A chance at a new sex life; Part 3

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A chance at a new sex life; Part 3
Tuesday and Wednesday flew by. I still haven’t filmed myself for Laura yet but I did catch another cam show from my sister. This time I watched the lot and came just as hard.

Thankfully I’m feeling less awkward around her but the same can’t be said for Laura. Her lingering eyes tell me what she wants but I had to keep shaking my head to her disappointment.

Thursday came and after college it’s time for work. The way my timetable worked out I didn’t have any classes in the afternoon so I could head off to work early. I work in a local coffee shop. It’s not great but the pay is good enough. Doesn’t require much effort either.

The shop is run by an ass of a guy, Derek. Thankfully his niece, Holly, who works their full time isn’t from the same gene pool. Holly is your typical cute girl next door type. Short blonde hair, innocent blue eyes, nice round 30D chest with a skinny waist and just a handful of an ass. She always has her long slender legs out on show. She’s the ray of sunshine you need to get through the day.

“Hi Robbie” She chirps from behind the counter, waving to me as I enter.

“Hey Holly, how are you?”

“All the better for seeing you” she teases.

We share a laugh as I stick my bag into the back.

“How have things been?” I ask, as I tie on my apron.

“Mmm so so. Steady stream. Derek’s just nipped out to run an errand but he will be back soon. So, it’s just me and you” she says with a massive grin. I’ve known for a while but she is certainly smitten for me. I can’t help but say I’ve had a little crush on her too.

“Sounds a perfect day” I wink back at her.

Holly blushes slightly as she looks down. “How was your weekend with Kelsey?”

My face turns a little, she catches the look.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked, I’m being nosey. Just ignore me” she was kind of cute when she gets flustered.

“It’s ok” I smile “I caught her cheating.”

Holly’s face drops with shock, “Oh Robbie, I’m so sorry” she places her hand tenderly onto mine, slightly moving closer.

“Yeah five years for that”

Holly was moving a little closer, her hand stroking mine. Concern across her face. But before she could speak again the front door opens and her uncle Derek enters.

“Holly I’m back” he announces.

“Ah Robbie, good to see you. Good weekend away I hope?!” He gleefully asks, not like he cares.

“It was something” I reply. Holly squeezing my hand before removing it.

“Good good, glad to be back at work though” he laughs to himself.

The rest of the shift goes by fairly quickly. Holly and I are having a bit of a laugh and it’s much more relaxed when her uncle leaves and leaves us to lock up.

“Do you want to cash up the register and I’ll quickly take stock?” I offer.

“Sure thing” she smiles.

Ten minutes later Holly announces she is all done.

“Me too”

“I am really sorry about what happened with Kelsey though!”

“It’s ok, I’ll get over it!”

“I know you will” she smiles, closing the gap between us. She moves forward, her eyes closing. Her small sweet lips touch mine. Its soft and tender, she holds her lips to mine for a moment before pulling away.

Our eyes lock, there is a fire and a desire there. I hold her hips and pull her into to me. Our lips met again but this time there’s more heat and passion. Our lips quickly part and our tongues dance around each other. It’s a hot passionate kiss, her hands roam up my back and I hold her in place with mine.

We eventually break the kiss. “That certainly helps” I joke.

“I’m not the jealous type but I’ve wanted to kiss you for a while now. You’re so sweet and charming, funny and not to mention handsome.”

“I can’t say I haven’t wanted to kiss you. You act all sweet and innocent.”

“I’m not as innocent as you think I am!”

“Oh really?”

“Yes really, let me show you!”

She pulls me by the shirt, locking lips again. Our hot heavy kissing is getting me hard. Her hand now roams down my front and finds my bulging crotch. She groans into our kiss and she squeezes it in her small hands.

“I want this cock” she whispers as she leads me over to a small table. We kiss again and I lift her up onto the table. Our crotches rub against each other. My hands still on her hips pulling her into me.

“Fuck me Robbie” she pleads. That innocent feel about her was gone with those words. She fumbles at her apron pulling it off, quickly followed by her short denim shorts and panties. “Please fuck me!”

My apron quickly follows hers on to the floor. I undo my pants and let them fall to my ankles, my cock bursting out of my boxers. Pulling them down too and I edge bahis siteleri canlı forward and line my cock up. She was hot and slick. With eager hungry eyes they plead for my cock. Looking her in the eye I push forward. My cock forcing its way into her tight pussy. She isn’t a virgin at least but she sure feels like one. I watch as her eyes roll and a silent gasp escapes her lips. Her arms are around my shoulders holding me still. I know she needs a moment to get accustomed to my invading size. I could feel her relax and her pussy loosen a little around me. I took this as my sign and started pumping into her.

Our mutual moans and groans of pleasure fill the stock room. It wasn’t the sexiest of places to fuck but that’s what this is. A hot fuck. This young not so innocent girl is begging me to fuck her and I’m doing just that. Pounding away into her with force. Her arms still holding onto me for dear life. Her face buried into my neck as she moans louder.

She holds my tighter as she screams into my neck. Her body shuddering as her orgasm waves across her. Her pussy tightens around me. Hugging and milking every inch. Fuck it was good.

After a few more full body shudders Holly whispers to me “Harder”

I slow my pace but up my effort. Slamming into her young cunt with more vigor now. Trying to break her. It works after several more forceful thrusts she cries with pleasure again. This orgasm just as big as her first. “Cum inside me” She cries.

I’m almost there. Her tight pussy is contracting around my whole length and my orgasm is building fast.

“Do it Robbie, cum inside me, fuck me, fuck me” it’s so weird to hear her scream like this but it’s also so fucking hot. I quicken my pace as my entire length sinks into her.

“Fucckkkk” I groan as I bottom out in her and pump cum deep inside of her.

Her nails dig into my back as she rides out a third smaller orgasm.

We hold there for a while as we come down from our high. I take a few steps back leaning against a stack of shelves, my limping cock covered in juices from her abused pussy. Holly quickly follows and falls to her knees. Eagerly taking my semi into her mouth. My cock twitching as she sucks it clean. She could take the entire soft length in her mouth as she finishes cleaning it off.

“Oh wow” I exclaim.

“Mmmmm been wanting that for a while” she grins looking up to me. She stands up and wipes her face with her apron. “Was worth the wait”

She was about to say something else when her face fell.

“What, what’s wrong Holly?”

She turns my head to look up into the corner. To look into the security camera.

“Fuck” I gasp.

Holly turns into a panic. “Oh my god, my uncle is going to kill me. Then tell my parents and they’ll kill me!” She is breathing fast.

“Holly, calm down. It will be ok” I try to reassure her.

“No, it won’t, when he sees that he’ll fire us both.”

I had to think quickly “what if he doesn’t see it!”

Her breathing slows “what do you mean?”

“What if we delete the footage?”

“Can you do that?”

“If you can get me into the office computer then I can!”

She’s lost in thought “Eh yeah I can, I know my uncles log in details.”

“Perfect.” We race through into the small office, trying to re dress as we go.
Holly bends over the desk, turns the computer on. It doesn’t take long to load up and she quickly types in the log in details.

“Ok there” she says.

“Great thanks!” I take a seat and load up the security cam program that links the security cameras with the computer. As I found the footage an idea comes to me. I turn to Holly, “you get yourself home. I’ll handle this!”

“Are you sure? I don’t mind waiting”

“No, it’s ok” I reassure her. “It will take me a while to sort it out properly.” I lie.

“Well ok then, thanks Robbie” she says bending over and giving me a big kiss on the cheek!
See you Sunday!” With that Holly left the office and I was alone.

It didn’t take a while and I wasn’t going to delete it, well not exactly. The plan is to remove part of the video that catches us in the act so Derek wouldn’t see it. However, I was downloading it to a USB so I could give it to Laura. Probably wasn’t right doing it behind Holly’s back but it was killing two birds with one stone so to speak.

It didn’t take me long to complete the task and I’m out of there in no time. The shop was about a ten-minute walk from home so I just walk.


The next day I walk into class, walk over towards Laura who is sitting at her desk, busy looking down at her laptop. I simply place the USB on her table then take my seat. As I sit down, I catch her putting the tipobet giriş stick away and biting her lip.

The rest of the class goes by fairly smoothly but I can tell Laura is a little distracted.

At the end of class, I’m last to leave.

“Thank you, Robbie,” Laura loudly whispers to me.

“Thank me later” I tease her as I leave.

“Hi Robbie?” I small voice comes as I turn to walk down the hall.

“Uh…” I look around “Oh Hi Melody!”

Melody is one of the girls in my class. She is short and a little bit chubby. The extra weight was in the right places though. Her hips were wide supporting her massive ass. The hoodie she has on isn’t hiding her huge 38DD rack. Melody has a cute face though, brown eyes hidden behind her deep red dyed hair which falls to the edge of her round face.

“You ok?”

“I’m ok” she reply’s, her head is bowed looking down “I was wondering, if you, would um” She’s stalling or looking for what to say. “Would you be my partner?”


“I know that soon Miss Davidson is going to ask us all to partner up for the next project.” She looks up to me now through her hair. “Would you work with me? I want to work with you and wanted to get in before anyone else!”

I’m a little caught off guard “Eh yeah sure, why not!” No harm in it. If she’s telling the truth and that we do need partners soon then it may as well be with a cute one.

“Great” She beams. “Have a nice weekend Robbie!”

“Yeah you too” I reply as she skips away. I just smile and head to get lunch.

The rest of the day I was on auto pilot, Friday afternoons are normally used for studying or for the many clubs that usually meet about the college. I was part of a small gaming club. There was only a handful of us that attended. Myself, Daniel, Neil, Carl, Melody and Jessica. The weeks varied with what we would do. Somethings we played a tabletop game or an online game or even PVP between us. It’s a good way to spend the afternoon and I enjoy it. Stacey was also part of a club so it works well for us leaving at the same time to get home.

Soon enough it’s the end of the day and it’s time to head home. I met Stacey at her car.

“Hey loser” she greets me.

“Hey bigger loser” I reply.

“How original” she scoffs.

“Good day?” I ask.

“That bitch Miranda stole my idea for our next class project, fucking teacher loved the idea as well.” She fumes as we pull away.

“That sucks”

“You think! I’m going to have to spend this weekend coming up with a new idea. Brads not going to be happy!”

“Why are you with him?”

“Because he’s a decent guy and treats me well!”

I can’t hide my laugh.

“Why the fuck are you laughing?” I can feel her stare burn a hole in the side of my head.

“Cause he’s a fucking dick! He always acts the nice guy around mum but talks to me like a c***d! He doesn’t treat you well”

“You are a c***d!”

“I am not. I’m a man!”

Stacey just bursts into laughter.

The rest of the ride home is very much the same as we bitch each other out, it’s nice though.

That night is very uneventful. Stacey stayed in her room the whole night, not on her webcam unfortunately. Mom however, has a couple of her longtime friends staying over for some wine so I limited to my time to my room, expect for when I go down for some food.

“Who is that handsome man” a slightly drunk voice comes from the kitchen door. “Is that my little Robbie” I know the voice without having to turn around. It’s moms friend Mrs. Harper or Diane.

“Hi Mrs. Harper” I say turning around to face her. They’ve clearly had a few wines as she sways her way over to me, wrapping me in a hug.

“It’s actually Ms. Baker again now. Caught that bastard cheating on me with the babysitter and his secretary, oh and our friend Amanda” She tells me still holding me in a tight hug. “Not at the same time mind” she laughs.

“Mmm you’ve grown so big and strong” still holding me.

“Eh thanks” it’s getting a little awkward. Her big chest pressing against me, she is breathing heavily on my neck and it’s sending tingles down below.

“I’m sorry about Kelsey!” She pulls away still holding my arms.

I curse my mom inwardly for telling her friends but I simply smile and nod my appreciation.

“You’ll be ok though. A big young handsome man like you will have no trouble with the girls” she says as she cups my face. Her bluey green eyes trying to focus on my face.

“You could say that” I joke.

“Diane!!” My mom’s voice comes from the other room. “Where’s that wine?”

“Just coming” she calls back. “I’m just catching up with my favorite man!”

“I have to go sweetie” she sounds sad. She leans tipobet güvenilir mi forward and gives me a tender kiss on the cheek before grabbing a fresh bottle and heading back to join the others.

I watch her as she leaves. Her tight skirt works wonders for her ass. I watch it bounce as she leaves the room.

‘Fuck’ I say to myself. I give myself a shake before heading back up to my room.

A few hours have passed, it was after eleven when there’s a knock at the door and a head pops in. It’s Diane.

“Hi there Handsome!” She says as she enters my room and closes the door.

“Eh Ms. Baker what are you doing?” I sit up on my bed.

“Please call me Diane” she makes her way over to my bed. She is drunker than earlier but doesn’t appear wasted. She is only wearing a long night dress; it barely comes past her ass and her tits are spilling out.

“But Diane…” her finger presses against my lips.

“Sshhhh” She whispers. “I’ve been thinking of you all night and how we can help each other. It’s been a while for me and I’m guessing since your break up it’s been a while for you too.”

I try to speak but she grips my lips with her fingers. “Don’t talk, just listen.” I nod. “Good Boy” still holding my lips she goes on. “I need laid and you need laid! So, let’s fuck and help each other out.”

My dick starts to get hard.

“Your Mom doesn’t need to know, she’s already asleep in bed and Carla is already passed out in the guest room. You are going to help fill my needs.”

It’s not a question or request, it’s a demand.

I just nod again.

“That’s a good boy. Now let’s see that young cock.”

Diane pulls the cover away, exposing my bulging boxers. Her eyes grow wide as her hand grips me through the thin fabric. “Mmmm nice and hard” she licks her lips. Getting herself onto the bed she pulls my boxers down and her mouth is instantly on my cock.

Holy fuck, she knows what she is doing. She hungrily sucks my cock. Not quite taking the whole length but she knows how to suck a cock. Her lips holding my tight as she bobs her head up and down faster and faster. I grip the bed sheets and I feel a free hand start to fondle my balls. The extra sensation feels incredible. Squeezing them in her hands as she rams my cock down her throat. She sucks me like that for a good five minutes, before taking her mouth off she looks up to me with a glazed look.

“Fuck me Robbie. Give me that big hard cock in my pussy, it needs it.”

With that she turns away from me on her hands and knees, exposing her pussy to me. It’s not shaven but it’s trimmed. It’s glistening and so inviting. I trace my fingers up and down her slit, it’s soaking. I run my finger across her clit which gain a shudder from Diane.

“Please just stick your big cock in me, stop teasing me. I need your cock.”

I do just that. I line myself up with her before pressing inside.

“Uuhhhhh mmmmm, yes baby that feels good”

My cock is instantly drenched in her juices. Diane isn’t as tight as the other girls I’ve had lately but it still hugs onto my cock and it feels great. I know she didn’t need time to adjust so I quickly begin to fuck her hard. Easily taking my entire length I slam into her. Grabbing her ass in my hands I squeeze, pulling her back towards me as we fuck.

“Uh fuck yes, fuck me Robbie. Fuck me!”

I keep up my hard-forceful pace. Bottoming out into her every time. My balls slapping against her. I was lost in the moment of our fucking that I don’t even care about how much noise she is making. She isn’t exactly quiet.

I continue to fuck her hard. She leans down so she can reach back and rub her clit. Her finger tips quickly strumming her little nub was bringing her close. I can feel her pussy tighten as her impending orgasm builds up.

“I’m going to cum Robbie. Fuck me faster! Harder”

I try to do just that. Pounding her harder and faster. My hips slamming into her as I fuck her over the edge. She grabs a fistful of the bed sheet as her orgasm takes over. Her pussy tightens even more around me and her whole-body shudders. I slow my pace getting ready to pull out. I was too close.

“Don’t you fucking stop. Keep fucking me. Fill my pussy with your young hot cum!!”

I’m too close to care. I plow harder into her and cum moments later. My cock is rammed deep inside her. I groan loudly as I fill her up. Her pussy continuing to contract around me as she rode out the last of her orgasm.

I hold her against me as the last of my cum spurts out. She is still slowly rubbing her clit. Our combing juices running down her inner thighs.

I’m spent, I pull my limping cock out of her and fall back onto the bed.

“Mmmm that was just what I needed” she moans into the bed. I just sit back on the bed, panting a little.

“Well thanks Robbie.” She says standing up. “Remember, just our little secret” she says as she leaves my room.

“Yeah sure” I say to the closed door.

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