A Massage owed

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Scott knocked on her door, and waited.

“That you Scott?”

“Yeah Cora. Just me.”

“Ok. Come on in, I’m getting in the shower, I’ll be just a moment. Why don’t you lay down on the mat?”

Cora was a massage therapist in her spare time, which recently, there wasn’t very much of. Scott, an old friend had been owed one of her fabled massages for a long time, but never seems to have the chance to collect. Today was his lucky day.

Scott took off his button-down shirt, and left just his thin Thanes t shirt on. The massage mat on the floor was firm, but comfortable. He laid down, on his belly with his arms at his sides, and closed his eyes. The soft “new age” music sounded like wind chimes, dripping water, and some kinds of guitar. Slowly, he stared to relax a little.

He heard the shower turn off, and the door open. He didn’t bother to open his eyes. He was, after all, relaxing.

“Don’t get up. I’ll be right there.” Cora whispered.

“That’s fine, I wasn’t getting up anyway.” Scott mumbled, half into the massage mat. A moment later, he felt her thighs around him, as she straddled his lower back. The warmth of her skin soothed him, and made his muscles release just a bit more.

She started in small circles on the small of his back, where his back worked so hard to hold him up all day. Slowly moving out, and up his back, she worked out knots in his muscles, and carefully caressed his skin. The t-shirt was not cooperating. It bunched, and twisted, and just got in the way.

“…So it will have to go. I’ll help you.” She ordered. Too mellowed to argue, he wiggled his arms around and tugged up. He was now bare from the waist up. This was not uncomfortable, just a little unusual. He noticed how much nicer, and smoother her legs felt on his back without the cloth between them. She started working again. Rough and coarse, like she was working with stiff clay. Then soft, sesnously like you would touch a sleeping lover. Releasing the last of his stress, she worked his shoulders, traps, and neck and arms.

“Let me get your lower back a bit better.” She was whispering again. While still very relaxing, something her voice sent tingles up his spine. She slid around, dragging bahis firmaları her self across him, until she was sitting on him, with her bottom on his shoulderblades. Scott could feel her sofy fleshy thighs on him, and enjoyed it deeply. She started massaging again on the small of his back, and worked toward his legs.

Soon, she ran against his waistband, and belt. She ran against it several times, as if she were trying to move past it. Scott took the suggestion, and undid his belt and pants from underneath him.

“Thank you.” Her soft whisper again. Now she pushed his pants half way over his bottom, and started moving back and forth again freely. Cora seemed to be pressing all of herself into him, not just her hands. After a few moments, and a few more bumps into his belt, she asked, “Why don’t we just take these the rest of the way off?”

“Sure.” A stunned reply to be sure. With a tug, and a wiggle, they were off, and he was naked, with a beautiful woman stroking him. His body tingled with sensual massage, and sexual tension.

“And… since you are undressed now…” She opened a small bottle, and drizzled oil on his body. With long effleurage strokes, she spread the oil. It smelled of sweet almonds, and sandalwood.

Scott was in a quiet extasy. In addition to the intense physical relaxation, his skin was exhilarated by her touch, and by what she was touching. Her hands roamed across all of his back, bottom, and legs as if it was common to stroke people all over. Working on his strong hamstrings and calves wiped the last of his stress away. His muscles were completely relaxed.

This changed when, on her way back up his legs, she reached between his legs, and firmly grasped his semi-erect member. His eyes finally poped opened. He started to turn over, when she mounted him again. Now on his back, she had pinned his erection between them. Finally, he was able to look at her.

Her hair down, soft, and still damp from the shower, hung sensuously in her face. She wore a spaghetti strap silk nighty, black with tan lace, straps barely hanging on her shoulders, draping the silk down over her collar bones. It draped just gorgeously over her great breasts, and down to the tops of her thighs. kaçak iddaa Her nipples conspicuously erect through the fabric. The light lace trim brushing softly against her soooth legs. In the back, it hung loosely, draped over her round ass. His hands instinctively caressed her thighs, up and around to that beautiful ass. Under his fingers, all he felt was thin straps, and soft youthful skin. She felt as good as she looked.

“This is one hell of a massage, Cora.” he whispered.

“This is just the start Scott….” she trailed off as she leaned in and kissed him. Her thick full lips were a pleasure like no other. Moist, soft, giving, and receiving. Cora sucked gently, pulling his tongue into her mouth, drawing him into an earth-shaking kiss. No longer only semi-erect, she ground firmly against Scott’s throbbing tool. Sliding down his body, she kissed his mouth, cheek, chin, and neck. Scott always had a thing for the spot his neck meets his shoulder, and she knew all about it. Waves of sensation radiated from her kisses, and caused him to twitch.

As Cora continued to move down, Scott wanted to hold her against him, and feel her body. But when his hands brushed the sides of her full breasts, she grabbed his wrists, pushed them back, and pinned him down.

“No… You just lie there. I need to do something to you first…” Her voice, still a whisper, seemed more sultry, more erotic and exciting. Unwilling to risk the moment, he gave in to her.

Her hands now swirled around his abdomen, groin, and legs as if she needed to touch all the rest of him first. Scott’s erection twitched with anticipation, until she grasped it and held it still, in the palm of her hand. The massage oil all over her soft feminine hands provided just enough slip for her to tease its shaft. She moved her face down toward it, and like a feline, rubbing her face against it. Scott’s leg started to tremble as he opened his knees wider for her. First a soft kiss, just on the very tip… Then a short lick… She was drawing this out… When she finally slipped the tip into her moist lips, Scott let loose a deep moan.

Cora looked up at his face. It was wrenched with tension, a sexual tension that she was about to release. kaçak bahis With one last movement, she spread her lips around it, sucking it in just slightly, and moved all the way down his shaft, to his balls. She pushed it deep into her throat, gaging herself slightly on his flesh. It was so intense for Scott that his toes curled, and hands twisted into fists, and his whole body convulsed. As she pulled back, she sucked hard on him. She could hear him grunt deeply. She was touching on something primal. Once back to his engorged head, she pushed her self down on it again. Scott couldn’t resist swearing.


She was thrilled with the effect she was having on him. She felt strangely powerful, to make him lose control this way. She even liked the trashy feeling of sucking him, gulping down his cock, and choking herself for him. Cora would not refuse him any pleasure, in any way, and at the moment, Scott couldn’t think of anything better. Three times… four times… His whole body spasmed as she pleasured him. Eight… Nine… Ten times… She stopped counting as she moved faster and faster.

Scott’s mind was a blur. Not a single coherent through could be made. Her mouth had sucked the rational right out of him. Her hands, scratching his legs, tugging at his scrotum, and teasing all of him only accelerated his impending climax.

She worked like a crazed woman, playing with her self as she got Scott off. She was close to an orgasm of her own. Finally, she heard Scott mumbling…

“I’m going to come… I’m going to come… I’m going to…” Rather than shy away from it, Cora reviled in it, and pushed Scott over the edge by saying,

“Give it to me, I want it. Put it in my mouth, I want to swallow you…” with his cock still half in her mouth. That was it. He couldn’t hold back any more. Reaching down and pulling her head down on it, his cock erupted. She gaged slightly, but when his hand came free, she pushed her self back down onto it. She gulped as much as she could, but still had some splattered across her face and large breasts before he was done.

Scott colapsed, now twisted half off the massage mat, and gasping for air. His entire body was in shock. Cora laid on top of him, with her head on his belly, still dripping with his seed. She was proud of herself. Between gasps of air, she heard him say,

“Now That’s the way to relieve stress….”

and Cora smiled.

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