A Mom’s Story

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I always considered myself to be a normal 38 years old wife and mother. But then a few months ago I saw something that changed my life. I never in 19 years of marriage ever seriously thought about cheating on my husband Harold. Now I’m having an affair, and the strangest part is that my new lover is my 18, year old son.

Let me tell you about my son. Last summer he turned 18 and when I looked at him my little boy was gone in his place was a very handsome and virile young man. He was 6 feet tall, short blond hair, blues eyes, slender but muscular, a swimmers body. I would often find myself getting jealous when I watch him around the pool with his girl friend. My husband chided me, “Your worse than mother hen. You know one day he will bring some girl home and tell you she is the one for him.”

I thought Harold was probably right that I was just over protective not jealous, but then one afternoon I came home early. I could hear the MTV blaring as soon as I opened my car door in the garage so it was no wonder they didn’t hear me come in. I walked into the kitchen and looked into the family room and what I saw changed my life. I saw my son and his girlfriend. They were sitting on the couch making out. They didn’t see me or know I was watching and I don’t know why I didn’t say anything. I watched my son kissing her their tongues probing the others mouths. His hands rubbing and cupping her breasts through her blouse, her nipples were poking hard points through her bra and blouse. His fingers were teasing the peaks making them stand even taller. I watched as his hand slipped under her blouse moving over her tummy cupping her breast. I heard her moan and watched as my son opened her blouse and pushed her bra up over her breasts her dark pink nipples tilting up from the tips of her breasts. Her nipples were hard and she moaned as he kissed and licked his way down to them sucking and licking each of them in turn. His hand moved up her leg under her skirt her legs opening as his big hand reached the junction between her thighs She didn’t let him take her panties off but I could see is hand moving under her skirt his finger pushing into her. Her hips were moving pushing back at him.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I felt my own nipples aching straining hard against my bra and the warm liquid feeling in my lower belly. It was all I could do to not touch myself. I watched as she cried out her body jerking and shuddering as she came hard my son still sucking on her tit his finger deep in her pussy. I was biting my lower lip pressing my thighs together feeling the wetness soaking my panties

I watched her reach for him open his pants and take out his cock. I had no idea he was built like that. His cock was so big and hard at least 7 inches long and looked like it was 2 inches thick. His cock was throbbing. I watch as she knelt in front of him and took as much of him into her mouth as she could her red lips stretched wide around his hard thick cock. She sucked him moving her mouth up and down barely able to get more than his swollen head in her mouth. I heard him grunt his fingers tangled in her hair holding her as he came. His eyes closed his muscles tensing as his cock throbbed in her mouth. She tried to swallow it all but there was just too much and his thick creamy sperm oozed from her lips dripping down her chin onto her breasts as he moaned and humped into her mouth. I was in shock and left quietly walking around the block. I made a lot of noise when I came back they were sitting together watching TV like nothing had happened. My sons shirt was tucked in although a bit of his shirt tail was caught in his zipper. She had put on fresh lipstick and the top button on her blouse was open and I could see the love bite my son had left on the swell of her breast.

“How was your day,” I asked.

“OK mom.” My son said taking his girlfriends hand. “I’m taking Jennifer home now mom. I will be home in time for dinner.”

I watched them walk out the door hand in hand. I almost ran to my bedroom. I couldn’t wait to get my clothes off my hands massaging my breasts my fingers rubbing my wet slit teasing my erect clit I came once almost immediately. Then again my whole body shuddering as I came the vision of my sons cock burning in my mind wanting it in my gushing cunt. Laying there catching my breath I thought, “My God that was so intense.” The idea of my son fucking me had just made me come like I had never come before. Then the guilt set in as I asked myself what kind of a sick person wants to have sex with her own son. From that day on I haven’t been able to get the vision of his hard throbbing manhood out of my mind. I got so hot thinking about his cock filling her no, my mouth and my pussy. Just thinking about it makes me wet. I think about it when Harold makes love to me. I pretend it is my son and come so fast and hard. Harold even asked me why I was so horny. I told him, “Your just so sexy. You make me sizzle. The fact of the matter is he has always pendik escort had made me sizzle. He is a wonderful man, a loving husband and father, great provider and a patient and wonderful lover. I have only one complaint and that his sexual drive is no longer equal to mine. He is 23 years older than me at 59 and can only of satisfy me about once a week. Sometimes I can get him interested a little more often but his cock does not get fully hard. I know that is not an excuse for cheating on him and I feel so bad about it. Harold told me his company’s annual summer party was scheduled in a couple of weeks.

“Do we have to go?” I asked him. “You know I hate those things your boss is always trying to hit on me.”

“Yes we have to go.” He answered his hand rubbing my bottom like his boss tried to do whenever he got the chance. “You know its one of those political things we have to attend.”

“I know, but it doesn’t change the fact that I hate going to those things.”

Things went on fairly normally for the next week or so. My fantasy about Jerry, my son, was growing daily as I masturbated thinking about how good it would feel to have his lips on mine, his hands roaming over my body, his big thick cock thrusting hard and deep into me. My fantasy was becoming an obsession. I found myself thinking about Jerry all the time. I was becoming more jealous of Jennifer and started trying to look sexy for him when we were home alone. I went so far that I shaved my pussy completely bare. God I got so wet when I wore the tight shorts that rubbed against my now bald sensitive mound and exposed lips when he was around. I could tell he liked what he saw because I would watch him shift his position and adjust his crotch making room for his swelling cock as he watched me.

It was the day before the company party my husband came home and told me. “I have to go to California tomorrow morning.”

“Over the weekend?” I asked.

“Yes, there is some kind of crisis out in LA and I have to go get it straightened out.”

“Well I guess that means I don’t have to go to the party.”

“No Bob (his boss) told me that he is expecting to see you there.”

“Please,” I whined rubbing myself up against him. “I don’t want to go with out you. Bob will be after me all afternoon.”

“Honey you know you have to go, but you don’t have to go alone. I’ve thought about it. Why don’t you go with Jerry?”

My heart was in my throat. “He wouldn’t want to go out with his mother?”

“I don’t know about that. His mom is a pretty hot woman.” He laughed his hand squeezing my breast. “Why don’t we ask him?” “Jerry,” he called. “Will you come in here for a minute please.”

“What do you want dad?” Jerry asked.

“You know the company party is tomorrow afternoon?”

“Yes I’ve heard you and mom talking about it.” Jerry hadn’t had to go to one of these parties since he was 12 there was nothing for young people to do and he had successfully begged out 4 years ago.

“Well… I have to go to California tomorrow morning and I was wondering if you would take your mom to the party, and defend her honor?”

I was standing behind my husband mouthing, “NO, NO,” to Jerry. Jerry looked right at me. Right at my full breasts, and said, “ Sure dad I will take her to the party and take good care of her.”

I could feel my nipples swell and strain against my bra when Jerry said he would take care of me his eyes were glued to my heaving breasts and I was blushing. I went back to the kitchen to regain my composure poking at the green beans on the stove. Wondering how I would cope with being alone and so close to Jerry.

“I think Bob is sending you to California on purpose.”

“No if the situation weren’t so serious I would agree with you.” Then he told me, “You know Bob may not bother you this year.”

“Oh really?” I asked “You mean I’m not sexy enough for that old lecher?”

“Oh baby your sexy enough but I think one of the summer interns has him all wrapped up at the moment.”

“Well if that’s the case I guess Jerry will be able to protect me and I may be able to enjoy the party.”

“Good then that’s all settled then.”

Later that night we made love and I imagined his lips were Jerry’s as he kissed me. The hands caressing my breasts and teasing my aching nipples were Jerry’s, and the hard cock that filled my dripping vagina was my handsome sons. After Harold went to sleep I lay awake wondering how I could keep my obsession from taking control. How would Jerry respond being so close to me? I lay awake for a long time before finally drifting off dreaming of Jerry holding me in his arms.

Harold woke early before leaving for the airport. Kissing me goodbye he told me, “Enjoy your self at the party honey. I don’t think Bob will be a problem this year, and Jerry will take good care of you.”

I was so nervous all day having mixed feelings of excitement about my handsome kartal escort son and my desire to have him, and worry about how I could keep my obsession under control. I decided to not dress very provocatively but because the party was on the patio around the pool at the local country club. I wore a conservative black and white stripped two-piece bathing suit under a long off white sundress. The dress was fairly low cut and nearly backless but my top didn’t expose too much cleavage. I hoped it would not be too inviting to my husbands boss and not to exciting for my son.

We arrived at the party and it was better than I thought. Bob greeted us and only tried to feel my ass that one time a cute very young blond in a very revealing bikini was hanging all over her sugar daddy to keep him busy. Harold’s statement that Bob had found a young intern to keep him occupied was not quite right. From the look I got when we shook hands in greeting was that Bob was hers and I should stay away. Then she saw Jerry and smiled thinking that with a young stud like Jerry I would have no interest in her meal ticket. Jerry and I wandered around I was surprised that there were so few people I knew. Harold had told me there had been some real turn over in the company but I had not expected anything like this. I knew almost no one. We found a table in the shade and sat down talking.

“Jerry, I don’t know anyone here.”

“Mom, that’s not so bad they don’t know you either. Mom they don’t know you’re my mom.”

I smiled at him, “No they don’t do they?”

“Can I call you Mary? It will be just for today. It will make it more like a date. You know mom, can we?”

“Why not it will be fun Jerry.” I told him squeezing his hand across the table. “We will have to have a story to tell anyone that asks.”

We decided that Jerry would be one of our neighbor’s sons who was home from his first year of college at State and was willing to come with me when Harold had to leave town on short notice.

“That’s great mom…. I mean Mary.” Jerry went off to find us something to drink and I was surprised when he came back with two drinks. “Well since this is a date and you are older I guess it’s ok if you have a drink or two but remember your driving.”

Jerry smiled at me handing me a drink I sipped it. “Watch our for these I told him they will sneak up on you.”

“Don’t worry Mary.” My name sounded so strange coming from him but somehow so exciting. He offered me a sip of his. “It’s a virgin,” He quipped and we both started laughing.

A couple approached our table and asked if they could join us. Dan and Susan were new to the company moving here after Bob had bought the company he was with. He felt lucky to be one of the few to have a job as so many had been laid off after the merger.

Dan was about my age around 6 feet tall with thinning light brown hair and seemed to be keeping himself in good shape. Susan was taller then me, maybe a couple of years younger, with long light brown hair with darker roots, very slender with small pert breasts. We made small talk for a while and then Jerry and Dan went off to get fresh drinks when Susan commented, “Jerry is really a hunk, wherever, did you find him.”

I blushed bright red. I didn’t want to admit to her that he was my son as I sensed she was interested in him for herself.

I smiled back at her. “He is a friend of ours, home from college for the summer and I really didn’t want to come to this thing alone. You know Bob is a dirty old man and I’m not comfortable around him. Jerry was available and agreed to come with me.”

As the afternoon wore on it became warmer and Jerry asked, “Mary would you like to go for a swim?”

“Yes its getting pretty warm,” I replied standing, unbuttoning the sundress and slipping it over my head.

“Wow Mary you look great in that suit.” Jerry complemented me. I blushed as Dan echoed Jerry’s comments and Susan just glared at me looking at my full breasts. I could see the envy in her eyes.

“Well thank you.” I smiled still blushing and feeling my nipples swelling in my suit. Thank god for the padded cups of the suit or it would have been very obvious that Jerry’s comments were exciting me.

We swam and splashed for a few minutes then Jerry went underwater and cam up right in front of me holding me, pressing himself against me, crushing my breasts against his chest. “Hold your breath mom.” He whispered in my ear pulling me under and kissing me. His lips felt so good my lips parted and his tongue found mine. He brought us back up so I could get my breath and kissed me again this time grinding his hips and hard cock against me as he held me tight against the side of the pool.

“Jerry,” I moaned in his ear stop someone will see us. He broke our kiss but didn’t pull his body away from mine. I looked around and no one was paying any attention to us. I closed my eyes and he kissed me again his tongue dancing with maltepe escort mine. His hips grinding against mine. My legs wrapped around his hips. I could feel my pussy gushing, my nipples aching, my breathing becoming rapid. God I was losing control and Jerry knew it his thick hard cock rubbing against my pussy, pushing my suit into my open slit and, teasing my lips and clit.

Jerry’s hand moved between us cupping my breast feeling my aching nipple press into his palm. “Jerry stop.” I moaned, “not here.” He released me kissing me lightly, lovingly on the lips. He swam away and I leaned against the side of the pool regaining my composure. I climbed out and grabbed a couple of towels from a pile beside the pool and dried my self off. Jerry came over drying himself looking like a young god. “Would you like some help?” He asked.

“No. I can manage,” I told him knowing what his touch would do to me.

“Maybe later,” he smiled and walked over to our table sitting down and putting his shirt back on, his still damp trunks clinging to him outlining the very manly (even soft) bulge at his crotch.

I took a deep breath and went back to the table wiggling the sundress over my damp suit. The light white material clinging to me, my suit showing through the thin material almost like it wasn’t there. We sat at the table sipping our drinks the warm sun drying us quickly. “Mary.” Jerry said. Taking my hand in his. “You are the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever seen.”

“Jerry, I blushed, whispering remember I’m your mother.”

“I know,” he answered gently squeezing my hand. “But that does not change the way I feel about you.” “I love you Mary. I have always loved you.” Jerry’s fingers gently caressed my hands. It felt so sensuous. I looked into his eyes and could see his love his need and felt my heart flutter as a wonderful warmth flowed over me. I wanted him to kiss me again but the mood was broken by the return of Dan and Susan to our table both of them still wet from the pool.

Susan was drying her hair. She leaned close to me whispering. “I saw you were enjoying your swim.” I blushed. “It inspired Dan watching you,” she smiled.

Dinner was announced and Susan and I went to the rest room to fix our hair and makeup before dinner. “I can see why Jerry jumped at the chance to come with you. He really is well equipped isn’t he?”

I blushed and smiled, not wanting her to know he was my son as it was obvious from the hard points showing through my dress where it stuck to the still damp suit that I felt the same way. “Yes he is an exciting young man.” I replied. Smiling hoping I was not sounding too catty. I walked from the restroom with a new surge of moisture flowing in my pussy.

During dinner Jerry rubbed his leg against mine and occasionally put his hand on my leg sending shivers up my spine each time he did it. He had me so distracted I still can’t remember what we ate for dinner.

I do remember Susan flirting with Jerry during dinner. It made me want to scratch her eyes out. Jerry laughed and continued to squeeze my hand and rub his leg against mine.

Dan looked embarrassed by Susan’s obvious flirting but his eyes were almost glued to my breasts a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Jerry.

After dinner the DJ started and Jerry and I danced he held me close and I could feel his thick manhood pressing against me again. My legs felt so weak it was only his strong arms pulling me tightly to him that kept me from falling. I could feel my excitement and need building. His hands roamed over my back gently rubbing me from my shoulders to my bottom. I was lost I knew I wanted him I wanted him to make love to me I wanted to give my self to him completely. The music stopped I sat down and found a new drink at my place I swallowed half of it to gain some measure of control. I got hold of myself for the moment but the effect of the alcohol would be felt later. After a brief rest Susan asked Jerry to dance with her and her husband Dan danced with me. As we danced I saw Susan rub herself against Jerry grinding her hips into him. I saw him blush as she whispered in his ear. Dan couldn’t see what was going on because Susan kept moving so she was always behind him. Dan was very nice and made no advances toward me just pleasant conversation. When the music stopped Dan and I returned to the table but Susan kept Jerry on the dance floor for another song. I watched them again Dan was sitting with his back to the floor, and I have to admit that I was getting jealous watching that slut push herself at my son. Jerry finally managed to come back to the table and Susan and I went to the ladies room. No sooner were we in there than Susan said, “Honey you are in for the ride of your life tonight. That boy is hot.”

“Susan! I’m a married woman.” I stammered.

“So am I dear and if your not going to take advantage of that hunk of man tell me I will find a closet somewhere where I can ride that big thick hunk of meat.”

My head was spinning when I got back to the table I reached under the table and took Jerry’s hand squeezing it. I finished my drink and told him that I was ready to go home. He looked a little disappointed but we got up to go. Susan smiled at me and mouthed, “Good Luck,” as we said our goodbyes.

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