A Baker’s Dozen Ch. 07

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For most incest just happens…it not something that is planned…events happen and suddenly there are desires for some one that had never been there before…that’s want happens in this story …So here is the next story of my baker’s dozen.

I hope you enjoy them…if not, oh well…can’t make every one happy. Can only make myself happy and I’m trying.

Drop me an email…if you like…

Wet and waiting Carrie.


Now on to the story;

My brother had recent found out that his wife was having an affair with a sailor. (We all live near a naval base.) That how he started sleeping on my couch and that lead to our incestuous affair. Jonah had been sleeping or I should say not sleep on my couch for about a month. Being upset about the state of his marriage he was having problems with insomnia. One night it was late and a noise woke me up, I noticed there was a light coming from the front room. Figured Jonah was awake I decided to got talk to him and hopeful help him get to sleep.

Jonah hadn’t noticed I was up and I was about to say something when I noticed he was sitting on my couch with his blue terry cloth robe open. In his hand was the most beautiful nine-inch hard-on I’ve ever seen.

In fact it makes my juices flow just to remember seeing it for the first time.

Slowly he was stroking his huge erection. I couldn’t take my eyes off his long, thick dick. I couldn’t look away as he sensuously stroked his rock-hard rod in the light from the TV. I was getting hotter than a firecracker looking at that incredible cock and I began wondering how it would feel to be fucked with a monster like that.

More than a year earlier I had lost my husband of five years in an auto accident. My husband might have been an above average husband in a lot of ways, but he was below average in the cock department. Thankful he loved eating me out till I begged him to stop. In the year since his passing I hadn’t had a lover. So suddenly there I was with the biggest cock I had ever seen and my pussy didn’t seem to caring that this was my brother because my juices were really flowing.

Not really thinking about it I lowered the strap of my lacy nightie and pulled the material down covering my breast, halkalı escort I brought my hand up to my large and very sensitive nipple and began rubbing and pulling on it. I was pulling and rolling my nipple as I watched his stroking get faster and more furious. Then when his cum shot straight up into the air I gasped and Jonah’s head spun to the side to see me stand there playing with one of my bare breasts. His mouth dropped open. Either of us said a word. Either of us covered up.

Finally embarrass but too excited to see what might happen I walked over to the couch and sat at the end and leaned on the armrest, put my legs up, spread them wide and since I sleep without panties my moist cunt was exposed to my brother. His eyes had glued them selves to my snatch. Of several long moments I waited to see if he would make the next move, when he didn’t…in the deepest, breathiest voice I could muster.

I said, “I’m yours…Jonah…do want ever you want!”

He didn’t waste another second. He leaned forward into my pussy. First he kissed my furry lips, sliding his hands over my thighs. I hadn’t had a man between my legs in a year and I began trembling as his tongue gently caressed my hot box. Teasingly, he licked my snatch. I wrapped my fingers in his curly brown hair. His tongue felt so good, and knowing it was my own brother who was buried between my thighs was so arousing that all I could do was moan my approval.

Incest is something I hadn’t ever thought about committing. In fact when and if I had thought about it, I had felt it was moral wrong and disgusting but that part of me hadn’t been being my thinking when I watch as Jonah jerked off his big beautiful cock. It has want I was thinking as I sat down on the couch and spread my legs for him and it certainly wasn’t want I was thinking as my brother’s tongue moved over my clit.

I guess my moans turned him on because he started licking harder and faster. He firmly sucked my clit and struck one, then two, then three finger up my eager juicy slit. It all felt so heavenly, I grabbed his head and shoved his face against my hungry cunt.

Next, he started fucking me with his tongue so he’d have his hands free to explore. He reached taksim escort up and ran his hands along the curves of my body till he reached my tits. His tongue drilled deliciously into my cunt and his hands ran over my bouncy breasts. All I could do was hang on to his hair, and moan out my ecstasy. I felt like a volcano coming close to erupting.

All too soon it happened. I climaxed like there was no tomorrow bucking and crying out in rapture. As soon as I could focus, I looked between my spread thighs to see my brother. He was on his knees his hard-on, swollen and throbbing aiming it at my tinder wet pussy. I gasped as the big head push my lips apart and continued gasping as inch after inch filled my cunt stretching my inside apart and going deeper than I had ever experience. Thankful brother took it slow. Finally I was impaled on his entire length it felt as if the head was up in my belly. I grabbed his head and pulled his face downward and right into my cleavage and he took an erect nipple in his mouth, sucking firmly on it as I adjust to his size. I began rocking my hips slowly and gently.

I whispered in my brother ear I was ready and he began backing out and thrusting in. each time he back further out and thrust a little hard in. I got so turned on that I began begging for it harder and faster. His huge cock filled my cunt more completely than it ever had been filled before. His hands gripped my legs, then almost in one motion my brother was sitting back on his knees and my legs were on his shoulders. I could only gasp in a mixture of pleasure and surprise.

He looked at me and asked, if I was ready to get fucked. I nodded my head. Then I began screaming in pleasure as he pounded his cock in me as deeply as he could go. I loved the feeling of his heavy balls slapping my ass as he thrust down into me. His pelvis slapped my clit with each fierce stab of his steel hard erection. I raised my hips up to meet his every thrust.

Before long, his thrust started coming faster and growing shorter. I never wanted it to end, but I knew that before long my cunt was going to be filled with my brother sticky cream. I didn’t care since I had in had been in a constant state of climax since the first time şişli escort my brother’s cock entered me.

I knew he was barely controlling it by his cries of, “So good…sis…this feels so good…yes…yessss!”

I wanted his fierce release…I wanted to feel his hot cum jet into my twitching cunt. I wanted to help my brother cum but all I could do lay there under him, my ankles clasped around his neck and take his thrust.

So I cried out, not caring if I woke the neighbors, “Oh…Jonah…fuck me…brother…ohhh…cum in your sister hot pussy…give me your load…brother!”

Faster and faster, my brother bucked in to me and he moaned in delight then suddenly he thrust as deeply as possible. Deeper then I thought possible. I felt his massive cock swell… growing bigger still. Twitching and jerking in my steaming box. Then I felt stream after stream of hot creamy cum flow into me. I could felt his juices hit the very top of my cunt, his explosion was so powerful. He cried out in his ecstasy and that sound was it for me. As his squirting rod continued to twitch inside me. I lost control and began bucking wildly under my brother, crying out as a violent orgasm ripped through me.

We shuddered and collapsed together there on the couch as our climaxes began to subside. Neither of us had enough strength in our spent tangled bodies to move for quite some time.

The next day my brother explained that by fucking me he felt he had even the score so to speak with his wife. I asked if he wanted to even the score one more time before leaving he laughed at me for being silly. Jonah went home and back to his wife to forgive her.

Three months later Jonah was knock on my door when I opened it he grabbed me and kissed me taking my breath away. The next I knew we were in my bedroom, my clothes were off and he was behind me pounding my cunt doggie style until his thick creamy stuff exploded inside me.

If possible it felt as if his cock was deeper inside me then the first time we fucked. When we finally had enough breath to talk he explained he found out his wife had cheat on him again. And in order to remain with her, for his son, he had to even the score again. I meant have felt used if my body was still tingling from the pounding he had given my cunt. Naked, I walked him to the door and kissed him good bye.

I never said this to my brother but I hope that damn slut of a wife he is married to fucks the entire seventh fleet then Jonah will have to even the score even day for the rest of my life.

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