A Bisexual Man’s Hidden Secret Ch. 02

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When I realized Ned was gone I got out of bed and took a shower. My ass was sore from the night before but I smiled and figured his was too. Letting my mind wander while I lathered up, I remembered the comment Ned made about his neighbors cock. If Jim’s cock is the size of my dildo I definitely want to see, touch and feel it. There’s no way I could take it all but I sure as hell would like to try. There has to be a way of starting a conversation with him to get thing going, I just need to figure out how. The task of figuring it out wasn’t hard; Jim came knocking on my door that afternoon.

“Hi Jim.”

“Hello Mary.”

“Can I help you?”

He couldn’t look directly at me and stammered on his words slightly. “I know there are a lot of rumors floating around about me, but I was wondered if you would like to go out with me tonight?”

“Why don’t you come inside, so we can talk.”

He was about 5’10”, average build with dark sandy blonde hair. He had a casual style about him. Nothing about him brought attention to him, except his eyes. They were the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen; eyes a person could get lost in. He keeps to him self and appears shy, but I know he isn’t shy in the heat of the moment because of what I witnesses in his garage with Ned.

“You look pretty Mary.” He commented as he entered.

“Thank you Jim.”

“Just me, in my typical lazy day clothes.”

“That’s cool, relaxed is good.”

We walked through the apartment to the patio out back.

“It’s not much, but it’s home.”

“That’s all that matters.”

“Yes it is.”

Carrying a conversation with him, proved to be a bit strained. I don’t know why I felt so uncomfortable but I’m sure the knowledge of his cock didn’t help matters.

“You have a nice new home Jim.” “Thanks, as you said it’s not much but it’s home.”

Somehow I wanted to end the uncomfortable feeling but I wasn’t sure how. I left him at the patio table and got us a cold beer. When I returned, he came to my aid again.

“Did you and Ned have fun last night?”

“Yeah, we’ve been friends for a long time.”

“So he has mentioned.”

“What has he said?”

“Oh not much, just that you are a good woman.”

“Did he mention anything else about last night?”


I could tell he was withholding and hinting by the look in his crystal blue eyes. I decided to get a bit more assertive and ask him.

“What exactly did he tell you about last night Jim?”

“That you came back here.”


He took a deep swig of the beer, sat it down and looked directly at me. His eyes were no longer apprehensive; they bore into me.

“He told me everything Mary.”

“Tell me why you came here Jim.”

“I came here to get a piece of the action.”

I laughed, “A piece of what action?”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

“Perhaps I do, but I want you to tell me anyway.”

“I… well, I… oh never mind. I should go Mary.”

“No, you are not going anywhere. You will sit right there and tell me exactly what you want Jim.”

“I want you to fuck my ass, like you did his. Are you happy now?”

“Not entirely, but it’s a start. Why me? Why can’t you have Ned fuck your ass?”

“Ned’s cock isn’t exactly utopia.”

“I suppose you’re right, but his cock worked fine for me last night.”

“It isn’t just that Mary. I haven’t been with a woman in over a year. I am not gay, like many think. But, once that stigma surrounds a person it’s hard to dispel it.”

“So what do you really want from me Jim?”

“I want you to go out with me tonight. I want people to see me with a woman. I’m sick and tired of having everyone think I’m gay.”

“Ok, we can do that.”

He smiled for the first time, “Really? You would do that for me?”

“Sure, why not.”

“Can we go out to eat and then go to the bar, so everyone in town will see us?”

“Yes Jim, I will play and flirt with you blatantly to help dispel this rumor.”

“Mary, you are as wonderful as Ned said you are.” ——- He left after we discussed time and place. Later that evening he came to pick me up dressed in blue jeans and a dark blue shirt that made the blue of his eyes seem deeper. A denim skirt, sandals and a top completed my outfit. At 5’10” he was still about six inches taller than me. After dinner at a restaurant we headed to the bar around 10:00pm. Everyone that is anyone was there. When we walked in a few conversations ended abruptly but we went in and found a seat anyway.

A couple of the village idiots tried to provoke trouble by pointing and making comments but we ignored them. Eventually we walked to the pool table and began to play. I could tell Jim was uneasy but I admired the fact that he stayed and didn’t give in to the assholes and leave. Purposely I snuggled up to him a few time, we even stole a few small kisses in public. By closing time we weren’t the focus of attention anymore. We headed to the car that was parked in the alley behind the bar.

Two guys from the bar walked a short distance behind us. I noticed them inside illegal bahis the bar. They weren’t drunk but they did have a few drinks. Both of them are considered to be manly men in this town, even though I do not know them personally. When we got to the car I grabbed Jim and pushed him against it, kissing him hungrily knowing the two men could see us.

He whispered in my ear, “What the hell are you doing Mary?”

“Shhh, just work with me here.”

I continued to kiss him. Grabbing his hand I positioned it on my ass. Before long he had both hands on my ass, massaging and raising my skirt. Our sloppy kisses filled the night air. The two guys walked to their car and got in but they didn’t leave. I knew they were watching us. I grabbed the front of Jim’s jeans and unfastened them.

“Mary, damn, what the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m going to give you a blowjob.”


“Yes, you want the town to know you aren’t gay, so here’s your chance.”

My fingers shook with anticipation. I knew this was supposed to be about me helping Jim but it was very hard to feel like I was helping anyone at the moment, beside myself. I wanted to feel that cock that Ned told me about. The streetlights in the alley were dim but enough to show silhouettes. His cock sprang out of his shorts like a flagpole. The head of his cock reached to his belly button and it was so thick I could barely get my hand around it.

“Holy shit Jim. Your cock is fucking huge!”

Squatting down, I took his cock head in my mouth and began sucking greedily. I knew if the two guys in the car got hot enough they would join us, which was my intention ever since I hatched this plot in my head. What better way to dispel the myth of Jim being gay than to have him involved in a group fuck. I heard one car door, than another; they had taken the bait. Jim was nervous.

“Mary, we have to go. Someone is coming.”

“No, we have to do this Jim. It’s the only way to get rid of the rumor.”


“Just be quiet, and listen to me. I know the people in this town.”

I kept sucking on his cock while the two guys approached us.

“Is everything ok here?” One of them asked.

Quietly I stood and turned, rubbing my ass up against Jim’s cock while the two of us faced them. The shadows were foreboding, but I could see the lust in their eyes.

“Everything is fine. Why, are you jealous?”

“Jealous of that gay bastard?”

I laughed, “He isn’t gay. I think someone saw his nice cock and started the rumor to cut down on competition. Either way it suits me just fine, that way I can have his cock all to myself.”

“Prove it.”

“Prove what?”

“Prove he isn’t gay.”

“How the fuck do you expect us to do that?”

“Fuck him, right here, right now.”

Jim spoke up. “Come on Mary, maybe we should go.”

“No Jim, we’re staying. These losers are just jealous that you’re getting some tonight and they aren’t.” I turned to the guys, “We don’t have to prove anything to you.”

“Maybe you should listen to your pansy ass boyfriend and leave.”

Without another word I turned and bent over to suck his cock again. When the guys saw his cock they both let out a quiet gasp. His cock was semi-flaccid from the encounter but my hot mouth soon brought it back to life. He never took his eyes off the men while I continued sucking his cock and balls. They were getting more excited, watching. Soon one of the men came behind me and grabbed my ass. Wiggling against him I let him know it was ok. Before long the other one had his cock in hand, stroking it gently.

I turned to them. “Would you like to join us at Jim’s house?”


“What? Don’t you want them to play with us tonight?”


“Yeah, just like we thought, you’re all talk and no show.”

Jim finally shot back, “Meet us at my house in five minutes.”

We got in the car and sped away. I asked him, “Do you think they’ll show?”

“Don’t know, don’t care.”

“I thought you wanted to dispel this rumor.”

“I do, but not at your expense Mary.”

“Let me worry about that. I have always wanted a gang bang anyway.”

Jim laughed, “You are such a naughty girl, no wonder Ned likes you so well.”

The two guys actually followed us to the house, so we didn’t have to wonder if they would show up. Four car doors opened and closed in unison while we headed to the house. We entered and without hesitation began to strip, no words were spoken. They were just as horny as I was, but I wasn’t sure how Jim felt.

The aggressive demeanor of the two visitors set the stage. They grabbed me and began groping my body. Jim stood and watched, while he stroked his magnificent cock. I squatted and took turns sucking their cocks. We ended up on the couch with me on my knees holding the back of the couch with my hands. One stood behind the couch fucking my mouth while the other shoved his cock in my pussy from behind.

Although they weren’t the size of Jim, they were still ample. When Jim walked over the two guys looked at one another without a word. He stood by the guy in front illegal bahis siteleri of me and shoved his cock toward my mouth. They took turned fucking my mouth. Jim grabbed my hair and held me down on his long cock until I gagged and sputtered. The guy in my pussy was pounding me hard.

“Oh fuck, I need to cum!” He pulled out and moaned while he shot cum up my back then beat his cock against my ass crack. He prompted changed places with the other guy and had me clean my pussy juices and the remnants of his cum off his tool. His buddy’s cock was thinner but longer. He drove it up in side me hard and fast.

“Fuck, take it easy!”

“Sorry baby, this is what you get when you’re a whore.”

“Fuck you.”

He laughed, “Fuck you bitch!”

Grabbing my hair he yanked back and held me while he pounded my pussy hard. His other hand held my hip, digging into my flesh.

Jim spoke up, “Take it easy asshole. I want something left for me.”

“With a cock that size there will be plenty left for you, so don’t sweat it.”

When he finally came, it was Jim’s turn. The two guys stood in front of me, fucking my mouth, waiting to see how Jim would react. He walked around the couch and grabbed my hips. Slow and gently he pressed his large cock against my pussy. My pussy was so wet juices were running down my thighs. When his cock head spread my lips and started to enter it took my breath away. I turned from the two cocks in front of me to look back at him. He pressed at the small of my back to hold me down while he began his descent.

“FUCKKKK, oh shit. Your cock is fucking huge!”

The two guys got into the action and walked around the couch to see his big cock slide inside my tiny box.

“Fuck her. Fuck her good!” They chanted him on, making comments.

“Damn, I never saw a cock that size in a pussy except in videos!”

He slid in as far as he could, which wasn’t his entire length, and began stroking my aching pussy. My body bucked and arched against the bittersweet assault. It excited me to hear the guys chanting him on. Their cocks grew hard again and they wanted more. Jim pulled out and lay down on the couch, grabbing me to straddle him.

Lowering myself down on his cock felt like I was dropping down on a fence post. He stretched my tight little pussy more than it has ever been stretched. When I was finally down on him as far as I could go, I laid against his body and rocked. One of the guys grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth up to suck him. The other one stood in wait. I stopped sucking and looked at him.

“What are you standing there for? Fuck my ass, I want all three holes filled!”

“Hell yes, I’ll fuck your ass bitch. Damn, this is so fucking hot!”

His long thin dick pushed against me. My pussy was already packed full of cock, leaving little room for him but he finally pushed the head in.

“FUCK!” I screamed. “Yes, yes, yes…. Take me slow baby!”

“Mmmm, I will. Damn this is so hot!”

He slowly worked his cock into my ass until I felt like I could split in two, then he began fucking me, in and out.

“This is fucking weird, I can feel his cock in your pussy. I can’t believe I have my cock this close to another man’s cock.”

“Are you complaining?” I asked.

“Hell no!”

“Good, now fuck me!”

He reared back and began fucking my ass hard. His cock was similar to Ned’s but longer. After the initial shock of his penetration it felt great being completely filled with cock. I moved and rocked on top of Jim while the other guy fucked my ass, getting closer and closer to release. My mouth engulfed the others cock, while I sucked and slobbered all over him. Jim grabbed me by the waist and raised me off him in a panic.

“God Mary, I have to slow down or I’m gonna cum.”

The other guy traded him places, so he and his friend could double penetrate me. Their cocks were perfect after having Jim’s massive cock inside me. I lay back on the guy in my ass, while his friend pumped away between my legs. I felt like a rag doll being stuffed from the bottom up. They rode me for a long time since they had already cum once. My ass and pussy were getting swollen and hot. They fucked me in every position imaginable, from laying to standing. As a grand finale they pulled out and stood over me, stroking. They shot hot jism on my body. Jim grabbed my legs and held them in the air while he drove his cock deep in my pussy again.

They chanted again, “Fuck her, damn, fuck her harder!”

Jim wasn’t doing it because they told him to, I could see in his eyes that he was driven and horny. He was fucking me for his own needs. Letting out a guttural scream, he grabbed his cock. With his hand wrapped around his huge cock, he stroked it a few more times. In anticipation it seemed like we were all waiting for a volcano to erupt and sure enough it did. He sent a continual shower of cum all over my pussy, stomach and chin until he was completely spent.

“Holy fuck, he shot all the way to her face!”

“Yeah, I saw that. He came in mass quantity too.”

He patted Jim on the shoulder, laughing. “Good canlı bahis siteleri shot man! You should feel better.”

The other guy grabbed his pants and they both dressed. I lay on the couch in a pool of cum while they excused themselves and left. Jim stood over me, smiling.

“Do you think word will get around town Mary?”

“I think word will get around about your cock, more than it will me.”

“When did you hatch this torrid little plot Mary?”

“When I saw them walking out behind us.”

He extended his hand to me, “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”

I walked to the bathroom with him while he turned on the shower. The hot water felt good on my skin. It felt even better when he lathered soap and cleaned my body. Leaning toward my ear, he whispered, “You have a nice tight pussy Mary.”

“As tight as Ned’s ass?”


“It won’t be for long, if I keep you around.”

“Which reminds me, I think we have something else to take care of.”


“I want you to fuck my ass Mary.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“I guess I will just have to strap the harness on you, tie you to a chair and take matters into my own hands.”

“You wouldn’t enjoy that as much.”

“Don’t be so sure.”

“Do you have any toys?”

“Does a bear shit in the woods?”


When we got out of the shower he took a blanket towel and dried my body off, in an endearing fashion then lowered his body to the floor. His hand reached to my red painted toenails, touching them. His mouth lowered to kiss them when I reached to pull him up with me. “I will do this for you Jim.”

“Yes Ma’am, he cooed.”

“Please show me your toys.”

He took me to his room and opened a drawer. Inside was an assortment of anal plugs, dildos and paddles.

“Who uses the paddles?”

“I do.”

“On yourself?”


“Has anyone ever spanked you before?”


I sat on the edge of the bed and patted my thighs, “Come, lay across me.”

He did as he was told. Even though he was bigger than me, he was able to lie across my thighs and part of the bed. His cock pressed against my outer thigh, semi-flaccid. Reaching for the paddle then raising it, I asked him a question.

“Have you been a bad boi?”

“Yes Ma’am, a very very bad boi.”

I dropped the wooden paddle on his ass with a loud crack.


“No sassing me. You have been a bad boi.”

“Yes Ma’am. But it hurts.”

“Too bad, you have to learn.”

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The paddle landed again and again until I heard him whimpering. “Are you ok Jim?”

“Yes Ma’am, it just feels so fucking good, I can’t help myself.”

I reached in the drawer and pulled out what I consider to be an average size butt plug, lubed it and held it to his ass.

“Reach back and spread your cheeks for me.”

He did, while I slid the toy up his ass. “That feels wonderful.”

I worked it in and out and felt his cock growing beside my thigh. Leaving the plug in place so that the flat bottom was flush with his ass, I raised the paddle again.

CRACK! The paddle landed hard on his ass, hitting the base of the plug. His cock jumped against my thigh.

“Did you like that Jimi?”

“Yes Ma’am, damn.”

I found a larger plug in the drawer and replaced the one in his ass. I felt the tension of his muscles pulling it in while I tried to pull it out. At the largest circumference I held it steady so his ass was hovering between being open and shut, stretching his muscles.

“What do you want boi?”

“I want you to fuck my ass Ma’am, pleaseeeeee.”

“Do you have a strap on?”

“I do, it’s in the bottom drawer.”

“Hop off of me and lay on the bed. Stroke your cock for me so it’s nice and hard.”

When I opened the drawer, nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. The strap-on was the largest I had ever seen. It was black, long and thick as a forearm.

“Holy shit, do you actually take all this?”

“I haven’t yet, it’s new.”

“You haven’t had this in your ass yet?”

“No Ma’am. I saved it for you.”

“What is the largest thing you have had in your ass?”

He pointed to another of his toys that resembled a pop can. It was soft and jelly like.

“Show me how you use it.”

Placing the toy on the bed, he stood at the bedside and squatted over it. Using his hands to spread his cheeks his body pushed down. I watched in amazement as the toy began to disappear up his ass, while he panted heavily. He panted and moved to adapt, but eventually he sat and swallowed the entirety of the toy up his trained ass.

“Roll over on your stomach now.”

After he rolled over, I used my hand to hold the toy in place that wanted to inch its way out of his ass. “Are you sure you want to try this new toy?”

“Yes, very much. I know it seems extreme but it feels good to me.”

“Shit the toy out of your ass for me, now.”

He pushed until it slid out, letting out a soft moan at the same time.

“We obviously have some cleanliness issues to deal with here.”

“I’m sorry, it couldn’t be helped.”

“Yes, it can be. If you want me to use the new toy on you I will have to administer an enema first. That thing is so thick and long it will dredge up shit in no time.”

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