A New Life

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Alexis Fawx

Hope you enjoy this yarn. Please vote and feedback is appreciated.

Ricky Jackson didn’t much like his life. His dad was an out of work drunk. His mom couldn’t seem to do anything about it and stayed with her husband because she had nowhere else to go. She cared for Ricky and tried to do as much for him as possible but his dad was such a loser that there was often no money for anything nice. The old man poured all the money he had down his throat in the form of gin.

Bob Jackson also liked to beat his wife. It would infuriate Ricky when this happened but he also felt helpless to do anything. He had never stood up to his dad about anything. Sometimes he would come home and find his mom crying with her face all puffy and red where the old man had smacked her. He wanted to confront his dad but his mom didn’t want Ricky to do anything drastic to make his dad leave so things just continued as they were.

Ricky got a job at the local video store just for some spending money. He was able to work nights and weekends but the pay was so low he rarely had any money left when the next paycheck rolled around.

Basically, Ricky’s life sucked.

The only thing he had going for him was that he knew his mom loved him. She would sometimes stash some money away and then treat him to a nice dinner or a small gift. When you don’t have much, the little things matter. He loved her for doing these things and they developed a very close relationship. They loved each other because it was all they had.

One day Ricky came home after work and found the downstairs empty. This was unusual because his dad could usually be found passed out in the recliner with the TV on. As he made his way upstairs to his room he was drawn to the light coming through the crack in the door to his parent’s room. He quietly approached and peered inside.

Ricky couldn’t believe what he saw. As he looked through the slightly open door he could see his parents in the act. His mom was totally naked on the bed on all fours with her ass pointed in the air. His dad was standing next to the bed with his pants at his ankles and his cock ramming in and out of his mom’s pussy. They were really going at it hard.

“I’m almost there, bitch. Take it all,” his dad groaned.

“Oh baby, I want more. Keep pumping me,” his mom pleaded.

His dad’s only response was to shove into his mom hard and groan. “Ah, shit… that feels great. Take it, baby!!!” With that he pulled his cock out of Ricky’s mom and started to cum all over her back. Ricky watched as his dad’s spunk splashed on her shoulders, her back and all over her ass. When he was finished cumming he fell forward on top of his wife and breathed a contented sigh.

“Please baby, I need you to finish me off,” Ricky’s mom pleaded. But his dad just rolled off her and replied, “That’s your problem, bitch. Do it yourself.” He got up off the bed, took off the rest of his clothes and got into bed. As his dad fell asleep Ricky watched as his mom reached between her legs and masturbated. It took some time but he saw her body begin to shake as she climaxed. By this time her husband was fast asleep and she lay down next to him and did likewise.

As Ricky retreated to his room he was very aroused. He couldn’t get the thought of his mom twiddling herself to an orgasm out of his mind. When he got to his room he couldn’t help but pull his own dick out and start stroking it. He thought of his mom’s beautiful pussy and soon was shooting cum into the air and down onto his stomach. It was one of the best orgasms he had ever had.

The next morning Ricky woke up and went into the bathroom to shower and get ready for school. As he passed his parents room he saw his Dad still sleeping. The asshole still had his pants at his ankles from when he was doing Ricky’s mom last night.

“Dickhead!” Ricky muttered to himself as he walked into the bathroom.

When he came downstairs his Mom was in the kitchen fixing breakfast.

“Good morning, sweetheart. Sleep well?” she asked.

“Sure, Mom. Just like a baby.” Ricky replied. “How about you?”

“I had trouble getting to sleep. It was one of those nights.”

“Honey, I was thinking about you and me going out for dinner tonight. I could use the break from cooking and I don’t think your Dad is going to be around. What do you say?”

“Sure, Mom. That would be great. Are you sure we can afford it?”

“Oh, yeah. I’ve got some money stashed away just for an occasion like this.”

“OK. It’s a date. I’ve got swimming practice after school so I’ll be home around 6:30.”

“Great. I’ll plan on getting out of here around 7:00.

“I’ve gotta go, Mom. See you tonight.” Ricky said as he grabbed a donut and raced out the door.

Ricky couldn’t concentrate too much on his schoolwork all day. He kept daydreaming about what he saw in his parent’s room last night and the fact that he would have his mom all to himself tonight. Finally he finished up with swim practice, showered and headed home.

His mom met him kadıköy escort at the door all ready to leave. She was dressed in a new outfit. A light blue blouse fit tightly and was unbuttoned showing a little cleavage. Since it was tight, the space between the buttons spread a little allowing Ricky to see the center of her black bra. The skirt was short and also tight. The hem was three inches above her knees and showed the beginning of the curve of her thigh.

“Wow! You look great, Mom.”

“Thanks, baby. I’m ready to so why don’t we get out of here,” she said.

“But I wanted to get a little more dressed up,” Ricky replied.

“You look just fine. Besides, we’re not really going anywhere fancy.”

Ricky put his book bag down and took the keys from her hand and headed for the car. He wanted to be a gentleman so he opened the passenger door for her. When she sat down he could see that her short skirt rode up her thighs as she spread her legs to get in the car. For a brief moment he could see the crotch of her pantyhose. As he shut the door and went around to the driver side he struggled to keep his growing member down. Luckily, when he got in his seat his Mom had arranged herself so that the skirt was just above the knees. Ricky was relieved and started the car and drove away.

They arrived at the restaurant, parked the car and walked to the front door. Ricky followed his Mom and had a good chance to check her out. Doris Jackson was a 48-year-old woman who had a tough life but kept herself up nicely. She was a little broad in the hips but Ricky found that exciting. Her long, thin legs were her best feature and Ricky thought she looked great when she wore hose like tonight. Her breasts weren’t the largest but were nicely rounded. Ricky had checked out her bra in the laundry once and knew she was a 34B. Her brunette hair was long and she kept it in a ponytail most of the time.

They had a nice dinner and Doris seemed to relax and enjoy herself. They finished about 9:30 and got back in the car.

“Do we have to go home right away?” Doris asked.

“I was kind of tired and I have an early swim practice in the morning,” Ricky replied.

“I was just hoping to stay out long enough for your father to go to be before we got home. It’s OK. We can just go home if you like.”

“Don’t worry about it, Mom. He’ll probably be passed out by the time we get there anyway.”

“OK,” she replied. “You’re probably right.”

They drove home and Ricky pulled the car into the driveway. Things seemed so nice to Ricky. He had a nice dinner with his mom and they were both relaxed and feeling good. He opened the door for her and helped her out of the car. They walked up to the door with her arm in his. As Ricky opened the door he heard a crash inside that sounded like a smashed glass. Ricky pushed the door open and peered inside. What he saw disgusted him.

His father was in the living room wearing only an oxford shirt and his socks. Ricky could tell he was really drunk because he was swaying as he stood. His dad pulled a ceramic box off a shelf of the bookcase, looked inside, cursed and threw the box on the floor breaking it.

“Shit,” he said. “Where the fuck does she keep it?”

When Doris heard the box break, she pushed past Ricky and entered the room. “What do you think you’re doing,” she asked her husband.

He turned around to face them. “Well, here’s the happy couple. Where have you two been and why are you looking like a slut?”

“Don’t you talk to me like that. Besides, you’ve got a lot of room to talk. You look like some homeless drunk standing there with your dick hanging out.”

“Fuck you! I’m trying to find your money stash. I need another bottle of gin.”

He turned around and grabbed another box from the shelf, looked inside and was ready to throw it down when Doris screamed.

“Don’t you fucking dare, you bastard.” She lunged for the box but her husband was too strong. He pushed her away with his free hand and she fell down on the couch.

At this point, Ricky had seen enough. “Leave her alone, you asshole.”

He lunged at his father who was moving to strike his mother. His father, sensing Ricky’s move tried to lash out at him. The elder man’s age and inebriated state worked against him. Ricky was just too fast. In a fit of rage, Ricky grabbed his dad by the shirt collar, jerked him around and smashed his fist into his jaw. Doris watched her husband stagger back and trip over an ottoman. As he fell his head struck the edge of the coffee table with such force that a piece of wood broke off. With a grunt, the he slumped to the floor unconscious.

“Oh my god, Ricky. Is he dead?”

Ricky went over the comatose form and touched his neck under the jaw line. He felt a pulse and bent down to listen to his chest. His dad was breathing.

“Too bad, he’ll live.”

His mother sat back on the couch, put her face in her hands and started to cry. üsküdar escort After years of abuse the emotions of the moment burst out. Ricky came and sat next to her on the couch. He put his arm around her and pulled her to him. Her head rested on his shoulder.

“Please don’t cry, Mom. Everything is going to be all right. I promise.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” she said between sobs. “I just can’t live like this any more.” She pressed her body against her son.

Ricky rubbed her shoulder with his right hand and placed his left hand on her leg. He felt her breasts pressing into his chest. He also felt a stirring between his legs. He was comforting his mom and getting incredibly turned on by her body. He rubbed her leg and her skirt moved up her thigh. As he continued rubbing, her skirt continued to rise up her leg. After a few minutes he could see the white of her panties at the top of her thighs. His cock was fully engorged at this point.

Doris continued to weep into her son’s shoulder. “What a great kid,” she thought. I really need him now. As she stopped crying she let her hand fall down from his neck and rubbed his chest. Without thinking about it she let her hand drop down and rest in his lap.

“Oh, my” she whispered feeling Ricky’s hard member.

She pulled back from his shoulder and looked up into his eyes. His eyes were clouded with lust. She was drawn to him by some irresistible force and leaned up to kiss him. Their lips met and the passion erupted. Their tongues met and they explored each other’s mouths.

Ricky couldn’t control himself. He knew this was wrong but he continued to fondle his mother’s body. He reached up and slipped his hand inside her blouse and grabbed her breast. She let out a moan and he started to massage it. He unbuttoned her blouse and her chest was completely exposed to him. He bent his head down, pulled down on her bra and closed his mouth over her nipple. Doris held his head in her hands and pressed him into her bosom. It felt glorious and she didn’t want it to stop.

Her nipple was growing rapidly and Ricky held it in his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. Fully engorged, he couldn’t believe how long it was. It was like a penis it was so fat and long. As he suckled he started to probe between her legs with his left hand. He pulled her skirt all the way up to expose her panties covered by pantyhose. He reached inside the waistband and pushed his hand down to caress her pussy. His fingers moved down and he could feel the slit between her legs. He could also feel the moisture leaking out of her pussy. He now knew how excited his mom was.

“Oh, Ricky. This is wrong. We have to stop.”

Doris pushed her son off her and moved away on the couch. Ricky looked at her with her skirt at her hips and her blouse open with one breast hanging out of her bra.

“Please mom. Let me make you feel good. I know you need to feel good.”

Doris hid her face in her hands but did nothing to cover herself. “This is so wrong. We really must stop.”

Ricky heard what she was saying but her body told him a different story. Her nipples were sticking out like pencil erasers. He could also see the wet spot between her legs. Ricky reached over and rubbed her pussy through her panties and hose. Doris moaned with her face still in her hands. Her legs spread open to give her son more access.

“Oh, my god. I do need it.”

Ricky nudged her so she leaned back against the couch and knelt down between her legs. He reached up, grabbed the waistband of her pantyhose and pulled them down as his mom lifted her ass off the couch. He peeled the hose down her calves and off her feet. He then turned his attention to her panties. He pulled them down as his mom lifted her ass again. He pulled them off and looked up to see her naked pussy. A thick mat of hair covered it and he could see the juice leaking out between the lips. He bent down and licked up some of that juice.

“Mmmmmm. That’s it, baby.”

Ricky used his fingers to spread her cunt lips. He now looked straight into the canal from which he was born 18 years ago. It was the most beautiful thing he ever saw. Filled with lust he used his tongue to massage the whole are between her legs. He licked up the outside of her cunt lips on one side and down the other. He slipped his tongue inside and probed her pussy with it. His mom moaned and began to hump his face. Ricky began to use his tongue like a cock. Pushing in and out he was driving his mom wild. She was humping his face and juice was pouring out of her cunt. Ricky didn’t want it to be so fast.

He pulled back and sat looking at Doris. She begged him, “Please don’t stop. It feels too good.”

He reached up and grasped the front closure of her bra. He snapped it open and her breasts popped free. Her tits were round and smallish and topped by those very long nipples. She was so turned on they were both sticking out at least ¾ inch. He grabbed each one between his thumb and forefinger tuzla escort and pulled them. He knew she liked it by her moaning. He pulled and stretched them like a rubber band until they popped out of his fingers. He watched them snap back and wiggle around. Grasping her mounds in the palm of his hands he massaged them and grabbed the nipples again with his fingers and repeated the stretch. This time he held them extended and bent forward to tongue her pussy some more. He found her clit and moved his tongue to the nub.

“Oh, fuck!” His mom started to shake.

He looked up from between her legs and looked at her nipples stretched to the limit. He looked between her tits and saw her face contorted in passion. He sucked her clit into his mouth. He continued to work on her nipples and her cunt at the same time. Pulling. Stretching. Sucking. Licking.

“Jesus fucking Christ. I’m going to cum.”

“Not yet,” Ricky thought. He pulled away from her pussy and massaged her tummy.

“Please don’t stop!”

“I want this to last for you. I want it to be your best cum ever.”

“It already is, baby!” Her head was back and her eyes were closed. Drool was leaking out the sides of her mouth.

Ricky went back to work on her cunt. He sucked on her pussy lips. As he sucked them into his mouth he stretched them and let them go just like he did with her nipples. He licked all around the area including her asshole. His mom was now grunting and humping her crotch into his face.


He slipped two fingers into her pussy. She was beginning to leak a lot of pussy juice so it was very slippery. Then he shoved a third digit into the void. As he did this he took her clit back into his mouth and began to fuck it with his mouth. Sucking on it and stimulating it with his tongue. She grabbed her legs behind the knees and was humping his face like she was riding a horse. He knew she was close so he decided to let her cum now.

Suddenly, she let out a loud scream and started to orgasm like never before in her life. Ricky was a little unprepared for the amount of juice spilling from her pussy. It was almost like she was peeing. Ricky continued to flick her clit with his tongue. His mom continued to orgasm for what seemed like forever. As she began to relax she looked between her legs and saw her son looking at her with his face covered by her orgasmic secretions. He was smiling and she had never felt so good.

Ricky got up on the couch and held his mother in his arms. She was still breathing hard from her orgasm and she cuddled up against him like a baby. It was then that she noticed her husband still out cold on the floor. Ricky noticed her looking at his dad.

“Fuck him!” Ricky spit out. “We don’t need him any more.”

“You’re right, baby. I’m done with him,” she replied. “Do you think he’ll be out for awhile?”

“Yeah. With the combination of the booze and the knock on the head, he’ll be out until morning.”

“Good,” she whispered and nuzzled Ricky’s neck. “Come on, baby, let’s go to my room.”

She stood up and her skirt fell back into place and her blouse and bra flapped open. She grabbed Ricky by the hand and let him up the stairs. Ricky couldn’t believe what was happening. His mom was half naked and leading him up to her bedroom. He still had a raging hard on and figured he was going to get to use it with the only woman in the world her truly loved.

When they reached the bedroom, Doris closed the door behind them. As she walked to the bed she let her blouse and bra fall off her shoulders. She then unsnapped her skirt and let it fall around her feet. She stood before Ricky with nothing on but her high-heeled shoes. She turned and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Ricky so that he stood between her knees. She reached up and started to rub his belly under his shirt. He unbuttoned the shirt and let it fall on the floor behind him. His mom then pulled him close to her and buried her face into his belly. She began to kiss him all over his lower torso. As she did this she unbuckled his belt, unsnapped the pants and pulled his zipper down. His pants fell in a puddle around his feet and she gazed at his cock straining to get out of his briefs. She reached out and grabbed it through his underwear.

“Oh, my. This is impressive,” she said as she massaged his member.

She bent her head and molded her mouth around the length of his cock through the fabric. He could feel his underwear getting wet from the saliva in her mouth. She then reached up and pulled the waistband of his briefs over the head of his 8” monster and pulled them down so they were lying on top of his pants at his feet. She then returned her attention to mouthing his manhood. She grasped it by the base and started to lick the head like a Popsicle. He was leaking precum like a faucet.

“Mmmmmmm. I love this part,” she said as she slurped up the liquid.

“Oh, mom. I can’t believe how good this feels”

“It’s going to feel even better soon, baby.” She then opened her mouth and he watched his cock disappear into it. She wrapped her lips around his member and started to feed it towards her throat. When she felt the head press against the back of her throat she reached around him, grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him into her. He could feel his cock begin to inch down her throat.

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