.

It was my fault to be sure. I won’t deny that in the slightest. I’d gone to fetch something from my jacket by the door, and like several parties before I noticed Lucy’s boots sitting there. Over the years I’d seen countless pairs- Lucy having a taste for designer footwear of all kinds but boots especially- and these ones, in particular, had caught my eye.

Everyone else was in or around the kitchen, so once I’d procured what I’d come for I decided to take a quick sniff of them. I bent over, out of sight as much as humanly possible, stuck my nose into the top of the brown, knee-high boot, and inhaled like my life depended on it.

It smelt even better than I had imagined. The scent of sweat, Lucy’s familiar perfume, and the boot leather came together wonderfully, and I had to force myself to pull my face away. That should have been it, and party and life, in general, should have gone on normally. But it didn’t, all because of one slight error.

I hadn’t noticed Lucy.

She’d gone to pick up her phone from the table, from which spot she had a direct line of sight to the front door. And more importantly, what I was doing there.

I didn’t even hear her approach, lost as I was in my lust for her foot musk, but the next thing I knew she was standing there, waiting for me to rise.

Next thing I knew I was staring at her, at a loss for words and worried that my life was about to end. Though Lucy was shorter and younger than me, it would not be all that hard for her to make things difficult for me.

Instead, she slid her feet into the boots, looked me right in the eye and said. “In five minutes, come to my bedroom. I think you and I need to have a chat.”

Then she walked away, leaving me standing there lost, confused, but also more than a little intrigued.

Five minutes later, I slipped away from the party and found myself upstairs outside her bedroom door. Opening it, I found her seated on the bed with her legs hanging off the side. I shut the door behind me and approached, hoping I could manage to talk my way out of this before anything happened.

She didn’t give me the chance.

“On your knees, now.”

I don’t know why I did as she ordered, save perhaps for a part of me hoping that if I did as she said, then things would blow over rather quickly. Also, I think there was also a part of me that found the whole situation rather hot- this beautiful young lady telling an older man what to do and knowing she had all the power in the situation.

On my knees before her, I could only look up and into her face. Her expression was stern, with her red lips firmly pressed together in contemplation. As she thought about whatever was going on in her mind her boots slowly swung back and forth, just barely touching my face as they did.

She was teasing me, and she was doing a great job of it.

Finally, after what seemed like hours but had likely only been a few seconds, Lucy spoke. “So, you like my boots do you?”

I nodded, seeing as it’d be rather foolish to lie given what she’d seen.

“Bit naughty of you to smell them like that though. What would have done if I hadn’t walked over? Kissed them? Licked them? Would you have toddled off to the washroom to wank yourself off?”

Though I hadn’t even considered any of those possibilities, hearing her voice them certainly made them sound good. Of course, they were not possible now, and I wondered why she would bother bringing them up save to torture mersin esc me.

I was right about that part at least.

“Well, let me explain what’s going to happen now. You and my sis have been friends a long time, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want her or anyone else down there to know what I saw you doing… So from now on, I own you. When I talk, you listen. When I call, you answer. When I say jump, you say ‘how high Princess Lucy?’ Got it?”

As she asked the last question she pushed her right boot directly in front of my face, so that all I could see was the dirty sole of it. The sight made my mouth water, more so now that the situation she was presenting sunk in. I didn’t want anyone to know, that much was certain. But the idea of being at her beck and call? It set off switches in my mind I never even knew were there. What else could I do?”

“Yes, Princess Lucy.”

Her lips formed into a devilish grin, and once it did I knew that no matter what happened, I was screwed. Her left boot joined the right one in front of my face, and she said the three words I didn’t realize I’d been dying to hear her say since I’d walked in the room.

“Lick my boots.”

My tongue slid out of my mouth like a snake, and the moment it made contact with the sole of her boot I felt a jolt course up it and all the way through my mind and body. I’d never considered myself a submissive sort, but kneeling there in front of Lucy, any possibility of me being anything but went right out the window.

I started running my tongue over the bottom of the boots, licking up and down, cleaning up all the dust and dirty she’d accumulated recently. I should have been disgusted but I was so enamored by the entire situation that I didn’t mind. Lucy had given me an order, and I was to follow her orders no matter what.

When I finished with the bottom, I moved my head back for a moment, which it seemed was the wrong thing to do. The next thing I knew her hand- with it’s beautifully manicured nails- slapped me across the face, and I saw her angry face staring intently at me.

“Did I tell you to stop licking my boots worm?”

I quickly shook my head, shocked and more than a little turned on by her outburst. “No Princess Lucy. I’m sorry.”

She stretched out her legs so that the boots dangled just below my chin. “Then get back to it. You’re not going back to the party until my boots are spotless. Got it?”

With a nod, I started up again, knowing I would be there a while, and in that position before her for quite some time.


I eventually finished, and Lucy looked over my work. “Not bad for a first try,” she said harshly, “but I expect you to do better next time. And there will be a next time.” Lucy’s gaze burned into me, and though I was taller than her, kneeling there I felt a foot tall. She was truly regal, a real Princess, and I was nothing but her servant.

We returned to the party, no one having noticed our absence. For the rest of the evening, neither of us acknowledged the other, but every once in a while I noticed her watching me, and I could tell the wheels in her devilish mind were spinning, trying to come up with new ways to exert her dominance over me.

When I readied to leave and made the goodbye rounds, I tried to avoid her, but once no one was looking she followed me to the front door, and pointed one of her sharp

red nails down to the ground. “Kiss my boots goodbye worm. And thank them.”

With a gulp, I did as she ordered, pressing my lips to the toes of her boots. “Thank you boots, for making me Princess Lucy’s.”

She smirked as I rose back to my feet, and hugged me goodbye, whispering -in my ear “you were already mine. Now it’s official… I’ll be in touch.”


The first message came less than a week later, and in it were a list of instructions.

Lucy went to University one State over, and would thus be away for the coming semester. However, she had no intention of loosening the leash she’d placed on me. In fact, she was going to make sure that I worked hard for her so that when she came back to visit I could ‘earn’ her presence.

First on the list was an Etransfer account. The message beneath it read; ” I have no desire to work while I’m in school. It’s unbecoming of a Princess. So once a month, you will send me 1000$ for supplies. That amount may increase should I decide so.”

This was followed by an Amazon Wishlist, and it was filled with clothes, makeup, and shoes. The message that came with this one read; “I expect at least one item off this list to be purchased for me each month. Failure to do so will lead to consequences.”

The third was a link to a video, and when I clicked it I understood why she’d included it. The clip was of me licking her boots, and all that was written next to it was “this is only the first.”

It occurred to me that Lucy wasn’t content with me giving her my word. She was going to make sure it was impossible for me to escape her. That video, simple as esc mersin it was, was also more than enough to cause problems not only between her sister and I, but anyone else who saw it. She had me by the balls, and she knew it.

She also knew that I could do all of the above. I worked a pretty secure job and made good money, enough that I could survive while also spoiling her with these requests and any other one she would make of me. It was somewhat kind of her, but with an undercurrent of cruelty.

Just like her.

When the New Year started, I did exactly as she asked of me, sending money to her and checking items off her wishlist. For the first few months, she kept things as they were, only increasing the amount demanded twice and keeping the wishlist relatively simple.

That changed in the Spring.


When Spring arrived, so did a message. She and some friends were planning to go on vacation during the school break, and of course, she couldn’t be expected to pay her way. So rather than the previous 1000$, I was sent a demand for 10k.

That was, in and of itself rather much, but she added to it by adding to her wishlist. Three different swimsuits, two pairs of flipflops, a make-up collection, and a new purse.

I wanted to put my foot down, but Princess Lucy seemed to have foreseen this, for at the end of the message was another video clips.

This one was not for blackmail, rather, to reinforce her control. It was a video of her, wearing those same boots from Christmas, and waving them in front of the camera.

“Remember these worm? I bet you do. They remember you. And they’ve been telling my feet all about the licking you gave them.” Then she slipped the boots off, revealing her soft, milky-white feet with their pedicured toes and deep red polish. My mouth watered at the sight, as Lucy knew it would, and she continued her tease. “And my poor feet got SO jealous… I bet if you buy them what they asked for, they’ll feel better… And maybe, if you’re a good worm, they’ll let you kiss and lick them too.”

I hung my head in shame, knowing that I would do anything for that opportunity, even if it would cost me. I sent the money and purchased all the items within an hour of receiving the message.

A few minutes later, I received a new one. It only had two words, but it spoke volumes.

“Good boy.”


So it went on for the next several months- her sending me messages, me sending her money and items off her wishlist, and her sending me pictures and videos reinforcing her hold over me. Pictures of her modeling the bikinis and flipflops I’d bought her for her trip, as well as dresses and boots I’d purchased at other times.

And each time, she made sure to remind me who was in charge.

After her trip, Lucy had really pushed me over the edge, and I knew that was the moment that solidified things for me. She sent me a video of her showing off her feet, but rather than simply taunt me, she had some instructions that wouldn’t work as well in a message.

“Hello, worm. I did some thinking on my trip, and I realized I was being rather unfair to you. I mean, you’ve been so generous to me that it seems only fitting I give you a treat. And I know just the thing. Take out your cock.”

I was sitting at my desk at home at the time thank God, and did as she asked without thinking. With my dick out, she continued, as if she’d timed this out perfectly. “Good boy. Now, we’re going to play a game. When you see my feet, you can stroke your cock. When my feet are gone, you have to stop. Okay? Go!”

Her feet slipped into the frame of the camera, still clad in the pink flipflops I’d bought. And the moment I saw them I started jerking off like mad, getting myself close before she dropped her feet out of sight. And like a good dog, I stopped.

Lucy laughed in the video, as if keenly aware of my obvious plight. A few seconds more and I would have finished, but that wasn’t her plan. “Did you get close worm? Too bad. Now sit and wait until my feet come back. And keep your hands off your cock. No cheating.”

After a few minutes of video consisting of her checking things on her phone, her feet returned, now free of the flip-flops, and I went right back to stroking my cock. Again, I made it close to orgasm when her feet vanished, and this time I nearly cried.

The laughter of my Princess on the video was humiliating and yet I felt so good. It reminded me that she owned me, and I realized I was growing to enjoy that fact more and more. “Poor worm, too soon again? Well, guess you’ll have to sit there like the pathetic piece of shit you are and wait ’til my feet grace you with their presence.”

Never before had I felt like this- her harsh words sinking in and making me feel as small as I had kneeling before her in her bedroom. And I loved every minute of it. I wanted her to degrade me like that, to call me such horrible things, to tease me and make me feel as pathetic as I clearly was.

Her feet mersineskort returned and I stroked, and they left and I stopped. The whole game went on for nearly forty-five minutes, each time I neared the end she stopped, leaving me high, dry, and aching to finish. This time, however, when she took her feet away from the camera, she had something else in mind. “Alright, that’s enough fun for tonight… I’m gonna show you my feet one more time, but if you want to finish, you need to do something for me.”

By this point, I was willing to do whatever it took to finish, to do anything and everything for Princess Lucy. And she was well aware of it. This was all simply the icing on the cake.

“Turn on your camera and press record. Then, when you cum, I want you to scream out ‘Princess Lucy owns me’, and send me the video. Got it? Good. Get ready!”

I quickly turned my camera on just in time for her to put her feet on the screen again, but this time she kept them there long enough. I stroked like my life depended on it, and as the pressure built I caught sight of her smirking lips in the video, and it felt like she was there, staring down at me with utter disdain, knowing how pathetic I was and making sure I knew it.

Then, I came, harder than I ever had in my life, and screamed out for all to hear “PRINCESS LUCY OWNS ME!!!”

Cum shot out of my cock and covered my hands, my pants, my shirt, even a little of my desk and keyboard. Almost on cue, her video ended, and I, in my state of depraved bliss, stopped my camera and sent the file to her.

A few minutes later I got a message back that once more simply said, “Good boy.”

And I felt like it.


Which brings us back to the start. Early December, a Saturday, when I received a message from her. I knew she was back in town, always coming back when school ended to be around for her sister’s annual party. In the months between that night with the video and today, there had been several similar exchanges, each one just as cruel as the first. And each one added to her pile of blackmail material.

She owned me, it was true, but I no longer cared.

Sometimes she changed things up- replacing her bare feet with her boots, or sometimes simply showing off her lips while she applied make-up. One time, she got me to climax simply based on her showing off her freshly manicured nails.

Lucy was, I realized rather quickly, programming me. She knew about my foot and boot fetish, which was all well and good, but not nearly enough for someone as cruel as her. She wanted total control, she wanted me to be as devoted to her as a whole as I was to her feet. And she wanted to be able to reinforce that control and devotion with something as simple as a flick of her hair or a snap of her fingers.

Which was how I wound up here, outside a mall two towns over. If nothing else, it was kind of her, seeing as I didn’t know anyone out here nor would they know me. And if what I figured was about to happen was about to happen, that would be a good thing.

At 1 pm, a bus pulled up a few feet from the doors, and Lucy walked out, a red dress beneath a black faux-leather jacket- I knew because I’d bought it for her- and bare legs ending in a familiar pair of brown leather boots. Her hair was carefully coiffed and her makeup beautifully adorned, but what concerned me was the fact that she wasn’t alone.

Luckily for me, it was not her sister who accompanied her, but another girl around her air. This one was also tall and slim, with blonde hair and red lips, though she wore a black dress beneath a cardigan, and her boots were black.

Lucy waltzed on over to where I was standing, her lips in that familiar devilish grin. “Now now worm, it’s been nearly a year. Is that really how you’re going to great your Princess?”

Besides the three of us, there was no one else near the doors, but the presence of this new woman confused me. I wasn’t sure what to do, but Lucy’s hand quickly told me all I needed to. “Kiss my boots worm, and apologize for making me slap you.”

Without a word I dropped to my knees and kissed her boots, relishing the taste for the first time in months. “I am so sorry Princess. I meant no offense. Please accept my apologies.”

She pushed me away with the toe of her boot and motioned for me to stay where I was. “I accept, this time. But you need to get better at following orders.” Her friend walked over to me and stifled a laugh as she looked down at me. “Worm, this is my friend Alice. I’ve told her all about our ‘arrangement’, and she wanted to see for herself.”

Alice placed her boots before me and smirked. “Hi there worm. Would you like to kiss my boots as well?”

I looked over at Lucy, and she nodded her approval. I proceeded to kiss Alice’s boots, feeling even lower than I already had. It was bad enough being under the sway of one woman, adding another one seemed like overkill. But I wasn’t going to say anything, knowing that Lucy had more than enough video evidence to destroy me.

“Today worm, you are going to take us shopping. The holidays are coming and we have parties to go to. We’ll need all new dresses, shoes, boots, and makeup. And you know who is going to pay for it all?”

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