A fine summer vacation: one morning

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A fine summer vacation: one morningBonnie was dressed for work and standing at the sink washing her coffee cup as Danny came padding into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes from sleep. It did not surprise her that he was stark naked and his dick was sticking out straight and stiff as it so often did when he awoke. As she placed her cup in the drainer she felt his hands at her waist from behind as he grabbed her pants and pulled them along with her panties down to her knees and slapped her thick exposed bottom twice.”Honey, I can’t. I have to leave for work in five minutes!” she said.”C’mon, Mom, ” Danny whined, trying to spread the fleshy cheeks of her ass to expose her pink anus; his dick bobbed toward her butt. “I need it, Mom.””No, Danny!” she said firmly, turning around and pinching his unshaven but soft face in her hand. “You may be on summer vacation but I tuzla escort have to work!”
Softening a little, she added with a smile, “I’ll finish you if you’re quick — you go lie down on your bed and get it ready. Call me! You have two minutes. I have a meeting!”Danny put a hand on her shoulder and she realized he was trying to push her down to her knees, but she stepped back out of his reach and grabbed his hair. “Go!” she commanded, and he turned sheepishly toward his room. It was her turn to slap his ass, as he walked off. “Hurry up!” she added urgently.Bonnie went to the entrance hall and put her shoulder bag, jacket and lunch bad over the bench, and walked back to the bathroom swiftly, her shoes clicking on the floor. She began to brush her teeth. Almost as soon as she was finished rinsing she heard her son call to her from his room, “Mom! Mom! Get in tuzla escort bayan here now!”She slipped the toothbrush into its slot, set the cup down and walked very quickly, almost running, toward his open door. She had to hurry!Danny lay naked on his bed, jerking hard on his erection. “Ohh, Mom!” Without a moment to lose, she bent forward from the foot of his bed and lay across the bottom half of his bed. She was hurrying because her son was almost ready to come and she didn’t want to miss any. Her mouth opened and she engulfed his penis and sucked it into her throat as he moaned deeply. He immediately began to fuck her face, and she sucked her son’s penis in all the way with each stroke. He had tricked her, though. He wasn’t about to come; he was trying to get a long blowjob but she needed to go to work, so she pulled away for a moment and licked her left escort tuzla middle finger wetly. “You bad boy,” she said, and as sucked went back down and took him into her mouth again she shoved slick her wet finger deep into his ass. That would show him! It worked. He cried out right away and spurted deep into his mother’s throat, and she sucked and sucked as his load went down; she pulled her finger out of him gently as he spasmed, drinking all his come into her body. It gave her a great deal of satisfaction to make him come, and she was grateful to be there to accept her vigorous son’s sperm daily at least once if not twice.But she did have to go to work, so as soon as he was spent, she leapt up and ran back to the bathroom, washed her hands, and before he had said a word she was yelling, “Bye, hon!” and was out the door. They had the perfect routine. Almost every day, Bonnie went to work with her son’s cum inside her somewhere, and at night she went to sleep with with cum inside her too. What a fine summer vacation this was turning out to be for Danny and his mother!

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