A New Neighbor Ch. 03 – A Sub Revealed

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Thank you all for the encouraging comments; keep them coming and feel free to share ideas. I’ve stopped referring to chapters but the first two installments can be found here:




Stephanie had been standing in front of her neighbor’s door for a long while, gathering herself before knocking. The house next door was owned by Patty, who had become Stephanie’s Mistress. Not her Mistress in the sense of an extra-marital affair, mind you. No. Patty had become her Mistress, as in her dominatrix.

In less than one day, the high-powered executive working at a law firm in San Francisco had been blackmailed, spanked, instructed to blow her husband until he covered her face with cum, and forcibly touched by her neighbor. Twice.

She’d orgasmed hard each time.

This has happened both at Stephanie’s home and at her work. As the next step in her submission, she’d agreed to come to Patty’s house – and she could only imagine to what end.

She lifted her hand to knock on the door, paused again, trying to ease the knot in her stomach. In a flash, Stephanie remembered the past twenty-four hours, shocked by how much she had given up.

All of this started when Patty had managed to record her masturbate – you can blame the large side windows giving ample view into anything going on in the dining room, and promptly used the content to blackmail her. Little had Stephanie realized that her initial submission only allowed her neighbor to gather more evidence, and gain more control.

The fist humiliating session they went through had been an eye-opener though: Stephanie was clearly enjoying being forced into such situations, revealing a sex-starved sub in hiding.

The very next day, her life had been further scrambled when Patty showed up unannounced at her office and gave her a simple choice: submit reluctantly for an undetermined period or capitulate voluntarily for the next thirty days.

Stephanie had agreed to become Patty’s willing pet for the coming month rather than have the sword of Damocles hanging above her head. She could not risk for the videos to be released: even if they had been recorded without her knowledge or consent; it would have meant an end to her career.

So there you have it: a life turned upside down in one single day. Years of hard work and impeccable behavior in a man-eat-man world thrown out of the window.

Sure, she could have fought this in court, review pieces of evidence with colleagues, including the video where she scooped cum from her face and put it in her mouth. She might as well slam the gavel herself: “Your honor, never-fucking-mind, I declare my career dead as dead.”

No. She was forced to admit that for the next thirty days, she’d be her butch neighbor’s pet.

As she was facing the door and dreading to knock, Stephanie remembered the rest of the day, following Patty’s departure from her office, as it led her to this moment:

Hours earlier, she was still at the office, her fingernails tapping random keys as she was trying to focus but soon gave up: Patty’s visit had pushed all the right buttons… Stephanie was soaking wet, spinning slowly on her leather chair, gazing at the ceiling, a finger gently grazing her shirt where a nipple poked through.

The executive could not help but wonder what she’d been hiding all these years to be so incredibly turned on by humiliation and submission. She, one of the main leaders at her office, was clearly enjoying being dominated. Humiliated even.

Had she been so blinded by her career and leadership status that she’d missed out on her desires? The answer seemed painfully obvious.

It was difficult to keep any train of thoughts going for more than a couple of minutes as Stephanie constantly felt the anal plug inside her – the one that her neighbor had inserted.

Indeed, Patty had embarrassingly discovered her penchant for ass-play during their first session and had made a point of bringing it up again. This was to be her reminder that she was to be “ready for use” at all times. The combination of such a thought with the fullness of the plug was too much for Stepanie to keep her head. As she squirmed in her chair, her own weight moved the plug in sightly different angles. Far from uncomfortable, she enjoyed the sensation even after such an extended period of time.

After she had been seating a while, Stephanie convinced herself that her excitement was likely causing her to leak through the fabric of her skirt. She ended up freaking out, pulling the garment up to her waist and laying tissues on the leather chair so she wouldn’t stain it.

Her mind could not let go of the fact that up to now, she alone had been on the receiving end of orgasms. She had not been asked to reciprocate. Yet. The time was coming and strangely, the thought turned her on greatly.

A knock on her office door and, Ana, her assistant, sneaked her head in, asking if it was ok to canlı bahis şirketleri enter. Stephanie offered a warm smile, hoping to erase the atmosphere that Ana witnessed when Patty was in her office earlier.

The admin walked in with a cup of tea and a few loose pages stuck between her arm and chest.

“Peppermint today,” she stated.

It was pretty old fashioned for an assistant to bring beverages to their bosses but Ana always made tea for herself in the afternoon – pouring an additional cup had become a habit.

“Thank you,” Stephanie said, trying to grab the handle of hot liquid while sliding under her desk to hide her crumpled skirt. Ana immediately felt an odd vibe despite the seemingly warm welcome and clearly noticed her boss shoving herself underneath the table as if to hide something.

“What the hell is going on today?” Ana wondered, still baffled by the fact that Stephanie was going bra-less and that her cleavage was quite revealing. Bizzaro world.

“Right,” she carried on, trying to act natural, “so there are two invoices for review: the first one the partners’ year-end conference.”

“Done,” said Stephanie as she signed the paper.

“And the second…” Ana looked through the pages to find the relevant one, ‘The second is the catering expense for Mortimer and Co. last month.”

“Old Mortimer went heavy on the champagne I see,” mused Stephanie, overacting the normalcy as she flipped through two full pages of food and alcohol.

“Crystal apparently… But we’ll bill it back to them in hours,” Ana giggled.

“Good girl,” snickered Stephanie with a half snort.

Ana straightened immediately, miffed by what her boss had just called her. In a city as liberal as San Francisco, telling someone in an office that she was a “good girl” was terrible. Telling someone who was your subordinate made it worst. The fact that this was a legal firm had the potential to make it an HR disaster. Three strikes.

Immediately realizing her mistake, Stephanie closed her eyes for a split second, cursed herself before she turned to her admin and moved her fingers in front of her mouth, blurting, “I’m so sorry, Ana, this came out completely wrong.” As she rolled her chair away to look her assistant in the eye, she accidentally revealed her bare legs and pussy. She shoved herself back in once she saw Ana’s eyes go directly to her crotch, but it was too late.

Her assistant looked away immediately with a mix of emotions: she was peeved at the comment but more importantly, embarrassed for her boss at whatever was going on under that desk.

“It’s… it’s fine,” she said. “I’ll just leave this here for your signature; let me know if you need anything else.”

Stephanie mumbled a “No… Thank you. That… that will be all.” Before Ana reached the door, the executive blurted out, “I’m sorry, Ana… I’m just not myself today.” The admin turned around, and unable to think of anything else to say, just blurted out, “It’s fine; think nothing of it.” before smiling and exiting the room.

Stephanie leaned back in her chair, wondering if the day could get any worst.

She made a valiant attempt at getting back into “office-mode” after blankly staring at the ceiling for a few minutes and managed to convince herself that it was going to be fine. She’d talk to Ana the next day to make sure she wasn’t going to start any rumors and it would be fine.

Her cell phone buzzed. “Hello pet” popped on the screen.

Stephanie’s mind switch flicked almost immediately. She adjusted her chair nervously and answered, “Hi Ms. Patricia.”

“Let me guess: still horny and having a hard time concentrating?”

She knew. Of course, she knew: she’d managed to spank her newly acquired prize to an orgasm a couple of hours ago.

God, this was embarrassing – and purposely so. Stephanie knew she had to answer well and play the part.

“Yes. Very hard to concentrate.”

While she felt like confiding in someone, this seemed highly innapropriate. She ended up keeping the episode to herself. For now.

“I knew what you were when I saw you rub your cunt against the table at your house.”

The typing had stopped. Was she just making a statement? Stephanie didn’t know how to answer – it was clearly a poke to embarrass her. Thankfully, Patty started typing again.

“Now, we’re just trying to make sure that you know what you are as well.”

Stephanie did not know what to answer; she typed “Yes, Ms. Patricia,”.

“Your instructions: Drive home. Masturbate at every red light. Once you arrive, stay in the car and masturbate for 2 minutes. Do not come.”

Stephanie moaned in despair as she read the instructions. Yet, she knew that her body had been ready for more the instant she had come earlier.

Handing over the decision to masturbate to Patty was demeaning; one more step towards submission. She quickly answered, “Yes, Ms. Patricia,” and laid the phone down with a deep breath.

Stephanie canlı kaçak iddaa held the phone in her hand, gazing at the wall across her desk with vacant eyes.

After a minute, she got up from the chair to ready herself. It took her a while longer to peel off the tissues that had stuck to her moist flesh and finally, she gathered her purse, put on her jacket, thankful that it kept her shirt closed after she’d been forced to unfasten the top two buttons.

She saw that Ana immediately put her phone down when she opened the door.

“I’ve cleared my calendar for the rest of the day, Ana. You can go home as well.” After a moment, she added pensively, “We can both use a break today, I’m sure.”

Ana looked surprised but was getting good at hiding it.

“Ok, thanks,” she answered flatly, wondering if this was upside-down world.

Minutes later, Stephanie sat in the comfort of her luxury sedan, attempting to get a hold of her breathing and excitement. She succeeded at the first one.

The walk to the car had been unnerving – her stilettos shot vibrations up her legs with every step she took on the hard pavement. Each one a reminder of the anal plug that Patty had left inside her earlier that day.

Her breasts swayed and rubbed against her shirt, ready to be shown bare at any moment now that she’d nervously opened it further.

The voice in her head kept saying: “You’ve agreed to this, you’ve given in. No walking back now.”

Before putting the car into gear, she lifted her hips and for the third time that day, pulled the skirt to her waist to more easily touch herself. Looking down, she could see the patch of hair on top of her clit.

Seeing herself nude gave her pause. She closed her eyes and sat back in her seat. It had been one thing to obey while she was facing her Mistress and blackmail looming, but here, alone in the car… Was it different? For someone coerced into this situation, she sure was getting a lot of pleasure out of it, she thought.

Indeed, the lust she had felt over the past twenty four hours had kept her on edge; so much so that she could no longer deny her affinity towards the situation.

A pledge, a promise, a deal. Call it whatever you want but there had been an agreement between her and Patty. Onward.

She drove through the garage, grunting as she went over speed bumps she’d never paid attention to before.

Within a block, she stopped at a red light. After looking left and right, more out of prudishness than anything else, her hand moved from the bottom of the steering wheel to her inner thighs. Her whole body responded immediately to her touch.

“Oh my…” Stephanie did not how to react to this excitement. By now, it should have subdued, she thought, by now, she couldn’t have been this wet. But her fingers gliding easily inside her slit told a different story.

Before she could go any further, the light turned green and she pressed on, disappointed. For safety measure, she put her hands back at ten and two, swallowing hard as she checked her mirror.

She’d driven out of the downtown area so many times, she knew by heart she’d have to go through four green lights before the final red light ahead of the freeway. Without fail, she went three blocks to arrive as the light turned orange. Where she would have gunned it on most days, she preventively slowed to ensure she would have to stop.

She changed technique this time, using the tip of her fingers to press the plug in her ass rhythmically while she scooted her hips back and forth against her thumb.

Within seconds, she felt on the edge of another orgasm and had to rest her hand on her leg while she breathed slowly. A car honked, getting her to realize that the light had turned green and she spun the tires as she slammed the gas pedal too hard.

There was something exhilarating about having her skirt bundled around her waist and her cheeks resting on the leather. This was a wild departure from the facade she had put up for years. Stephanie couldn’t help but enjoy the moment of carelessness, almost wanting others around her to know that she was being slutty, driving one-handed, while the other kept herself busy.

She parked in front of her house and was seating legs spread in full daylight. The quiet neighborhood saw too few pedestrians to really worry her but the game was meant to keep her on the edge and by now, she was more than willing to play.

She pressed against the plug with the tip of her fingers while her thumb was caressing her clit and in less than a minute her cheeks were flushed while the veins in her neck started showing as she struggled to appear “normal”. She was pressing the back of her head against the headrest as she was fighting the urge to come.

A buzzing on the phone. Then another.

Stephanie was huffing and puffing, slow to focus on the text message.

“You did well today. Come over in one hour.”

It was obvious that Patty had been spying from behind canlı kaçak bahis the curtains, waiting for the best time to send the text message and play with Stephanie’s mind.

Her place? For what? She almost wondered aloud until she realized the stupidity of the question: she’d been awarded two orgasms while Patty had received none. Agreeing to complete servitude over the next month sure as hell did not sound like she was going to spend her time playing with her clit under the tutelage of the neighbor. No, the truth was – and she knew it – that she was going to have to service her.

She pulled her skirt down, waited until her breathing had gone back to normal and walked into her home. Her footing was unsure, as if she was buzzed. The executive dropped her purse on the hardwood floor, kicked her shoes and immediately rushed to the bathroom where she turned on the shower. She did not have long before Albert would be home.

The steam was covering the mirror as Stephanie walked under the water, letting it run down her face. She would have to redo her hair but it didn’t matter at this point; she wanted to spend a few minutes in complete relaxation.

After a moment, she started lathering her body with soap, massaging her shoulders and thighs, helping to ease the tension. She bent forward and pressed her fingers between her legs, pulling on the side of the plug. As the widest part came through, so did a small grunt from her throat. She laid the piece of metal on the tub and checked the looseness of her hole, clenching a few times to help it come back to its normal size. She felt the immediate emptiness and missed the volume and weight she’d felt for a couple of hours now.

She proceeded to shave her pu- her “cunt” bare, as instructed. It made her look almost underage but it did serve the purpose of displaying her completely. Finally, Stephanie hid the plug under a pile of sweaters and grabbed some panties before shoving them back in the closet, remembering that she was no longer allowed to wear those.

She opted for a natural make-up and wrapped herself in a loose skirt with a simple cashmere v-neck sweater. Sensual, in a classy way.

Stephanie stepped into the kitchen to get a glass of water before heading out to her neighbor’s.

“You look nice; are you going somewhere?” a familiar voice inquired.

Startled, she screamed and dropped the glass which shattered on the floor.

Albert laughed heartily, exclaiming, “Jesus, it’s only me!!”

“Oh youuu,” she whined, her sense of worry dramatically heightened by the day she’s had and the tasks ahead, waving her fist at him.

“Easy, easy,” he joked, wrapping his hand around her fingers. “I’m sorry, babe, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He held her other wrist and said, “Now step on my shoes, there’s glass everywhere.”

He walked awkwardly lifting her on his shoes until she was back at the entrance of the kitchen and snuck a kiss before releasing her.

Noticing she’d changed since the morning, he added, “You look nice, what are you up to?”

Thinking fast, Stephanie answered, “Mmm… There’s a girl-thing at the neighbor’s house.”

Acting as if he was wobbling on weak knees, he claimed: “Be still my heart! My queen is going to see the peasants??”

“Arr… arrr… that’s not very nice”

“Well, don’t pout… I’m just messing with you and I think it’s great.” He kissed her on the cheek this time and added, “Maybe you’ll finally end-up making friends outside of the office and I can enjoy meeting people who don’t always talk about court litigation and all.”

“Watch it, I’ll have Marcus sue you!” she smiled and put on her shoes as she looked at the time.

“Go. Hang out with your new friends; I’ll clean up here.”

He was so darn sweet, it was making this even more unnerving. Gosh, he probably deserved another blowjob later.

Strangely that little interaction made her feel better. Her life may be in shamble for the next thirty days but at least Albert was still Albert.

And there she was, about to knock on the door of the woman who held all power over her for the next thirty days. Stephanie’s desire had remained high ever since Patty had left the office. She wanted to knock and truth be told, she wanted to be given instructions.

Her knuckles hit the wood panel. After a moment, Patty’s voice peered through, telling her to come in. She stepped into the hallway and walked towards what she assumed was the living room since the house had the same floor plan as hers.

Patty was on the couch, looking nothing like the butch lesbian Stephanie first met. Instead, her Mistress was wearing a silk robe with Japanese prints. A slit revealed her crossed legs, surprising Stephanie by how good she looked. Much different from the flannel and denim outfit she’d seen her wear.

“Oh my… look who’s here and right on time,” Patty quipped as Stephanie entered the room. “My favorite power-executive pet slut.”

With an amused look on her face, she added, “Cat caught your tongue? You’re not going to play the shy virgin after what you showed me, are you now?”

“N… No, Ms Patricia.” Stephanie answered, keeping her hands by her sides, finally adding, “I’m just very nervous.”

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