A New Game Pt. 01

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It’s a game. We take turns. It can be played one of two ways, we either tell each other what we would like to see them do to themselves, or we can tell each other what we would like them to do to us. When it’s your turn, you decide if you want to narrate or let the other person guide you. Sound fun?

When it’s your turn, you get to either share or have the other person guide you. It’s your choice, and if you choose to let them guide you, you need to follow, if you choose to share what you are doing and thinking they must remain quiet and let you speak. You can ask them questions and they can answer, but, it is your show. There is no real touching, but can be closeness. For example you can get close enough to smell or breathe on the other person, but no actual tasting or touching, the only exception is kissing on the cheek or lips only. The other person must stay fully clothed when it’s not their turn.

“Ready? You go first.”

You are a bit uncomfortable, but relent and tell me you want me to guide you. I ask if you have your toys close at hand if you need and you say “Yes.”

“Sit on the bed, facing me.”

I sit next to you and tell you to move your hair and tuck it behind your ear. You do so. I lean in and whisper into your ear

“I want to make you cum and watch your face as you do.”

I then blow softly on your ear. I move down and blow on your neck. Then back up to your ear and whisper again.

“Will you cum for me?”

You nod. I move around to face you and bring my lips close to yours smile, and kiss you softly on the lips.

“Lay down.”

You comply. I ask you to get comfortable and you wriggle around a bit and then lay still, eyes closed. I lean down and kiss you again on the lips, this time lingering so our mouths open slightly, but no tongue. I can feel both our breathing start to increase.

I whisper “squeeze and rub your tits.”

As I replace my lips on yours, you comply. As you rub your tits through your shirt, I can feel your breathing increase slightly. I remove my lips from yours, and canlı bahis move back to your ear. I notice that you are now squeezing your tits harder and see your nipples slightly pushing against your bra and shirt. In a low husky voice next to your ear I ask, “Does that feels good?”

You nod, eyes still closed.

“Are you imagining it’s my hands enjoying your tits?”

You nod and I ask you for a yes answer, you whisper “yes.” between deep breaths.

“If it were me, I would be working on your nipples now, rubbing them, pushing them in towards your body, letting them push back and pinching them.”

You follow my words and concentrate your hands and fingers on the nipples. Rubbing, pushing, pinching. Still keeping my mouth close to your ear, I smack my lips and whisper “you are so sexy.”

As you continue to play with your beautiful and now very excited tits, I notice you moving your hips and rubbing your legs together. I ask “Are you are getting wet?”, and you manage an “u-huh.”

“Do you want to rub your pussy?”


“Ask me then.”

“Can I um rub my um pussy?”

“Yes, but very slowly.”

Your hand moves down and you start to undo your pants, “No, through your pants!” You whimper but spread your legs and start rubbing.

Moving my head, I kiss you on the cheek, you turn your head and I press my lips to yours. You open your mouth and push your tongue out. I reward you by opening my mouth accepting your tongue. We kiss softly as you continue to rub your pussy.

I break the kiss and move back so I am whispering in your ear “Stop rubbing and take off your shirt.” You reluctantly remove your hands from between your legs and sitting up removing your shirt and bra. You are sitting up in bed, and I tell you to face me and take one of your toys and use it on your tits.

“Make sure you use your mouth on it also.”

You look at me and take one of your toys, a silicone looking prick and start to lick it, getting it slick. You then rub the wet dildo over your tit causing the nipple to become bahis siteleri even more erect.

“Spread you legs.”

As you do, I get on my knees and move between your legs to see if I can get a smell of your scent. I can tell you are excited even through your jeans.

I notice you are no longer playing with your tits and just staring down at me. I ask if you want to remove your pants and you nod. I give you permission and you undo your jeans and quickly push them and your underwear off. You are still sitting on the edge of the bed facing me. I ask you to spread your legs and you do so. “Spread your lips for me.” You do and I can see how wet you already are. I lean in and smell your wonderful enticing scent. You touch my head gently, and it is obvious you want to pull me towards your sweet pussy

Reluctantly I resist (although I am hard as a rock and your scent is intoxicating). I pull away and lift your legs to help you lay down on the bed again. Grabbing a hand held mirror I hold it between your legs so I can watch as I whisper in your ear.

“Run your fingers along your slit and feel how wet they are.”

You comply, as you move you hand down, you start moving it up and down along your slit. “Look in the mirror and see how sexy that looks.” You lift your head and gasp as you watch your hand move.

“Rub your clit with your other hand.”

You quickly start rubbing your clit with the other hand in a circular motion. Breathing harder and faster. Small high pitched gasps escape from your mouth.

Your hips start to move up and down off the bed in response to your rubbing,

“Do you want to feel something inside your tight pussy? feel your finger enter and move in and out? Rubbing that now sensitive area inside?”

You whimper and nod yes. And I watch as you slip 1 then 2 fingers inside and rub them around. Then start to move them in and out in rhythm to your other hand working your clit.

Your hips are gyrating and moving in time to your fingers.

I grab your wrist and pull your fingers from inside bahis şirketleri you. I lift them to my nose and deeply inhale. Relishing at your sweet scent and wanting more than anything to taste you and lick your fingers clean. But I let your wrist go and you move it back between your legs.

“Rub some of that juice around your ass.” You lift your legs higher and while still rubbing your clit, you reach down and rub around your ass. I adjust the mirror so I can see better. I love the site of you rubbing your sweet ass as you continue to play.

You then reach over and pull a small toy from the pile and push it into your pussy. Working it around, it is obvious you are getting even more excited. You then turn your head towards me and whisper “kiss me hard!” I lean in and as we start to kiss I feel you lift your hips. Sneaking a look in the mirror, I see you push the now wet toy into your ass. I feel you gasp as we kiss. You break off the kiss and put my hand on the back tip of the toy and tell me to hold it there. You then grab another toy and start to work on your pussy and clit. Your eyes are closed and your hips are moving in all directions, up down left right in circles. Trying to keep that toy in your ass becomes a full time job. I move from your ear and down to between your legs so I can keep the toy in your ass and watch as you work the other toy.

I watch as your hips continue to move in all directions. And you are squeezing and emitting high pitched sounds as you start to orgasm. You are writhing all over and your body is shaking as you continue to orgasm. Trying to concentrate on taking in the whole situation while still holding on to the toy in your ass. I realize that you are pumping your hips and causing the toy to move in and out. As you continue to convulse and squeal as your orgasm continues. Then you seem to collapse and just lay there breathing hard. You pull my hand to remove the toy from your ass as you lay there breathing. With an occasional spasm and whimper.

I lay there in the bed next to you, slide my arm under your head. You turn over towards me and place your head on my chest and sigh. I wrap my arm over your shoulder and just hold you Still feeling little tremors work through your body, as I kiss you gently on the cheek

Next it is my turn…

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