A Family Affair Ch. 01

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21 year old Rebecca walked into her parent’s house. It had been a long four years of college but she had made it. She was a college graduate. “Mom, dad I’m home.” She called to the empty room. Now that she was out of school she had decided to come back home and stay with her parents for a while until she decided what she wanted to do with her life.

Her 19 year old brother came into the room from the kitchen and smiled at her. “Hey sis, welcome home.” He hugged her slender body and made sure her 36C tits pressed tightly against his chest as he hugged her. “How does it feel being a college graduate?”

Rebecca blushed lightly at the way he had hugged her then smiled. “It feels amazing. Like I accomplished something. Where are mom and dad?”

Alex smiled at her blush. She had no idea that he had been fucking their parents for a little under a year and that they planned to bring her into the family fold now that she was home. He looked at her tits and licked his lips as he thought about sinking his 8 inch cock into her waiting well. “They went over to Aunt Linda’s for cards. “They’ll be home later.”

Rebecca looked at her brother and smiled. He had really grown up in the four years she had been gone. His slender build was well filled out and his pale blue eyes were sparkling with mischievousness. She ruffled his jet black hair then picked up her bag. “Well I’m going to go freshen up then.” She left him standing in the living room as she headed for the stairs and her bedroom.

Rebecca stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around her body. It felt good to be clean again. She stepped out into the hallway and headed towards her bedroom. Once inside she let the towel fall to the floor as she dug in her bag for some clothes. She looked in the mirror on the back of her door and admired her slender body as she looked at herself. Her shaved pussy seemed to be winking at her as she looked at herself. Reaching down she spread her pussy lips open and looked at her clit just starting to peek out of its hood. Rebecca flicked her finger lightly over her clit and moaned. “Oooohhhhh that felt good.” She smiled as she looked at her reflection.

She kept watching in the mirror as she flicked her finger over her clit again. “Ugh, that feels really good.” She moaned as she watched her clit pushing out of its hood. Rebecca worked at her clit a few more times as she moaned hotly. “God, I gotta get off.” She thought out loud as she moved away from the door and over to her bed. She stretched out on the bed with her head on her pillows and spread her legs wide as she pulled her pussy lips open once more. She flicked her finger over her clit a couple of times and moaned hotly as shocks of electricity shot through her body. “Oh god yes, that feels so good.” She pinched her clit and gasped as another shot through her. “I need more.” She whined slipping her hand down further and sliding 3 fingers into her sopping slit.

“Oh yeah, that’s better.” She purred as she worked her fingers in and out of her hot slit. She slowly fingered her pussy as she used her free hand and pulled on her nipples until they were hard little nubs. “Ugh, oh god yes.” She purred fingering her pussy faster as pleasure coursed through her body. “Need to cum so bad.”

Her fingers flew in and out of her body, flying so fast it was hard to tell where bakırköy escort her pussy stopped and her fingers began. She began panting and taking shallow breaths as her body came to life. “Oh yes, oh god so good.” She whined working her fingers even faster as she felt her orgasm rising fast and hard. “Need to cum so bad.” Her free hand was mauling her breast, pinching and pulling at the tender flesh as shots of pain and pleasure coursed through her. “Ugh, oh god, so close.” She humped her body against her flying fingers as her other hand pulled at her breast. “Need to cum so bad.” She moaned hotly slamming her fingers dangerously inside her.

Her fingers flew in and out of her hot cunt as she humped her body tightly against them. The bed springs bounced with her movements and protested as she worked her body hard and fast. “Oh…oh god, I’m cummmmminnnnnggggg…” She cried pushing her fingers as far inside her as she could get them and holding them there as her body convulsed with spasms of release.

Rebecca pulled her fingers out of her cunt and relaxed against the bed sleepily. That was the strongest orgasm she had given herself in a long time and it completely wore her out. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep even as her hand still cupped her breast.

Alex moved away from his sister’s door and smiled as he rubbed his cock through his jeans. He knew dad wanted to be the first to get a piece of her, but he planned to have some fun with his sister as soon as their father was done with her.

Rebecca awoke to a tongue moving seductively over her clit and three fingers slowly sawing in and out of her slit. She opened her eyes and looked around. The room was dark and the mouth between her legs was driving her crazy. “Ugh, what is going on?” she asked the darkness even as she lifted her hips against the probing mouth.

There was no answer from the mouth between her legs, just a slurping sound as she felt a wet tongue brush repeatedly against her clit. “Ugh, oh god yes.” She purred lifting her hips against the invader. She felt the fingers moving faster inside her and whimpered with need as she started breathing heavily. Rebecca pulled her knees up and pushed her feet into the mattress as she started humping against the mouth at her pussy. She figured she would gripe later at whoever it was eating her out so nicely, for now she just wanted to cum. “Ugh, eat me.” She begged reaching down between her spread legs and grasping the head and pulling it closer to her burning pussy. “make me cum on that hot tongue.”

The tongue flicked harder against her clit as the fingers moved faster and harder inside her. Rebecca was breathing heavily and humping her body hard against the mysterious person. “Ugh, oh god, yes, eat me. It feels so good.” She purred lifting her hips against the mysterious tongue.

When she felt a pair of lips wrap around her clit and start sucking, she went out of her mind. “Ugh, oh fuck I’m going to cum, eat me.” She begged humping more wildly then before, her ass slamming against the mattress as she mashed her pussy against the mysterious invader.

The mouth sucked harder at her clit, making slurping noises through its nose as it drove his fingers deep inside her. The fingers flew in and out of her hot hole making her whimper and cry out beşiktaş escort as she was pushed closer and closer to release. “Fuck, I’m cummminnnnngggg…” She squealed slamming her pussy tight against the mysterious face as she coated it with her juices.

The fingers that were flying inside her were suddenly gone and replaced by a wet tongue that started worming its way in and out of her. Rebecca whined with need as she felt her orgasm rising once more. “Oh god, I think I’m going to cum again.” She whimpered lifting against the probing tongue.

The probing tongue worked its way in and out of her furiously driving her insane with need. “Eat me, make me cum again.” She begged holding tight to the mysterious head that was driving her beyond thinking. She was so hot that she didn’t care who was eating her out, just that they made her cum again. Her feet pressed tight into the mattress as she humped her body forcefully against the probing tongue and fingers. “Ugh, eat meeee, I’m cummminnnnngggg…” She squealed once more as she went flying over the edge.

The tongue drove hard inside her drinking up all the luscious juices she had spewing out of her body. Rebecca laid back panting as she willed her breathing back to normal. Once he got all the juices, the tongue left her body and Rebecca sighed. Then suddenly she felt a weight on her body and her legs were pressed up against her chest as a hard piece of steel pressed against her entrance. “Welcome home sweetheart.” A deep voice said against her ear as she felt the steel start to penetrate her body.

“D…daddy?” Rebecca asked in shock as she felt herself being stretched around his hard cock as he slowly slid inside her.

“Yes sweetheart.” He kissed her softly as he continued to slowly press into her. His 9 inch cock slid very slowly into her depths as Rebecca moaned hotly.

Rebecca put her hands on his shoulders as she felt him invading her. His cock felt so good sliding into her depths, but at the same time she knew this was wrong. “Daddy, you shouldn’t be doing this.” She protested weakly even as she felt her pussy muscles tightening around him.

“Didn’t you like daddy tonguing your hot pussy baby girl?” Ron asked as he continued to slowly press into her. He could feel her tightening around him and moaned hotly as he kissed her softly.

“Ugh, oh daddy you’re so big.” Rebecca sighed as he continued to slowly fill her. She was beginning to wonder if he would ever reach bottom.

“That is nine inches of pure steel little girl.” He growled as he leaned down and gently bit at her neck.

“Y…you shouldn’t be fucking me daddy. You’re my dad.” She protested weakly even as she felt him bottom out inside her and start to slowly pull back out.

“You liked it when I was tonguing that hot pussy little girl.” He said softly as he pulled out halfway then pressed into her once more.

“I… I didn’t know it was you.” She said softly even as she moaned hotly from his slow strokes. “Daddy, oh god daddy.” She clung to his shoulders as he started sliding in and out of her with long, slow strokes.

“Just lay back and enjoy it sweetheart. We aren’t hurting anyone. No one has to know.” He pulled out halfway then suddenly slammed his hips forward impaling her once more.

Rebecca knew she should beylikdüzü escort push him off of her. This was her father after all, but his cock felt so good slithering in and out of her and she was so hot, she figured what the hell. He was right, they weren’t hurting anyone. Then she thought about her mother and froze. “D…daddy, what about mom?”

Ron started fucking her a bit faster and smiled as Rebecca started fucking back against him. “Relax honey, at this particular moment your mother is getting her own cunt filled by your brother’s cock.”

“A…Alex is fucking mom?” Rebecca asked stunned even as her hips lifted against her father’s slow thrusts.

“Uh huh… Now shut up and enjoy the ride little girl.” He growled locking his lips on hers and kissing her deeply as he sped up the power of his thrusts and pounded hard and fast into her willing hole.

Rebecca whimpered against his mouth as he brought her body to life. Her pussy was on fire and she was sure he was the only one who could put the fire out. She kissed him back with all the passion she felt in her body as she wrapped her arms up around his neck and matched his thrusts with ones of her own. “Daddy, oh god daddy, fuck me.” She growled tearing her mouth away from his as she let out a loud squeal.

“That’s it little girl, enjoy daddy’s big dick.” He panted fucking her harder and faster, drilling hard and deep inside her wet slit. “Fuck back against daddy, show me how much you love my big dick.”

“I love it. I love it drilling deep inside me.” She purred lifting her hips against his powerful strokes. “Ugh, oh god fuck me daddy, make me cum on your big dick.”

Ron locked his arms on either side of her and pressed his upper body into her legs that were pressed against her chest. He drilled hard and fast into her, making the bed squeak in protest at his powerful thrusts. “Cum for me little girl, cum all over daddy’s big dick. He repositioned just enough that when he pressed into her, he hit her clit.

“Ugh, oh god daddy, fuck meeeeeeeeee I’m cummminnnnngggg.” She squealed as she slammed her hips up against him.

Ron growled as he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. “That’s it little girl, cum all over daddy’s big dick.” He drilled into her harder than before looking for his own release; he felt his balls burning and knew it wouldn’t be long before he was filling her with his juice.

Rebecca wrapped her arms up around his neck and pulled his lips to hers. “Oh daddy, you feel so good. Fuck me, make me cum again. I can feel it building again.

Ron slammed hard and fast into her making her squeal with each plunge. “Cum again baby girl, I don’t think I can hold back much longer.”

Rebecca reached down between their bodies and grasped her clit. She dug her nail into the small nub and screamed as she went flying over the edge once more. “Fill me up daddy, fill me up now, I’m cumminnngg again.”

Ron slammed his hips forward and buried himself completely inside her as he let go. “Here it comes lover, take it, take all of daddy’s hot juice.”

Rebecca squealed as she felt his cum splashing against her insides. “Oh yes daddy, fill me up.”

Ron collapsed against her and kissed her softly. “Welcome home baby girl.”

Rebecca chuckled and kissed him softly. “Thank you daddy, I’m glad to be home.”

Ron rolled over onto his back and pulled her into his arms. “Now go to sleep little one, it is late. We can talk tomorrow.”

She curled up against his chest and nodded. “Yes daddy.” Her pussy sang from the times he had made her cum and being warm next to his body she drifted off to sleep.

To be continued

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