A Long Needed Vacation

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Author’s Notes: I really wanted to write a story that was a bit shorter and more to the point than my last one, Meant To Be. This one turned out to be a seven-page word document, though. Transitioning over from traditional writing subjects (or what I consider to be traditional rather) to erotica is still something I’m toying with. I enjoyed writing this story just as much, and I am already working on two more. I will give advance warning that this story ends abruptly, and although it’s more to the point and direct than my last story, it’s still long winded. If you’re looking for that two-page “quickie” story well… this story is not for you. If you are looking to read a really well written story (in my opinion) then hopefully you will find what you are looking for here in my words. Once again, if the ending finds you feeling disappointed I am already working on a follow-up piece that will hopefully keep you coming back to read more of my stories. To those of you who have provided positive and politely negative feedback thank you.

The cabin reservations were booked, the plans made, and I was excited. In the last three years I hadn’t had a single vacation, and this one was three months in the planning. At first when Jessica had suggested that her and I take a vacation along with our significant others I had been skeptical. After all, her and I didn’t know each other very well outside of work, and what I did know of her told me she was somewhat of a wild girl, the complete opposite of me.

But after speaking to my boyfriend Paul about it he had said it sounded like a great idea, so I went ahead and made plans at work for the time off. Jessica did so as well along with her boyfriend Travis. Paul had no problems getting time off since he didn’t actually have a job, so everything was set up.

In the months since we had decided to vacation together until the time it was ready to happen we had formed somewhat of a small circle, hanging out and watching movies, going to clubs, and staying over at each other’s places to have a few drinks. It was funny, even though they were the complete opposite of us, Paul and I really got along well with Travis and Jess.

Paul and I had been together for almost four years, and had lived together for the last year and a half. We were what you’d call an average couple, I guess. Paul was average height and looked good. Since meeting him he had lost some of his “former glory”, as he calls it, but still looked nice on the eyes. He had put on just a few pounds, but didn’t have that fat or even chubby appearance. His blonde hair and blue eyes looked so cute, and his personality was what really had attracted me to him. He was very funny and outgoing, in almost a boyish sort of way.

I was pretty average as well, not overly attractive, but I could catch a few looks every now and then. My body is slim, Paul says it looks very “feminine”, which I suppose makes sense. In my opinion I have a perfect ass, and my breasts, while not large, compliment my slim figure well and are very firm.

Travis and Jess, on the other hand, are completely different. Travis would be a perfect “tall, dark and handsome” candidate if not for his arrogant attitude. His body though is undeniably gorgeous. He’s probably six-two, with dark hair and dark eyes, the kind that just make you want to give in to anything he asks. He also stays in very good shape, and doesn’t mind showing that off by taking off his shirt whenever he can.

Jess is a gem, too. She has the most beautiful brunette hair I have ever seen on a woman, and it goes along so well with her very curvy body. She has the most beautiful set of breasts I have ever seen, probably a C-cup, and as I later found out… all natural. My first impression of Jess was that if I were ever a lesbian, I’d want to be fucking this girl more than any other.

Her body was just so gorgeous, and she was so outgoing. I could just picture us, both deliciously naked together on a bed, with my head down between her legs licking her beautiful pussy as my legs straddled her face. I’d hear her soft moans and feel her breath on my own wet pussy every time I licked her, and as she licked me back I’d grind my pussy against her mouth. We’d do this for hours, until neither of us could take another orgasm.

Before I continue I guess I should explain that I never considered myself a lesbian, or even bi-sexual. Hell, I had never even kissed another girl before. There was just something about Jess that brought out this fantasy in me to make love to another woman. She was so free spirited and wild, yet I could tell just by looking at her that she’d be so in tune to the needs of another woman if she were put into that situation.

I had to shake thoughts like these all the time when around her, mostly because she was so open. During our lunch breaks at work we’d often go shopping, and when we did we’d always end up in the lingerie section of some department store, with her asking me, “How do you think Travis kadıköy escort would like me in this? Think he’d enjoy it? Or tear it off me as soon as he saw me in it? I’m hoping for the latter,” she’d say to me with a wink.

“Well, I’m not sure, I don’t know Travis all that well,” would be my reply, or something else similar depending on the situation. Once we’d gotten more comfortable around each other we started to change in the same dressing room. I’m not sure if this was normal for women to do, and being with Jess I really didn’t care. She just had that kind of free spirit that made you do things you would not normally do. One day she just dragged me into the same room with her, and from there on out that’s how it had been.

She’d model the outfits she wanted to buy for Travis while I stood watching. She’d undress down to just her bra and panties, then try the lingerie on. This was when I found it the hardest not to fantasize. I invariably always imagined her stripping down all the way, but she never did. I thought about placing my hands on her breasts, telling her how beautiful I thought she was, then kissing her. The thought of feeling her lips against mine as I massaged her breasts would get me so excited, but she’d snap me back to reality by asking me a question or making some sort of comment about how the garment looked on her. So that was how I met Jessica and Travis, and our vacation introduced me to things far, far more interesting.


We arrived at the lake a little past noon. It was a mildly hot day, just over 90 degrees. The brochure for the place did it no justice, it was beautiful to say the least. It sat right on the lake, facing the east side, and I could just imagine how beautiful the sunrise would look reflecting off the lake.

The cabin was very spacious, it had a large family room, with a fireplace off to the side, and a very comfortable looking couch and chair. The kitchen was large, too, and in the middle there was a small counter where you could sit. To the left was a separate room for dining with a large oak table and lamp, and a window on the far wall.

The bedrooms were impressive as well, both having large king size beds, built in bookshelves and dressers, and wall mounted lamps that faced down on the bed for reading in bed. In fact, the only negative thing about the cabin was that there was only one bathroom, and it was very small. The bathroom was separate from the bedrooms, so in order to use the bathroom you’d have to leave your room. But even the bathroom was nice, housing both a stand up shower and a hot tub style bathtub.

After settling into the cabin we all decided to go out for a swim. I put on my bathing suit, a nice two piece that showed my figure off well, and headed out to the lake. Jess and Travis followed shortly after. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Jess, she was wearing a two piece as well, but with much less cloth to it. In the front her top barely covered her breasts, and she looked like she’d fall right out of it if she moved too quickly. But the backside was even more revealing. It was a g-string. One of those ones you see in magazines but no one ever actually wears. As she bent down to sit her things down I could swear I saw the smooth lips of her pussy through the thin, barely covering fabric.

We swam for a while, Jess and Travis flirting most of the time. Paul and I really didn’t like to show affection in public, at least not the passionate embraces that her and Travis did. At one point we both realized we hadn’t seen them for a while, and as we swam off to the side we saw them, she was straddling him in the water and moving very quickly. She was fucking Travis and we were right there by them!

I watched them for a few minutes, until Paul tried to get my attention to leave. “Hey, isn’t it rude to be watching them?” he asked. I reached down and felt his hard cock under the water and replied, “Well, you certainly don’t seem to have a problem watching. At least part of you, anyways.”

He didn’t reply because I gave him a hand job right then and there, stroking his cock rapidly as I watched my best friend and her boyfriend having sex no more than 20 feet away. He didn’t last long, and even in the cold water I could feel his cum as he erupted in a nice orgasm. Afterwards he tried to return the favor, but as he found out my fingers were already in my own cunt, pleasuring myself as I watched Jessica getting off. After several minutes she began to moan louder and when I thought she was cumming I brought myself off, too.

The rest of the day was pretty average; we drove around the town, doing leisurely things. Jess and I did some shopping, sight seeing, and even played some miniature golf with the guys. We had plans to rent a boat the next morning so we all decided to head back to the cabin to get some rest.

When we got back we each took turns taking showers since there was only üsküdar escort one shower stall and it was a bit on the small side. I treated myself to a nice, hot shower and washed my hair really well to get out whatever the hell might be in that lake water.

As I washed my body I thought of Jessica, making love to Travis as I watched on. Only in my fantasy she saw me watching, and looked into my eyes as she rode him. Her gaze would never leave me, even as we both had intense orgasms at the same time. The fantasy was so vivid I did not realize that I was getting myself off in the shower and moaning very loudly.

Getting out of the shower I toweled off and got into my p.j.’s, a set of silk men’s pajama’s I had pilfered from Paul and claimed as my own. I got into bed and Paul fell asleep almost immediately. I stayed up a bit longer, however, to read and unwind. I was still somewhat awake and needed to relax before trying to sleep.

I turned out the light and rested my head on my pillow to sleep, but almost immediately heard a vague noise coming from Jess’s room. I lay there, trying to make out the noise, until it became very clear when I heard Jess cry out, “Oh, fuck yes! Pull my hair, fuck me harder.” After that she was pretty quiet, but I could still make out the faint sounds of her moans and their bed squeaking.

I listened on for several minutes, hearing her moaning was starting to turn me on. I slipped my hand under my bottoms and found my moist pussy, and rubbed it softly. Every now and then she’d cry out loudly and I’d run my finger along my clit faster, but as her cries died down so did the speed and effectiveness of my fingers.

I closed my eyes and imagined them there, Travis’s cock buried deep inside her, with one hand in her hair pulling it softly and the other on her hip, steadying her as his thrusts increased. My imagination was so vivid I could almost feel the passion of their sex, but opening my eyes I realized I no longer heard Jess moaning.

I lay there for several minutes, hoping to hear her again, but after a while I realized they must be finished, and after knowing that my excitement died down as well. My hand quickly found its way out of my pajama bottoms, and I turned on my side and sighed, feeling very unsatisfied. First Paul not wanting to have sex and now Jessica and Travis leaving me hanging… I was beginning to get discouraged. I decided, after lying awake and unsuccessfully being able to fall asleep, to go make a sandwich and have a glass of milk.

I got up and walked out of the room, careful not to disturb Paul from sleeping, and headed towards the kitchen, but stopped as I neared the bathroom. I heard the water running and wanted to see who it was, but wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. My curiosity got the better of me, though, so I went to see which of the two it was. I was hoping it was Jess, though. If it were Jessica I’d ask her to have a sandwich with me.

As I turned the corner I quickly discovered it was not Jessica up and about, but Travis. He stood in the bathroom, completely naked, and was running his hands through the water before running them over his fully erect cock, presumably to wash it off. I couldn’t do anything except stand there and stare.

Up until this exact moment I had never looked at Travis, I mean really looked at him. His body was gorgeous. His chest was so well defined, and his body had a nice golden tan to it. His legs, his arms, and even his stomach were so toned… but his cock was what I focused on the most. His dick was big, much bigger than Paul’s. And thick, too.

I stood there, admiring his body, when he turned and looked right at me. I was frozen with embarrassment. My best friends boyfriend just caught me staring at his naked body. I expected him to scamper to cover up, but he didn’t. Instead he just looked me square in the eyes and continued to clean his cock. Only, this time, he left one wrapped around his hard cock and slowly stroked it as his other hand went back to the water.

“Are you going to stand there all night, or are you going to come over here and take care of me?” I heard him say as he continued to look directly at me. I couldn’t speak. I just nodded my recognition of his words, then walked over to him. My legs shook a bit and I suddenly became aware that I was about to embrace another man, my best friend’s man, and yet I didn’t care.

I didn’t even have time to care. As soon as I reached Travis he reached out for me, grabbed me around the arm, and pulled me towards him. He pulled me to him, and kissed me passionately. His tongue slid inside my mouth expertly, and I felt like an amateur kisser next to him. I did the only thing I could to make myself less self-conscious, I wrapped my hand around his cock.

He immediately reacted, pulling me closer and holding me hard against him, and his tongue slid deeper into my mouth. I stroked his cock slowly, feeling his arousal more and more as I stroked. tuzla escort Our embrace lasted only moments, and when he broke it I dropped straight to my knees to stare at his cock at eye level.

I noticed the large vein, the skin stretched tight, then I opened my mouth and took as much of him in as I could. I wrapped my lips around him tightly, sucking hard and using as much saliva as I could. I moved my mouth off his cock and used my saliva to stroke him off, then as I stroked I started sucking his cock at the same time. He let out a moan and said in a low voice, “Aww yeah, that’s it. God you suck fucking great cock. I knew you were a great cocksucker the first time I met you. Keep it up slut and I may have to fuck you right here and now.”

I didn’t even pay attention to his words; I just kept sucking and stroking his now very hard and wet cock. I rubbed his balls with my other hand, and this made him moan even louder. I felt his hips thrust towards me, wanting his cock deeper inside my mouth. I opened my mouth to accommodate his huge cock as much as I could, but my jaw was getting tired.

“Stand up, slut. I’m going to fuck you now. Lick your fingers, I want you to rub that pussy and get it nice and ready for my cock, bitch.” I did as he said. I stood up and in one fluent motion slid the silk bottoms off me. I turned away from him and bent over the sink then licked my fingers before putting them between my legs and rubbing my already wet cunt.

“You have an absolutely perfect ass, and I’m going to give it one hard fucking. Are you ready,” he said from behind me.

“You talk too fucking much, Travis. Are you going to fuck me or are you going to just talk about fucking me all night?” I replied to him, raising my ass to him more and waiting.

He didn’t bother replying, and instead I felt his hands on my hips then in an instant he rammed the entire length of his cock into my pussy. “Oh my God, you fucking asshole. God that feels good. Oh yeah, hard, fuck me hard,” I said to him as he rammed his cock inside me.

He gripped my hips tightly, and rammed his cock inside me for several minutes. Everything he did was so rough, so callous. If it were Paul I’d have stopped by now, but coming from Travis turned me on so much. I knew he was an asshole, and he was proving it now by fucking the best friend of his girlfriend… and I loved it.

“So are going to join us, or were you planning on just watching this time, babe?” At first I didn’t know what he was saying, or who he was saying it to, until I turned my head and saw Jessica leaning against the wall in the hallway.

“Oh my God, Jess. I’m so sorry, I…” was all I could say as I tried to pull away from Travis. “Shut up, bitch. And did I tell you you could leave?” Travis replied as he maintained his grip on my hips, holding me in place with his cock still inside me.

“It’s ok hon, I was hoping you’d hear us having sex and eventually end up in a situation like this. In fact, I’ve been wanting you for a while. Do you mind if I join you two?” she said, crossing her arms and grabbing the bottom of her nightie before pulling it up and off quickly. I stopped struggling against Travis and just stood there looking at her gorgeous body. In my fantasies she had a nice, neatly trimmed patch of hair just above her pussy, but to my surprise she was completely shaved. Her breasts were firmer than I had imagined, too, with dark nipples that were very hard, probably because she was aroused I guessed.

Instead of waiting for an answer Travis immediately started to fuck me hard again, and I resumed moaning and begging for more, but this time I held my gaze on Jessica as she began to walk towards me. When she got to me she ran her hands over my back, through my hair and made Travis release his grip. Her hands roamed all over my body, and eventually went down my back and over my ass. She let her hands trace over my asshole, and I shuddered a bit as she wrapped her hand around Travis’s cock as it slid deep inside me. I could feel her soft hand against my pussy as she rubbed his cock.

“My lord you’re wet. How long has he been fuckin you for?” she asked me. I waited a second in hopes Travis would slow down long enough for me to answer, but he didn’t. His hard thrusts continued.

“He’s… we’ve been fucking… for about ten minutes,” I replied, trying to find enough breath to talk between his thrusts. She just smiled and then traced her hand back up my back, to my hair, and pulled my head forward to kiss me. When her lips touched mine it was fantasy fulfilled. Her lips felt so soft and sweet, and my mouth parted to allow her tongue access to mine.

We kissed for several minutes, our tongues intertwined and dancing together in a long, slow song. As we kissed, her hands massaged my breasts, making my nipples hard. She pinched them and teased them, pulling and twisting them gently. Everything she did was so much more erotic than a man, and having her there to really excite me while Travis fucked me hard form behind was more than I could take.

My breathing increased and I kissed Jess with more urgency, sucking on her tongue hard, even biting it. She moaned into my mouth, and then said, “Ooh you’re about to cum aren’t you? His cock feels nice doesn’t it? Did you like watching us in the lake? We knew you saw us.”

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