A First Time For Everything

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A First Time For Everything
There is always a first time for everything. And there is something really neat about remembering that first unique, or perhaps, that first out of the ordinary sensual or sexual experience someone had us experienced, and the person who “did it “ to us.

I already spoke about Fatima in my previous story. With her I would have my first taste of golden nectar and because of her I would develop a taste for it. As well as for the incredible arousal of having a lady urinate through her panties right into my mouth.

And I was absolutely not prepared for the what she was going to do, and how she was going rise the bar sort of speak, that winter week.

Fatima and I were not in love, we were in lust. We were not steady boyfriend and girlfriend. We saw each other when I was able to make it to town during leave; and those few times she flew out to meet me at a port of call.

Having a few weeks off, we decided to enjoy the Colorado mountains and maybe do some skiing which we never did. The drive was wonderful, filled with catch up conversation and innuendos about how and what we wanted to do with each other.

No sooner had the door of the room closed behind us we were all over each other. Our lust just need to be satisfied. In between stepping out for short walks, drinks and meals, the first couple of days were filled with hours of sucking, fucking, and making sure we had drained every drop of sweat and sexual fluid out of each other; yet, I couldn’t help but notice that something was off. She had not asked if I wanted her to pee in my mouth, something that was almost normal when we were together.

Other times after coming from a wonderful evening dinner, we would start making out right when we got in the room, and sooner than later she would say “I got to pee, want to come?” Which as my signal to undress, lie down on the bathtub or on the bathroom floor, and for her to rub her beautiful crotch already moist with her juices on my face, and then lift it just far enough so that I could enjoy the view of her piss sipping through her panties and drink that wonderful nectar mix of pee and pussy juice…

Not only had she not invited me to enjoy her piss, she had not used the phrase that in her voice could melt illegal bahis siteleri an iceberg…”fuck me in the ass.”

I was afraid that she was getting bored, and that our relationship was not going to last long. Was I wrong.

It was either our third or forth night together, we had come back from having dinner at a fancy restaurant. Her winter coat, white turtle neck sweater, tight light blue jeans and high winter leather boots made me just want to fuck her all night long. I so wanted to see her pee in her pants; and I asked her to, she said that if I was a good boy, it may happen, but not that night.

As we arrived in our room, we starting making out and saying erotic things in each others ears. At what point she says “I really like it when you fuck me in the ass;” my answer was “I really like it too, and I like that you like it.” She smiled and said “how do you know, how it feels?” Uhh? I really didn’t know what she meant, and instead of asking, just kept on touching and caressing her….

She then said, we should do it, and said “do you want to have anal sex?” Of course dammit was my thought, I want to fuck you in the ass… my voice only said “uh, uhhmm.” Pushing me away, she says, get in bed, I”m going to go in the bathroom, get ready” — Do you want me to come with you — said I — “nope, she replied, today I’m doing this by myself.”

She dimmed the lights as she went to the bathroom and took one of her smaller suitcases with her. I laid in bed, imaging what was just going to happen in a few minutes, imagining my mouth kissing and licking her pussy and then her asshole, and then the moment in which my cock will make her sphincter surrender and her whole ass would be mine once again.

Like a good little boy, I did what I was told, I took my clothes off and got into bed, waiting for what it seemed to be forever. “Close your eyes” – I head her say. So I did. I sat up on the bed to wait for my girl. I felt her arrange herself in the bed, she was on top of me, a little in front, I could tell that when I open my eyes I was going to be face to face with her beautiful pussy lips, and I was going to lick her dry. “Open your eyes” she whispered….

“Holy Shit” were the words out of my mouth when I opened my eyes. risksiz bahis veren siteler A large (at least to me) rubber cock was in front of my face. She was wearing a beautiful set of white lingerie, and pink rubber strap-on cock. My mouth was wide open, which she saw it as an opportunity to stick the thing in my mouth, as she said “suck it”. I tried to protest, the response was “suck it or you will never fuck my ass again.” I obliged, and starting sucking my first cock, even if it was rubber.

“You look so good sucking on it, do you want to fuck me in the ass?” I moved my head up and down. — “I bet you do, I want you to fuck me in the ass, but first I”m going to fuck your ass, I want you to feel how good it feels to be fucked in the ass.”

It took a lot of my strength to pull my mouth back from that rubber cock as she was holding the back of my head with her hands. —“What the fuck? You want to put this up my ass? No way “—- And I have to say, I hate it when a woman knows exactly how to look at you, and what type of tone of voice to use on you, to melt iron and penetrate a man’s strongest guard. “If I don’t fuck you in the ass, not only are you not fucking my ass again, you are not fucking me ever again.”

Darn, that was a tough decision to make. How bad could it be I thought? Some guys even join it, don’t they? Is not a man fucking me, is this beautiful woman for whom I lust so much. Darn, ok – I gave in —

Ok I said, what do I do? I said, not feeling to certain of myself. She smiled. Get in all fours like a good doggy, and lower your ass. Ok, I did as I was told. I felt her put lubricant on my ass hole and then I felt the massive head of that thing touch my ass. My reflex was to tighten up and pull away; she commanded; don’t fucking move, relax…and then without warning gave a trust that must gone in maybe a little less than an inch…

The pain was terrible, I screamed, pulled away, jumped out of bed, hopped around the room like a fucking rabbit complaining about the pain in my ass. She looked at me, laughing, and said… “will never fuck me again…”.

I said, maybe we are not doing this right. What do you mean she asked? Well, when I fuck you in the ass, I first eat your casino siteleri ass, put my tongue in it, and put my fingers in it first; maybe you need to do that…

Eat your ass? Are you crazy? She said; hey, it is your idea not mine… I replied… Ok she said; go wash your ass really good. I went in the shower and took the hand nozzle to my ass, soaping it really good, letting the water come in a little and pushing it out so that hopefully nothing would be there that would turn her off.

I came out, and set myself on all four. A second later he tongue was making circles around my asshole. Wet and warm it felt wonderful, and I moaned. She starting living puddles of saliva and then took her finger and made circles also with the lubrication from them; and then, I had a finger in my ass. This hurt less, I felt it, it was painful, but different. As she starting to trust her finger in and out, I started to relax; soon I had two finger in me, and damm I was enjoy it. She then said… I think you are ready…

Once again I felt the lubricant and shortly after the head; this time I didn’t want to wait so as soon as I felt it, I bit the pillow and trust my ass right into it. It was painful but not as bad as the first time around, I couldn’t move; but soon she starting trusting in and out slowly at first, and then just little faster. She was moaning and screaming I guess the other side of the strappon was humping her pussy.

I need to see her beautiful face…. I pulled the thing out. Turned around, and forced her to lay flat on the bed. Then I went on top of her, and using my own hand guided the plastic cock into my asshole. I arched my back so that I could feel her pussy as I fucked her plastic cock…

She smiled and starting stroking my cock; before long I was fucking her plastic cock faster and faster as she stroke me; and then I came, I shot once, twice, three four times; I never had come in such amount and with such force, I got cum right on her face, her hair and eyes, it felt like I was never going to stop shooting; each time a stream came out my asshole tighten around the plastic dick and it felt fantastic.

After a while we both laid in bed, exhausted. After about fifteen minutes the kissing and the fondling started again, and she just turned offering me her beautiful pussy to be licked. As she is getting ready to take my cock in her mouth she says: “I hope you are not dry, and you can get hard again; cause I want you to fuck me in the ass”…. I didn’t have to say anything. My hard pole did the talking…

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