A Day to Remember

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Bindhi had been working as a house maid for the last two years. She had no relatives. Her parents were farmers and they died in the flood of 2000. She is now 20 years old. She had come to work in Major Ramji’s house two months back. Major’s wife died in an accident three months back. He had no children to take care of him. Since then he was looking for a help in his house.

Maya auntie who leaves next door had referred Bindhi to the Major and immediately she was hired. Major was a decent man. At 56 he still had an athletic body of 30 year old. He owns many businesses and travels frequently. Bindhi was to manage the house in the absence of Major and is to cook for him when ever he comes home for his long business trips. Ramji is rumored to have a sexual attraction to young girls. But Bindhi had no such experience from him during her stay, Major had been always been caring and loving to her.

She was very much aware of the two eyes that were scanning every inch of her from the house next door while she were tending the plants in the garden the whole time. She had no doubt that it was Arun who was admiring her body. Arun is the only son of Maya auntie who stays next door. Arun is working as a software consultant in the nearby town. At first Bindhi was angry at the guy for watching her all the time, but then she started to love the attention. Her body always responded positively to his searching eyes. Arun was 28 and a bachelor. He is reported to have very few friends. Maya auntie’s conversations are mainly about her son. Bindhi came to know about Arun from his mother only. They never had a chance to talk; once or twice they had their eyes locked while he came in between Bindhi’s conversations with Maya auntie. She later realized that these intrusions were deliberate attempts from the side of Arun to catch a glimpse of her.

While working in the garden or mopping the terrace he watches her with his eager eyes. She has never forgotten to display her ample cleavage and sexy figure to him. She loved to tease him. She also started wearing tight dresses which highlighted her figure.

She was cooking when the door bell rang. It was Arun at the door as she had desired, but her heart skipped a beat when her wish cam true. Maya auntie had send Arun to check Major’s computer for some glitches. Major had told him to check it if possible. He had no reason to decline as Bindhi was there and he will get a chance to known her better. His hormones were at boiling point when he rang the bell of Major’s house.

Bindhi was just in her nightgown when she opened the door. The smile on her face was a welcome gesture to him. It was oblivious that she was wearing no bra from the way her medium sized breasts swayed while walking. Her low cut nightgown gave a good view of her beautiful cleavage. He was getting excited inside and was worried whether Bindhi would notice his bulge in the pants.

He had doubts that she was aware of him watching her. He had seen her glancing at him several times. His room was adjacent to Major’s house and he could watch most of her movements from his room. Bindhi’s room was opposite to his and the bursa escort open windows sometimes gave him near intimate access to her at times.

Bindhi took him to the computer room. She immediately left the room without talking to him. She was also excited about being alone with him and her wet insides were longing for his touch. She could sense that the emotions were mutual and if she gave her control away everything could happen. She for the time being wanted her burning for him to stop from coming out. So she left the room immediately to make some coffee for him.

Maya auntie was out of station on some personal matter and Major is only expected to be back next week. She liked her lonely adventures in this house and had started managing things around to Major’s liking. This has resulted in Major taking longer trips. The coffee was ready; she went to the computer room to give it to Arun. Arun was busy checking the computer when he came upon one folder that was named “Lolita”. He tried to open it, but it was password protected. He was eager to know what was in it, so he took his crack program CD and inserted it in the computer. The crack was successfully done and the folder opened. The password was a shock to him, it was Bindhi’s name. He never thought that the Major had hots for Bindhi though he was rumored to have something for young girls. He was delighted at the videos and pics he saw in the folder. He immediately copied all of it into his thumb drive. The computer had some virus and he started the virus scanner software. Then he started to check the folder thoroughly. The pics were all of Bindhi’s in varied levels of nudity. It was obvious that Major had hidden cameras in Bindhi’s room and the bathroom.

There was a particular file that caught his eyes. He opened it, there Bindhi was, lying on the bed naked and masturbating. It was really something, her tits, her shaven snatch, long beautiful kegs and pretty ass. Arun was now rubbing vigorously his hard on through the fabric which now was at its full mast. At that moment Bindhi came into the room with the coffee. At first she didn’t recognize what was on the computer screen, but a closer look stunned her.

Arun was shocked to see Bindhi at that moment. He tried to close the video, but not without taking some time. She was still standing there shell shocked. She was angry at Arun and enquired him about the video. He was afraid first, but as he saw her calmness, he told her the truth. Inside, Arun was having a war; his eyes now could only see the naked beautiful figure of Bindhi. His lust for Bindhi reached its max.

Bindhi was now crying, he went to her and consoled her. She was not mad at him for seeing or at Major for taking it, but for not being aware of such an intrusion into her personal life without her consent. She liked being naked around and having sex. She had fantasies of having sex with Arun and Major separately and together.

He suddenly went to her room, Arun went behind her to comfort her and say sorry. Entering her room he was treated to the sight of his life. There on the bed fully naked is the girl of his desire waiting for bursa escort bayan him to ravish her. Bindhi told him to get free his straining friend and to come and sit beside her. Though she wanted it, this was not the way she wanted it. But as he saw her naked in the video she didn’t want wait for another time or day. In her mind she was planning a different treat for Major this time for his home coming.

Arun was all excited and as his clothes came off his straining had on stood full mast breathing the fresh air. Bindhi came near him and took his 8″ cock in her soft hands. Wearing just a smile she kissed the precum off his dick. Arun moaned in excitement. 20 year old Bindhi had all he wanted and she is now pleasuring him. The cock slid its full length into her seductive mouth. He couldn’t believe his luck. He thrust his hardest cock in and out of her soft mouth now more vigorously. His hands now traveled all over her smooth silky back and stopped at her butter smooth ass cheeks. He groped her ass; it almost melted in his hands. She was moaning with pleasure. She sure was enjoying every bit of his rock hard cock. Her one hand was now busy playing with her clit. She licked the length of his rod and took the balls in her mouth. She tasted his hard dick as if tasting the tastiest lollipop. He realized that he was at the edge and he would come in seconds. Bindhi also realized this and grabbed his dick harder and took the maximum of its length in her mouth. Arun spurted his first cum of the day into her waiting mouth. Like an expert she drank the entire cum. Bindhi wanted more, it tasted wonderful.

She lay back on the bed. Arun climbed on the bed. He put his legs on either side of her. He was on his knees on top of her snatch. Their eyes locked. He kissed gently on her lips. Her lips parted to receive his tongue as though in a trance. He then moved downwards to her neck, she felt juices dripped from her cunt. She had wanted this to happen for sometime and now that it is happening she is at the height of pleasure. She came out from her thoughts as Arun’s tongue started to lick on her hard tits. He was enjoying the item of his desire to the max. For him always her medium sized rounded breasts were the highlight of her body. He ravaged on those beauties with his hands and tongue.

The scent of her sweet little pussy welcomed his excited tongue. He had never eaten any cunt in his life, though he had fucked many women. Once he had tried to eat the cunt of his boss, but he couldn’t continue there much. Bindhi was different; she has this enigmatic sexual charm which drove him crazy. He would do anything to be with her like this. Arun tongued her vigorously, lapping at her cunt. She tasted like cream and honey to him. His hands clutched her ass holding her pussy in place to feed on her totally. She had a tight cunt which was not explored much.

She couldn’t take anymore. She was having her first orgasm. Though a few men have taken her none had given her this much pleasure. Arun was doing a great job. She came, came twice in to his waiting mouth. Arun fell on to his back near her on the bed. Few minutes later she bends escort bursa on to his now limp dick and took it in her hands. She began to give him a slow hand job. His cock came back into full glory inside her mouth. She then climbed on him and sat on his erect cock. The monster went inside her ever so easily. She was wet as she has never been. Her nails dug into his body. The passion in both of them was very high. Her mouth found his tits and she started to lick it, bite it and chew it. She was moaning like a wanton whore. He was enjoying every bit of it. She thrust her cunt on his cock and fucked him hard.

Arun held her and made her lie below him. He pounded her like an animal. His cock was reaming and stretching the entire stretch of her cunt. She wiggled her hips, milking him dry. She fucked back, sliding the sheath of his cock back and forth. There both of them were coming and they came together. The first cum was shot, deep into her and filling her.

She was a satisfied woman now. She took his hand and guided him to her bathroom. The cold shower on their body was like a cleansing rain. But the cold water had something else in store for them. With the cold settling in Arun’s dick started to grow and it regained its full length and breadth within seconds. Bindhi was wet, not only from the water but also from between her thighs. Her pussy was sore from the hard fuck they had minutes ago. She asked him to do her doggy style in the ass. Arun was awestruck; he had wanted to put it in the ass ever since he started fucking around. But no women he fucked had yielded to his wish. Bindhi was now on her knees bending forward on the floor of the bathroom for him to have her in her ass. Bindhi felt his cock searching her ass hole from behind. She was busy tickling her clit when the hard rod was pushing into her from behind. She was very tight; Arun was having difficulty in putting his dick in her ass. It was a painful sex for both, but both of them wanted it. Arun had to pie, she just told him to pie on her. Arun was stunned at her request but this was real exciting though kinky. He pied on her breasts and flat smooth belly. This made the scene all the more electric. Bindhi took his dick in her mouth and licked the whole of it. Her saliva acted as the lubricant. Arun now put his dick in her ass with much ease. He started to pound her slow first then as passion grew he was fucking her ass harder and harder. Her hand reached behind and she cupped his ass, holding him close to herself. She was having her third orgasm of the day. She stimulating her clit and him pounding her ass made her come once more immediately. This time Arun also came in her ass.

The sensation of coming in her ass was great. She also felt great though she had slight pain due to the hard fucking.

They both washed in the shower together and slept on her bed naked for hours holding each other. It was late evening when they woke up. Arun got dressed up. Bindhi was beginning to get dressed. Arun asked her to not wear anything till he leaves. Together they came to the front door. The sight of her nude body hugging to him was something to watch. On reaching the front door, Arun planted a kiss on her lips. Lips entwined they stood there for sometime. Her tongue snaked into his mouth and he sucked on it hard. Walking to her room after Arun left, she had a smile that told how satiated she were.

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