A Couple and the Guy Next Door Ch. 02

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PJ had become a little more uninhibited since his initial tryst with the older, sexy couple that lived next door to him.

He had stroked off regularly since then, thinking of either the award-worthy blow jobs Kevin’s hot wife had given him or his first bi experience of banging Linda while Kevin’s dick was giving PJ’s ass a good pounding at the same time.

He’d been in threesomes before, but it was usually with two girls his own age and the last one was a bit disappointing when the second girl froze up before the real action was about to begin.

Since then–and before meeting Kevin and Linda–PJ had all but given up anything but ‘vanilla sex’ altogether.

PJ always suspected that deep down he was bisexual, though he had never experienced being with a man before that first night in Kevin and Linda’s Jacuzzi.

After that, he knew that he was for sure, being that PJ craved Kevin’s cock as much as he did Linda’s pussy.

Linda and PJ had ended up together again during one of Kevin’s out of town trips for his job not long after the Jacuzzi threesome.

This time, she was out at the pool again, and though Kevin had the fence almost done this time, PJ could still see that Linda was topless and wearing her thong bikini bottoms that showed off her gorgeous ass.

PJ grew hard on the spot at the sight of her, and making the excuse he wanted to make sure she was okay while Kevin was out of town, he went next door.

She knew exactly what he meant by coming over to see her, and within moments, Linda had had PJ’s shorts pulled down, revealing his erection, and giving him yet another blow job, taking almost his entire cock in her mouth as she sucked him.

Linda continued licking, sucking, and stroking PJ’s cock and balls for several minutes while he groaned in ecstasy and ran his hands through her hair, before she popped him out of her mouth and, standing up, removed her bikini bottom.

“Fuck me,” she said. “I need you to fuck me, PJ.”

Linda lay back on the chase, fully naked and her legs spread, clearly wanting him. In seconds, PJ had pushed his rock-hard cock into her hot cunt.

PJ started fucking her, with slow hard strokes, moving out so just the cock head was inside her before ramming into her so the entire length was embedded into her pussy.

“Yessss, fuck me harder…God, PJ, bury that big cock in me,” Linda gasped, pushing up her hips to meet his. “I’m going to cum!”

As he fucked her even harder on the chaise, PJ reached up and grabbed hold of her breasts, gripping onto them tight, bending down to suck on her nipples as Linda came, before burying his tongue in her mouth to squelch her cries.

Within minutes, he could feel his orgasm fast approaching, his cock stiffening and quivering.

“Fuck, baby, I’m going to cum,” he growled, not letting up on his thrusts.

“Ram that cock into me and cum in my pussy, PJ,” she moaned. “I want to feel you cum in me.”

PJ exploded, with Linda’s cunt milking his cock as hot streams of his spunk shot deep inside her. She pulled him down to her, their tongues entwined as Linda reached her own final orgasm from the sensations of his cum flooding her pussy.

Afterwards, he lay on top of her for a few moments, both trying to collect their breaths, before PJ pulled out and got up.

As they dressed, Linda gave him a smile and said he was welcome to come over any time, if that was his idea of checking on her. PJ smiled back, thinking it could be sooner than she thought.


Two days after PJ and Linda’s fuck session by the pool, Kevin had come home, and the following weekend, had decided to work on the privacy fence.

Linda had gone to visit some friends and Kevin was alone, so he invited PJ over to help him out. It had been hot, and PJ had come over wearing only shorts that Kevin had noted had done little to hide PJ’s tight ass and the outline of his cock.

If PJ had done that to turn him on, the guy was succeeding, Kevin thought, already feeling the beginnings of his own hard-on.

They had worked for awhile, Kevin taking occasional glances over at his younger neighbor’s tanned, toned body while PJ worked near him.

Kevin knew that his wife had been fucking the kid while he was out of town, and he casino oyna certainly didn’t mind, provided she shared PJ with him once in awhile.

And Kevin planned on getting some of PJ’s cock himself today. It was just waiting for the right moment.

Meanwhile, Kevin could no longer contain his composure; the guy was way too sexy. Out of all the guys he had been with, he had never felt like this with one before, and the weather wasn’t the only thing making him hot.

“Let’s break for a few, PJ,” he called over.

PJ looked over. “Everything okay?” PJ asked.

“It’s a little hot out here and I think we should go in for awhile,” Kevin replied.

“Oh, my. The big strong man can’t take a little heat. Perhaps we do need that break,” PJ said with a sly smile, having an indication that helping with the fence wasn’t the only thing Kevin had in mind.

They had gone into the house and grabbed some drinks, parking on the couch. By now, PJ had seen his neighbor’s hard on through Kevin’s shorts, and he figured it was time to cut to the chase.

Enough with the small talk; PJ was horny and it was obvious Kevin was also.

“Look, Kevin, you didn’t invite me over here just to bullshit and work on that fence, did you? You invited me over here for sex.”

Kevin was trapped; PJ had figured it right. “Well….” he began.

PJ reached over and rubbed the tent in Kevin’s shorts. “What are you waiting for, buddy? It isn’t like we haven’t fucked before. How about I’ll give you a blow job for starters?”

“Yeah,” Kevin said lustfully, as PJ yanked at his shorts, pulling them down and off of Kevin and tossing them aside. “Go on, suck my cock, PJ.”

PJ grinned, before he took off his own shorts and kneeled down between Kevin’s legs. The younger man grabbed Kevin’s pole, jerking it and licking his balls.

He then took one of Kevin’s balls in his mouth one at a time, sucking them. His mouth was full and Kevin was rubbing his cock on PJ’s face.

“Oh God, baby, suck this dick NOW,” Kevin urged PJ.

PJ took Kevin’s length in his mouth and sucked it as hard as he could. Kevin grabbed PJ’s dark head, holding it and making PJ swallow his entire cock.

He thought he was going to choke as he felt Kevin’s throbber at the back of his throat, but still loved the feeling of the older man’s dick in his mouth.

Kevin started fucking PJ’s mouth hard for several minutes before he would pull out, rubbing his tool on PJ’s lips and letting PJ lick his shaft and tip.

Then Kevin drove his manhood back inside PJ’s mouth deeper than before. PJ sucked him eagerly, looking at him and making loud slurping sounds.

“God, PJ, and I thought Linda was a great cocksucker!” he called out, smiling.

“Mmm…I love sucking your big cock, Kev,” PJ muttered, before downing his neighbor’s dick again.

Suddenly, Kevin pulled out. PJ found it a bit strange that Kevin didn’t cum, but thought nothing of it.

PJ thought that it was all over and got up with the original thought they were going back to work on the fence, but Kevin gave him another smile.

“Let’s continue this in the bedroom,” he said huskily.

“What’s the matter, baby, you want some more?” PJ asked sexily as Kevin pulled him into the bedroom, shoving the younger stud onto the bed.

“It’s your turn,” Kevin growled, diving between PJ’s legs. His mouth gaped open in amazement as Kevin was able to get PJ’s entire cock into his mouth.

Not taking his eyes off him, Kevin sucked PJ’s thick tool with enthusiasm, licking up and down the shaft, stopping every so often to bite and suck PJ’s balls and give him a good ass licking.

When Kevin took PJ into his mouth again, PJ pushed Kevin’s head down onto his prick, groaning with pleasure and telling Kevin he was a better cocksucker than most women PJ had screwed.

It felt so good to get such a great blow job from another man, but PJ had a lot more in mind and he wasn’t ready to cum yet.

He pulled Kevin off his dick; PJ was ready to go further.

“Lay down,” he said to Kevin in a sexy voice. “I want to fuck you.”

Kevin obeyed, handing PJ the lube from a side drawer and watched in total lust as PJ rubbed it onto his cock, then fingered Kevin’s ass to prepare it, not taking his beautiful eyes off canlı casino of Kevin the whole time.

As the head of PJ’s cock touched Kevin’s asshole, Kevin sighed in anticipation.

“That’s it, baby,” he told PJ. “I’m all yours to do what you want.”

“Well, I’ll make this another day to remember,” PJ said as he pushed his cock head into Kevin’s ass.

“How does it feel, baby? I’m not hurting you?” PJ asked, both concerned and excited.

“Oh God, PJ, your cock feels so good in me,” Kevin panted as PJ’s lubed member penetrated his hole.

“You really want this, don’t you?” PJ moaned and with one mighty thrust he shoved the full length of his dick in Kevin’s ass.

“Yeah….oh God, PJ, fuck that ass!” Kevin called.

“Yeah, it’s tight and so hot,” PJ uttered triumphantly and he started fucking Kevin harder.

He pounded Kevin’s hole over and over, reaching down to stroke Kevin’s own erection as he did so. PJ was so horny that each thrust was now accompanied by a harder jerk on Kevin’s dick.

PJ’s thick shaft was stretching his hole to the limit as Kevin was getting the hell fucked out of him by his sexy young neighbor.

PJ had developed a powerful rhythm. Each thrust was harder than the previous one, and his cock would go deeper into Kevin’s ass each time.

He pulled his hand off Kevin’s cock and grabbed his hips, pulling Kevin toward him and squeezing his ass cheeks while pounding his butt mercilessly.

PJ still couldn’t believe that sex with another man had been so exciting and it was all he could do not to cum inside Kevin.

But he had to; PJ had to know if it felt as good to cum in Kevin as it had when Kevin had fucked him not long ago.

Feeling his climax approaching, PJ thrust in and out of Kevin harder while jerking his cock once again.

“I’m going to cum, baby…I’m going to cum in your hot ass, Kevin!”

“Cum in me,” Kevin ordered. “Cum in me now, you little fucker.”

PJ screamed as he exploded, spurting several blasts of white cream inside Kevin’s tight hole. He continued to fuck Kevin hard, not letting up until the last spurt of jizz had left his cock, PJ still stroking Kevin’s tool at the same time.

Kevin too was near orgasm; once PJ has slowly pulled out of his ass, Kevin ordered him to kneel on the floor. He lifted PJ’s head up and stroked his cock before he burst, covering PJ’s face with hot cum.

PJ then opened his mouth, sucking Kevin’s cock and drinking down the last spurts of semen.

Both of them satiated, they went into the bathroom to clean up, engaging in a passionate kiss before heading back to the bedroom, only to find Linda there, totally nude on the bed.

She gave a mock pout. “And to think you boys started to play without me.”

“When did you get back, baby?” Kevin asked, both excited and a bit embarrassed she had seen him and PJ getting each other off.

“I’ve been home about half an hour. I saw two pairs of shorts by the couch and then noise coming from up here, so I put two and two together. And watching you two got me so horny, I just couldn’t tear myself away.”

Both men joined her on the bed, each of them stroking parts of her body.

“So are you still horny, baby?” PJ asked before sucking one of her tits while his hand rubbed its twin.

“Mmmm, she certainly is,” Kevin grinned, fingering his wife’s pussy. “She’s nice and wet for us.”

“Good,” PJ said. “Because it isn’t going to take long for me to get horny again either.”

Linda looked down, seeing that PJ was semi-erect. Kevin began to stroke himself back to life while he watched Linda go down and started to give PJ a blow job until the younger man was completely hard.

Now very stiff from watching his wife go down on his neighbor, Kevin wagged his own dick in her face, both he and PJ watching as Linda switched back and forth between both of them, taking turns sucking both their tools.

“Come here, baby; it’s your turn to have a little fun,” PJ said, homed in on Linda’s pussy.

Kevin must’ve had the same idea, as he asked if she wanted to get a good eating. Linda spread her legs wider, indicating that either of them was welcome to dive in.

PJ looked at Kevin and said, “Go ahead, she’s your wife. You got dibs on licking that hot little kaçak casino cunt.”

Kevin dove down between her legs, sucking and licking on his wife’s wet box as PJ stood beside her at the bed as Linda took his cock into her mouth.

Kevin was busy with his face buried in Linda’s cunt and hadn’t looked up, but by the sounds of his groans and the slurps, he could tell PJ was getting a blow job that was blowing his mind.

She could also tell that Kevin was ready to take the next step.

With her egging him on, Kevin mounted Linda, his cock right up to entrance to her vagina.

“Fuck me, Kevin,” she growled. “Fuck me while I suck PJ’s cock.”

Without wasting another minute, Kevin plunged into his wife, pounding Linda’s pussy while watching her deep throat PJ.

PJ looked back, happily watching the couple fuck while Linda’s hot mouth serviced his own dick.

“That’s it, man, fuck the hell out of that hot bitch,” PJ grunted, then turned back to Linda. “You love getting all this cock, don’t you, baby?”

She could only moan in response as Kevin started to stroke in and out slowly, then faster. PJ began to fuck Linda’s mouth in time to Kevin banging her.

“Man, you got to get some of this, PJ. She loves it so much. I think we should do both of her holes!”

“What do you think, baby?” PJ asked. “You want both these dicks at once?”

Linda smiled and said, “Let’s do it. I’m ready for more cock.”

She then pushed Kevin onto his back, and straddling him, eased his meat into her. Linda bounced up and down on Kevin’s own member while pumping PJ’s cock with her hand.

Linda then looked at PJ and said, “How would you like to fuck my ass while I’m riding Kevin?”

“I’d love it, but it looks like you and Kev are already having a good time. I don’t want to interrupt.”

“I don’t mind,” Kevin growled. “Come on, PJ, get some ass from her while I’m getting some of this good pussy.”

“I want to have both of you fucking me at once,” Linda pressed.

PJ grinned. “I’m ready if you are then.”

PJ then grabbed the lube on the table from the earlier fuck session with Kevin, got on his knees behind Linda, greasing his cock before putting it against Linda’s pink pucker, ready to fuck the second ass he’d have that day.

PJ pushed very slowly, his cock edging into her tight asshole, then began to fuck her in time with Kevin.

“Oh yeah,” Kevin growled. “We’re both going to fuck this girl silly before we fill her up.”

Linda moaned and ground her hips, taking in more of her husband’s cock. PJ pulled out of her ass a little and then pushed back in, while Kevin bucked his hips to completely bury himself in her cunt.

The three of them were now thrusting in time; Linda could never remember feeling so much pleasure as she did then.

Linda was being double penetrated, and loved every second of it, losing track of how many orgasms she actually had the entire time.

Suddenly, her whole body shuddered, and she could also tell both PJ and Kevin were also close, anticipating the moment she would be filled with the cum of both men.

PJ had slowed down in her ass a little; he didn’t want this to end just yet. Linda could also tell that Kevin was about to cum by the way his cock was swelling inside her.

Still, they kept thrusting until PJ couldn’t hold back much longer. “Fuck! I’m going to cum!”

“God, I’m going to cum soon, too,” Kevin panted. “You’re going to get both those holes filled up, baby.”

Hearing this, PJ blew his second load that day, this time filling Linda’s beautiful ass with large spurts of cum, never easing up on thrusting in and out until his cock was completely empty.

“I’M CUMMING!” Kevin yelled, his own cock exploding in his wife’s pussy as Linda cried out with pleasure from feeling both of her holes being filled with each man’s spunk.

Once they had all finished their respective orgasms, they collapsed on the bed, all three of them satisfied beyond reason.

They lay like that for the longest time before falling asleep; the next thing PJ remembered, it was the following morning and he had to leave for an appointment.

He crept out of bed gently, tiptoeing downstairs to grab his shorts and pulling them on before he left his neighbors’ house quietly.

In the meantime, PJ couldn’t help but wonder when the next opportunity would arise for him to have another hot day with Linda, Kevin…..or both.

Who knew that being bi could be so much fun?

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