A bit of history

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A bit of history
I am sorry my English is not good as Arabic is my first language but Karen suggested me write something for you all.

I am in my mid 50’s and I first met Karen while I was in Manchester UK for a business meeting – she was not cheap for the night but was a good women and did things I wanted from her.

Over a week I had her on numerous times, my credit card was nearly maxed out – when i went back to my country I missed her and a month or so later I paid for her to come to my country for a “date”

We tried to keep things professional but I ended up staying in the Riad all week she was there, we eat and fuck, eat and fuck all day and into the night.

When she went back to the UK I missed her much so paid for another week.

This time she came to my flat in Essouria and we agreed we would do things that showed her my country and it’s beauty

She loved the food, canlı bahis the people and the culture so much that she suggested i should buy her a flat here so she could visit more often.

We visited houses and choose one near my main house in Marrakech – just off the Medina but close to the New Town for shops and night life but not living with me.

On one visit i arranged a trip to the Sahara staying in a tent for 3 days – with no one around just us – she loved this as we spent it naked by a little water hole, with no one around except sheep and a camel we had ridden in on.

Watching her nakedness was a turn on for me and we fucked often, she offered all holes to me with abandon.

On one day a group of local tribesman spotted us having sex and soon Karen was pleasing them all with her mouth and holes, while I watched and joined in. In my country it is Haram to see a naked güvenilir casino person of the opposite sex (unless the person is a wife/husband), so men are very open with other men (as are women with other women) – I was soon pleasing the men as much as Karen was – it was just natural thing to do.

Watching her with cum covering her face, her breasts and oozing out of her pussy and arse was such a turn on – I was soon licking it off and out of her – while the men took their turns with her.

As we laid together in the sand after the tribesmen had gone we talked and she agreed to live with me as my wife but as I already had wife whe would be my 2nd of 4.

She came off contraception and was soon fucking with members of my family and me – embracing my culture to the fullest as decread. A year or so later she was with a c***d – I am not sure if it is mine but carries our family internet casino name.

Our marriage was finally agreed (Karen had to convert to Islam) – and we are both happy in our life.

5 years ago Karen was taken seriouly ill and was rushed back to the UK where she lost the ability to have more c***dren, as soon as she was able she and I came back to our home here – laying naked by our pool is something we do most days, sometimes with my other wife who I sleep with too.

Not having to worry about being with c***d has made our sex lives better – we both fuck with others often and I am happy to give and receive men as they sex my wife.

We are both shaved below – which is not the normal thing in my country but we both like doing it.

Normally we live here but we have a flat in London we visit at least 4 times a year where we can meet other people for fun and go shopping at shops not allowed in my country.

Although we are now both North African skinned I do love holding her when a (very large) black guys takes her and i am sucking a white cock hard ready for her.

I am sorry about my English


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